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  1. I'm pledged on this at the $200 level right now. I got in mostly because of the hype, to be honest, and the fact that there are so many reviews stating this is the best game ever. I'm not really keen on assembling the minis, but I'm hoping that I can convince a couple of the craftier guys in my group to do that. Can someone give me a quick rundown on what the Armor Kits and Narrative Figures do? I'll be debating up until the end as to whether or not I add the Gambler's Box.
  2. Next stretch goal up is the titan, Atlas. It's huge!
  3. I think they said they're still negotiating with shippers. That could mean they're looking at different options than what they used for Conan (or it could mean nothing at all...)
  4. If they does well, they do plan on looking at other pantheons. It was a while ago, but they said their next two ideas were "Ragnarok" and "Eclipse."
  5. Regarding the warped spear, for Mythic Battles they are using two types of plastic; pvc for the character, and a harder abs for the longer weapons so that they don't warp. Can't wait for this to start today!
  6. New video with a lot of info about the game, their progress, and the Kickstarter.
  7. I believe they said there will be 1,000 Early Birds. Core pledge is $100.
  8. Yeah, they must be proxies for some reason, because there is a Hydra and Hellhounds in the game, but they do not look like that.
  9. Whoa! Where are those top pictures from? There's quite a few minis in there I haven't seen, and I've been following this pretty closely.
  10. Totally understandable. I'm still waiting on my Conan to ship, so I can't comment too much on quality aside from pictures I've seen. Maybe I wasn't clear, that first picture of Ares and the Spartan are plastic production minis, not resin. From the pictures I've seen, the Spartan already looks better than the one that shipped with Conan (although it could just be a better picture/lighting/etc..) And I believe that the plastic minis were what they were using for their demos at Essen. And they're still making changes to the game. Just in between Gen Con and Essen they changed the power dials to a more square, slider type thing (sorry, I know that's a terrible description). I have to be a little careful, because I'm excited enough for this that I might white knight for it somewhat. I totally agree that some of the errors with Conan, like the rulebook (the FFG thing is confusing to me, too) should never have happened.
  11. The first picture of the two minis is a picture of a production sample. They've even said they've improved them since then. They're also using two types of plastic so that the long weapons don't bend. In talking to them at Gen Con I really got the feeling that they've learned a lot since Conan, and have been able to improve their processes and their skill in general. Jeneki, the fully painted mini I believe you are asking about is Ares. It's worth noting that there will be a painting guide in this campaign, done by the two people who painted the minis in those pics (one uses an airbrush, the other does not). Not sure if it will be an add on or included. As for gameplay, you do control a god, but you draft your army. You can play 1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1, etc...They've also said there will be a campaign mode, a crossover with the Conan board game, and there is going to be an RPG next year where they could crossover similar to how Conan crossed over with the Modiphius Conan RPG. Someone wrote a very good review right after GenCon on BGG. If I have time later today I'll see if I can find it and link it. I am really excited for this. The potential that they could expand to other pantheons is very interesting for me. I played it at Gen Con and loved it. I brought some of my friends who aren't board gamers, and they really liked it as well, a couple even decided they would pledge for it when it came out. I'm actually already planning on going all in, and I've never done that for a KS before.
  12. They've redone the pledge levels for this campaign, Now, if you get a conflict box, you also get an additional faction box. If you get the Dawnfall pledge you get two sets of each faction. They've also begun adding new models as social stretch goals, looks like there will be one for each faction (Chapter is already unlocked and Reborn is the current goal). It's still expensive, but a much better value than it was before, and they're really taking the time to listen to everyone and re-evaluate. It might be worth taking another look.
  13. It's a board game version of The Edge wargame. I'm in this for now because the minis are really cool. I'm at one conflict box, and might add another, but man does the price seem really expensive. The add-ons are all in resin, and I'm not going to be willing to pay the prices they're asking for those, which is a shame. Those boss minis are great, but I'm not spending $70-something on them.
  14. Really excited for this. The first ltpk was great, and I really need help with learning to highlight.
  15. Mine is out for delivery right now. Going to be a long day at work.
  16. I actually don't like the art for anything shown, looks too much like the whole Rum & Bones aesthetic imo. However the minis for the most part seem to come out great. I feel the same. I'm not a fan of the cartoony art style. But for some reason it translates much better in the minis.
  17. Thanks for this! I'm still holding on to my vouchers from the KS. I'll probably wait until the last minute to redeem them so that I have as many options available as possible.
  18. I'm still debating this one. I love that die, though!
  19. Well, I'm still in at the moment because I really like the minis that much. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it. I'd even thought about pledging the Epic Load level for all the epic minis, but I don't think that will happen now. What bugs me the most is that it's like they've got their fingers in their ears going "LALALALALALALALA" and just continuing with the campaign as if nothing were wrong. They made a couple of attempts to quell people's fears, which were unsuccessful, and now nothing. Like I said above, they really need to step up and make some big moves to do something about this, especially with Massive Darkness launching a day before this one ends. If there's a mass exodus at the end, I might drop it along with everyone else.
  20. Yeah, I'd definitely be interested in that as well.
  21. In my eyes they've done very little to remedy the situation at all. They answered a few questions, but in a way that just brought up more questions. I think they really need to step up and make some big moves to gain people's confidence, and salvage the campaign, if that's even possible at this point. I still have my pledge in, because I really like the minis, and before all this it really seemed like they had things well planned out for the campaign. Now they're bleeding backers, and not really doing much to try and stop it, much less move forward. My biggest concern is that if they don't do something, all the people that are on the fence will bail at the last minute, which could negate the end of campaign surge, or even continue to go backwards. Modiphius and Awaken Realms have both made Facebook posts promoting the Campaign, and I'd like to think they wouldn't do that if they thought anything about it was shady, but there's just too much information out there to not be wary.
  22. Well, the creators are starting to answer some of the questions/concerns in the BGG thread. I'm still wary, but it does seem like they're ahead of things. I'm definitely not totally convinced yet, but I really like the minis, so I'll stick it out til the end and see what it looks like. It's unfortunate that this has thrown such a wrench into what started out as a really nice campaign. But they probably should have seen this coming.
  23. I know I could just look this up myself, but do you know the cost difference between the HD download and the DVD price in the Bones KS?
  24. This is essentially why I backed the project. The price point seemed a little high, but I figured what the heck, let's help somebody get this off the ground. The prices will come down eventually.
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