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  1. I'm pretty interested in this one. Unique art style
  2. The next one is going to be all new adventure Mode content. The new minis from the BtM campaign, some new minis that weren't in the last one (they just showed some ghouls on their fb page), the temple map (and possibly another map), and the tome of skelos. There will be limited Barbarian and King level pledges from the first campaign, and they might have some remaining stock of the smaller add-ons in the pm.
  3. It wasn't for MBP, it was for this campaign. If you read his statement, because BtM was risky, and his project, he took out a loan on his house so that if it didn't work, Monolith wouldn't suffer. It went live on Monday, so up for two days (I know, that's nitpicky), but the preview was also up for two weeks before that. There were more pledges for legacy content than there were for BtM content, and the whole point of the campaign was to launch BtM. Essentially what he did was set his pride aside to listen to what the backers were saying which was basically two things: 1. They want more content for Adventure Mode and to be able to get the things they missed in the first Conan campaign 2. They thought the campaign was confusing and didn't understand the point of BtM (and in his statement he takes full accountability for this). Here's the official statement from the update after the cancellation: Hello, First of all, I would like to thank everyone who followed us and participated in this campaign. 250K remains a very nice sum and I am fully aware that many designers would love to reach these numbers. However, as high as it is, this amount would unfortunately not cover the development and licensing costs necessary for the successful launch of the range. It is now more than obvious that the Beyond the Monolith offer did not attract enough pledgers to complete the project. I had high hopes for the concept and take full, personal responsibility for this failure. As I wrote yesterday on my Facebook page, I was unable to properly explain either the concept or the campaign. I thought the discount system was worthwhile and promising, but it quickly became obvious that it didn’t make sense to people and was not an appetizing incentive. I had hoped that the large drop in prices on existing models would outweigh negative reactions to offering duplicates. Again, this was a monumental mistake. I thought that setting a realistic funding threshold in relation to the project’s costs would express our respect and seriousness. [aa1] I made transparency and communication a priority and worked hard to explain the choices we made. Unfortunately, due to my poor language skills, I was only able to do this on French-speaking social networks. Is a relaunch possible? Yes. But it is now obvious that between BTM and Conan's Adventure mode, the pledgers' hearts are overwhelmingly with the latter. If there is a relaunch, the offer will have to be completely revised. Put aside BTM (Who knows? Maybe in a few years, with some work and the right formula...), focus on Adventure Mode only (including Matt’s solo/co-op system), and give the Conan community what it wants. I would also like to make it clear that Matt John continuously maintained that we should focus on Adventure mode. We often disagreed, but he has always been the voice of the community. He was right and I was wrong. When I took over the reins of Monolith, I mistakenly distanced myself from the community. He did not. Today, I wish I had listened to him. I know that he often took it upon himself to announce unpopular decisions that were mine. I would like to thank him publicly for his tenacity, which in the end convinced me that I was on the wrong track and that there was no point in being stubborn. As far as I'm concerned, today, “down for the count”... But I will get back up. As many of you know, given the experimental nature of the campaign, I financed it entirely from my personal savings so as not to burden Monolith with the risk—I gambled and lost. “That’s Poker” We have to proceed in order. Right now, I'm going to focus on getting Batman Season 2 properly delivered. Production has left China and is heading to the Hubs. Here's the shipment schedule: - Australia (Aetherworks): The ship left China on January 13th and will arrive in Sydney on the 24th. - Canada (Snake n’ Lattes): The ship left China on January 9th and is expected to arrive in Toronto on February 5th. - Europe (Meeple Logistique): The ship left China on January 6th and is expected to arrive in Antwerp on the 31st. - USA (Fun Again): The ship left China on January 11th and delivery to Indianapolis is expected shortly after February 6th. - Asia: The shipment is being transported by truck to the VFI Asia warehouses and should arrive in early February. Then, once the boxes have reached our pledgers, I will launch the new Conan KS, which this time, I hope, will be what the community is looking for (I will listen Matt). It will most likely be a smaller, less ambitious campaign, but, after a fall, I prefer to get up slowly. Thank you for your understanding and for all your support and feedback. Fred Henry.
  4. It won't work that way. They'll probably release what they are calling a "second life kit" for Mythic Battles (Pantheon and/or Ragnarok), but that would essentially be all the non-miniature components you would need (activation tiles, scenarios, etc...) to use your Mythic Battles minis with the new VS system.
  5. The first wave of Tainted Grail started shipping a week or two ago.
  6. They've said that the Mystery Chest (the box of enemy minis) will be available as an add-on in the pledge manager, but I'm not sure if you need to have a base pledge to get it or if you can pledge $1 and do so.
  7. The finally cancelled the campaign yesterday.
  8. I think price is one thing. It's not the plastic fest that you get from a lot of other campaigns. While it's not quite the value of other games, I don't think the base game itself is too overpriced (it is a little, though). The trees add-on seems to be, though. I'm not sure why two more trees would cost that much. The War game at least had a BoW playthrough video, so I wouldn't say there's no substance behind it, but they need to have a workable version of the rulebook if/when they relaunch. The Origins game, on the other hand, was concerning a lot of people because of the lack of information. I think that's where you might be correct in saying that people were pulled in by what they saw and then found nothing behind it. In the beginning they were actually very communicative, and reacted pretty quickly to correct some errors on the page, and they did at least try to add some more value to the trees box by adding the bridges to it (although it was still overpriced with those). The communication definitely went downhill when things started to go sideways, though. I'm not sure why they haven't cancelled it, and that part is concerning. In their statement they said they're in contact with other game professionals. I know Leo from Mythic wrote a very positive review on his fb page before the campaign launched (and they also shared this in an update), so possibly Mythic or Monolith might get involved, since they're French (complete and unfounded speculation on my part)? If they actually work on the bullet points they listed out in their last update and partner up with someone with more KS experience I could see them potentially being able to successfully re-launch it, but who knows?
  9. Even more on the discord channel (I don't have the link on hand). They've asked that those be kept on that channel, though, as it's not an "official" release. They have said that the all-n (for Season 2 only) will be $300, but that there will be a fair amount of alt-sculpts and minor characters that you might not feel you need.
  10. I was an all in and I got my notice last night. I believe I saw someone in the comments (or maybe on Discord) say they had only ordered a couple of Dragons, and had gotten their notice.
  11. They've said today that they plan on lowering the price of the reforestation box. I'm not sure how that's going to work since it would affect the all in price and you can't change a pledge tier once it has backers in it. They have been pretty responsive to questions and concerns however. Here's what they said about the first campaign; "WYSIWYGames launched a KS over last the year to help a game already made to be funded to produce other chapters for this boardgame but the KS had been finaly canceled because the offer didn't match a KS campain. This boardgame had been well sold through retailers instead In France and Belgium." I'm not entirely sure if that means they took the expansions to retail instead of using Kickstarter, or if they're saying the campaign didn't do well because the game was available retail.
  12. Yeah, they added the Backer's Choice pledge after people asked for it. Not sure if they messed up the price, or what, but it does come out to cheaper if you do it that way.
  13. There are actually two different solo modes. They also just unlocked all the components for a 1v mode.
  14. Regarding the scale, hopefully they will have pictures soon, but during today's KS live, Leo showed comparisons with Conan, Mythic Battles, Warhammer, and I think some more, but I missed a bit of it, and it's basicallty in scale with all of those.
  15. One thing that they've said about the game play videos is that you have to liken this more to something like a role playing game. Watching videos of people playing D&D can be a downright snoozefest, whereas playing the game yourself is obviously much more engaging. It's been a really odd campaign. They're still gaining backers, but so many people seem to have jumped on that early bird "just because" and are now leaving that it's grinding to a standstill. Hopefully they can get it moving forward again.
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