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  1. I think this campaign has really suffered from being what Kickstarter was originally intended as (Let's help a small/new/independent business get their project off the ground) vs what it has become in a lot of cases, especially board games (a form of pre-order for established companies). They've been pretty upfront about the fact that the game is still in development, and things can, and most likely will change. I think they've done a pretty good job of listening to feedback and making, or at least looking at making changes as they see appropriate. There were definitely a lot of things I think could have been done better during the campaign. I'm still a little worried that they will run into a lot of the delays that seem to plague those inexperienced to running a KS campaign, but I'm optimistic that what we end up getting will be a quality product. Now, I do understand Gadgetman wanting a refund (if the mini ends up changed), as if I'm reading correctly, he pretty much pledged specifically for the Courtesan (I could be wrong, but with only a £25 pledge I assume there's maybe one more mini there).
  2. To be accurate, though, they haven't decided to change the design. Yes, they are looking at options, and yes, they should have put that poll in a KS update right away (but at least they did finally put it there), but they've very specifically said that a decision hasn't been made. In fact, the last comment they made about it yesterday seemed to indicate they are leaning more towards not changing it.
  3. Thanks for the replies! Hopefully I'll be able to start on this over the weekend.
  4. I'm about to start trying this, and moving my Citadel paints over. I've gotten the dropper bottles, some mini plastic funnels, and I'm going to pick up some distilled water and agitators tonight, I have one question; is there some type of "non-stick" spray I could use on the funnels so that not so much of the paint will stick to it? Should I even worry about that? Also, one of the reasons I'm doing this is that I'm really bad at amounts when it comes to mixing and thinning paints. "One brush full" or similar measurements just don't function well with my brain for whatever reason (also, I fell like I'm painting my palette instead of actually mixing or thinning), but with the dropper bottles, I know that 2:1 is two drops to one drop. Since I'm going to be using water or flow improver to help in the transfer, how much effect will that have on the amount of thinning I need to do when it comes time to actually use these? If I normally thinned something 2:1, would that amount need to change?
  5. When I saw that it had been cancelled a couple of times before, I went back through the old updates to see why. It looks like he actually tried to partner with Reaper to use their minis in his game, and then ran into problems with Kickstarter because of that.
  6. Can you link to the thread you got your answers in, please? I would be interested in reading it.
  7. Well, I just backed this one. Managed to grab an early bird that somebody dropped. It's at that middle point where the pledges have really slowed to a crawl. Hopefully it will pick up some, as that Necromancer class seems pretty cool. The Skorn Berserker add-on is a great looking mini.
  8. The book is a $22 add-on, but the tiles seem pretty expensive to me. If you got all 4 sets it would cost you $120. They have said if they unlock all 4 they will offer a bundle at a discount, but I can't imagine it would be that much. You can also get them as a PDF for $44 for all 4 sets. From the update about the crossover: The Conan Board Game Sourcebook for Robert E. Howard’s Conan Roleplaying Game will feature a major storyline set along the Black Coast as Conan and Belit are faced with their greatest challenge yet. The adventure will incorporate brand new board game scenarios for fans of the Conan board game as well as a full RPG adventure and bonus content. The adventure and scenarios are being cunningly entwined so you can play them as one big epic adventure – the scenarios will describe the progress of Conan, Belit and the crew of the Tigress, whilst the heroes will be following their own linked adventure, or can alternatively use the provided pre-generated characters of Conan and Belit etc for the roleplaying game. Scenarios will use the official Conan board game tiles as well as new tiles being created by Modiphius for the roleplaying game. Monolith’s board game fans will be able to grab the new scenarios from the book to play them out with the Conan board game and can pick up Modiphius’ tile sets to expand their game. The sourcebook will contain advice on using these new tiles to expand your board game experience giving you lots of new options. The results of the board game scenarios featuring Conan and Belit will have a big impact on the roleplaying adventure and so GM and player's alike will be in for a truly challenging experience. Each set of characters will be exploring different yet linked aspects of the same great story leading to an epic finale. The Geomorphic Tile Sets are £20 each as an Add On once unlocked (with two sets: Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities, Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror unlocked so far) and we have created two new pledges specifically for Monolith Conan Board game fans who just want these items:
  9. That is my main worry. I also don't like it that they are starting another kickstarter project before even finishing production of Conan. They've said that they won't launch the Mythic Battles KS until the first wave of Conan is in our hands. I'm hoping they hold to that. Any work they're doing now on MB shouldn't take anything away from what they can do on Conan since they're in two completely different phases.
  10. I bought a storage solution from a site called Gothsonika. It's a little pricey (you can save some money by assembling it yourself) but very nice. He also makes trays to hold each player's cards throughout the campaign.
  11. Interesting read. <SNIP> You'll want to remove the link, no commerce links outside of Reaper's own store allowed. Better to say that we can find it from "Film Jackets" searching the site for Star Wars Finn Jacket. Thanks for the heads up! Original post has been edited.
  12. Edited to remove link. You can get one from the "Film Jackets" (or fjackets) website. Search for Poe Dameron or Finn
  13. For those of you looking to see it in IMAX, this is a good read. http://screencrush.com/star-wars-the-force-awakens-imax-theaters/
  14. And Anakin died for the stupidest reason ever. I went to a SW writer's panel at either GenCon or Star Wars Celebration (can't remember which), and they said that Anakin was killed because the publishers thought that with the prequels coming out, Han and Leia having a son named Anakin would be too confusing...
  15. I got the chance to interview him before a show while working at my college radio station. There were three of us, and one of the kids that had just joined our show wasn't 21 yet. A lot of the interview consisted of Lemmy getting him drunk. It was a pretty fun time. And like was said above, I'm not going to get too down about this. If there was one guy that lived his life the way he wanted to, it was Lemmy.
  16. I'm super happy that this was as successful as it was. I actually watched through the whole telethon (and switched over to Felicia Day's live stream when it was down). Pledged at $100. I wish I could have done more, but certain other Kickstarters may have affected that (*cough*Bones*cough*). Now it's just the long road of waiting.
  17. See, and one thing I miss when I watch rifftrax (which I enjoy thoroughly) is the host segments around the commercial breaks that are no longer there. Cinematic Titanic brought those back sort of (with an intro, intermission, and outro sketch) but I am going to have to disagree with you. Also, this project just posted a lengthy update, much of which details the money questions brought up earlier, and some of which goes into the Joel/Mike Kevin/Josh actor/voice wars. Well worth a read even if you end up disagreeing with Joel (which I did not, btw. I support his plan, and want to throw my money at it more than ever now). Hopefully soon I will get permission to lay waste to our bank accounts with this project. I was really impressed with that update as well. It even gave me a little bit of hope that some of the old cast that said they weren't coming back might change their minds once Joel is able to make an actual monetary offer to them. As much as I'll find it odd to hear a different Crow (as I did the first time it happened), I think Joel has a good vision of what this can be. Now it's just a matter of how much I can spend. And throw me in with those that loved the host segments. Sure, not all of them were comedy gold, but without them we wouldn't have gotten things like A Patrick Swayze Christmas.
  18. Aside from Mike, Trace has also said he won't be involved. It's a bummer that most of the "classic" members probably won't be back at all, but I think MST3K, Rifftrax, and Cinematic Titanic have all been enjoyable enough that I can put some faith into this. I think the highest I'd go would be the $100 level (Unless someone wants to give me $8,000 so I can get a Crow T. Robot).
  19. There used to be a sub-forum there for painting threads, but for some reason they got rid of it. I think if you skim through the Sorastro thread you'll find some pictures of minis on the board, and there's actually quite a few other painting threads over there as well, they're just mixed in with everything else now. Incidentally, Sorastro's videos are what got me interested in painting (along with the large number of minis I now have from the Bones kickstarters), but I have yet to paint any of my IA minis while I practice on my Bones.
  20. If you go to the IA forums on the Fantasy Flight page, there's people that have used them. I know there's a couple of pictures on the (currently) last page of the "Sorastro's Painting" thread, and think there's some more scattered in that thread, as well as others. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/133635-sorastros-painting/page-40
  21. My dog, Ember, is part Boxer. You can see it in her body (even though she is only 40lbs), but her face isn't the scrunched up boxer face. Her best friend in the world was my friend's Boxer, Sinbad. I've never met a dog that was so blissfully happy just to be around people and have them pay attention to him. Sadly, they lost him about a year ago to bone cancer. He was the reason I started looking at Boxers when I was looking for a dog. What a great breed!
  22. I was hoping there might be painting DVDs again (since I hadn't started painting when Bones 2 happened), but there is a lot of cool stuff in this update. I wasn't really big on the weapon sets during the actual KS (great idea, just not something I'd necessarily use), but I find myself really liking the clear different colored sets. I might have to add some of those on (along with the tons of other stuff I'll be adding up until June...)
  23. It sounds like I am in the same place as a lot of other people, and this came at a bad time financially. I'm in for $190; a core and Ma'al for me, and paint set A and the Dwarf king Companions for some friends. Also, like others, my pledge is going to rise significantly once I have the option to start adding money. I'm so glad we have the option to do that, and for such a long time. My final is probably going to be somewhere in the $400-$500 range. I don't know whether to be excited or afraid for LE...
  24. I'll echo what others have said, these are better than my first attempts. Nice job!
  25. That would directly hurt our retailers. Oh, believe me, it's not something I would expect you to do. Just thinking out loud.
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