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  1. Why would I want to make it stop? That sounds awesome. And bonus, I grow a huge plot of catnip every year, way more than I need for my own feline terrors. So now I've got somewhere else to use it!
  2. So we just had our privacy fence replaced. We couldn't hold off on it any longer because it was falling over in places. The job was done well and the guy we hired had the most competitive labor prices of the folks we got quotes from. I'm actually quite happy with it. But I tell you what, it is my sincerest hope that nobody here has any reason to buy lumber in the near future. Cause damn, that hurt the old pocketbook.
  3. I prefer my aliens to be more or less Lovecraftian in nature. Give me a big old blob sprouting random tentacles over a guy with pointy ears any day.
  4. Enjoying watching your progress on this. I also had the idea to use magnets. but having never magnetized anything before it's been slow going. I've made it as far as being able to attach the bowsprit in much the same manner as you and have done the same for the sails and the masts. But have been stuck since getting those done. But I think I'm going to use some of your suggestions for what magnets to use and where at to give my own boat a jump start. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Where's the fun in that? None, this time. But they're interns and we can't pay them much. And even though I'm sure the guy was joking a little, I also know that a lot of places are short handed right now and may be willing to offer these kids slightly more to jump ship for a consulting gig. So I'm thinking it's maybe 50/50 I keep all of them through the whole season.
  6. So the interns finally showed up for work this morning with something like one minute to go before I left them. One poor kid panic parked at the closest, but most expensive, garage downtown because he was running so late. That should motivate him to be on time in the future. They're an interesting bunch of young people. All of them recently got their undergrad degrees and one is already enrolled in grad school. Which is kind of nice. Except that when we got to our site, and the consultant found out they had already graduated, he offered them a job on the spot. Folks start doing that enough times and I'm not going to finish out the season with interns. They all seem to be fairly intelligent young people. I mean, it's a science field so you'd think they'd all be smart, but honestly that's not always the case. Unfortunately none of them seem to know their wetland plant species very well. Which is kind of a requirement for the job. So we're going to be doing a crash course in plant ID in the coming weeks. But on the plus side they're all roleplaying nerds (one of them even plays the Star Wars RPG!), so we should all get along just fine. After two years of no interns due to the pandemic, I'm a little excited to have them following me around again.
  7. Well, it's the first day of field work for the interns. We leave in ten minutes and none of them are here at the rendezvous area. That's not a good start. I even thought I'd be nice and wait until 730 to get on the road.
  8. Possibly a state science fair. At least in terms of the sheer number of actually interesting things to see. I was neither a competitor nor a spectator. I was a judge.
  9. Pretty good apparently. My wife and I's employer forced us all back into the office at least two days a week starting last week. And they dropped the mask requirement right before we all came back. Here we are at the end of week 2 and my wife's office has had an outbreak and 18% of her coworkers have tested positive in the last few days. And those are just the one's self testing due to symptoms. One of our coworkers/friends went to a hospital due to her symptoms (thankfully she only stayed a single evening before being released). She is young, healthy and has had her vaccine and booster. So, you know, be careful out there and take precautions. It's getting better and less deadly, true. But it is still potentially debilitating or worse.
  10. I'm just doing a bunch of low quality speed paints right now. Got burned out on stuff recently and realized near everything I was painting was for reasons other than my own personal enjoyment. So I put all that away, grabbed the first thirty or so minis that made me happy and got to working on them. Anyways, my projects get separated into three groups: in progress, ready to go, and prep work. Here are the in progress minis: The ready to go minis: And the minis getting prepped for later (that's the third mast I've worked on for the pirate ship in the back there, slow going but I'll get there eventually): I'm also brewing a batch of beer tomorrow for National Homebrew Day on a new system my wife talked me into getting. So tonight I'm getting that system built, sanitized and up and running for tomorrow morning.
  11. My brother in law, who's about as sharp as a spoon, found this out after moving to Puebla. How did he find out? By posting a bunch of off color and deprecating memes about Cinco de Mayo on his social media accounts. Apparently the good people of Puebla take this day fairly seriously and aren't very receptive to outsiders making bad jokes about their culture. I tell you, that guy can burn bridges like nobody I've ever known. But never have I seen him burn so many all at once as when he did that. Anyways, happy Cinco de Mayo. And happy Liberation Day.
  12. My favorite kind of taco is whatever kind is in front of me! For sides you definitely need some chips and homemade salsa, refried beans with a little cheese in them, corn pudding, jicama, Spanish rice, and a little bit of tequila. Damn, my mouth is watering now.
  13. Never played Faro. But on very rare occasions I will go to a poker night hosted by a coworker. It took a while to get an invite to that game as the first time I was asked to come over I was all like "well, you guys are going to have to teach me how to play." And "I hope you all don't take too much of my money," and other nonsense. The guy doing the inviting was all big smiles and "sure, we'll help you learn the game, no problem." Then my wife, who's watching the conversation but obviously not understanding what I'm doing, says "what are you talking about? You've been playing poker since before I met you." I was eventually invited, but not on that day. I've also been known to play a little euchre.
  14. Depends on my mood. I listen to just about everything but pop country stuff. So it could be just about anything when I'm in the mood for music. Though I will say that @CashWiley's suggestion of The Budos Band is a really good one, upbeat enough to keep me painting and with a lot of good brass, which I typically enjoy. When I'm not in the mood for music there's a few podcasts I listen to. Mostly gaming related, but there's a few journalist produced podcasts that work to debunk a lot of modern conspiracy nonsense that I really enjoy. If you are a DM, I highly recommend The Dungeoncast. It's 2 dorks sitting around discussing a single 5E monster, place, class, deity, or whatever and cracking jokes about it on a weekly basis. I would love to get my hands on some of the music from a bunch of the local punk bands I grew up with. I used to have a lot of stuff on tape and CD but it seems to have disappeared over the years. And unfortunately, these being small time local bands, some of it may no longer exist.
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