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  1. Got a Kickstarter delivery today for a Dead Milkmen (80's and 90's Philly based punk band) themed RPG scenario from Severed Books. I can't post a picture of any of it due to language, but it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. However, I forgot I got a gelatinous cube die as an add on and I can show that off. It's a roughly 2 x 2 inch oversized die with skulls for pips and lots of stuff that's supposed to be floating in it. It's a pretty fun big die, but what I really like is that when you pair it up with some dungeons and lasers terrain it becomes an awesome ge
  2. We received a message yesterday at work that if at least 85% of my coworkers get vaccinated our employer will give everyone $1000 (whether or not we get there is another story). And five minutes later we got a call that our application to get my mother in law into an income adjusted apartment at a seniors only complex was accepted, that was a huge relief. That's awesome, congrats to your wife and fingers crossed for her defense!
  3. Honestly couldn't say. I do remember a little hobby/train store in my area back in the late 70's/early 80's that had a shelf of what were likely Ral Partha figures as that company wasn't located too far away. It was absolutely fascinating to child Thoramel. My dad would let me stand there and stare at them forever. Whether or not I ever bought or painted one I honestly cannot remember. And if I did I certainly don't have it now. But it's one of those things that stuck in my memory and probably influenced my hobby pursuits as an adult. I've got a few of those GF9 "limited
  4. @Evilhalfling and @Kuroneko, those elementals are both fantastic. I'm regretting not picking those up now. And the cake is awesome too! I got around to taking pictures today of my recent RCL paint jobs so I can get them posted before the deadline tomorrow. I may be forgetting some stuff, but here's a group shot of everything since the last time I posted. First up the group shot: And here's individual shots of each of them...
  5. Specifically or just like, in general? I'll answer both ways... Specifically it's one of these two I picked up over the years. The one on the left is from Lake Superior up in Wisconsin and I just like the way it looks. And the one on the right is what I believe is raw garnet (but don't take my word for that, not a geologist) and I think I found it on a trip to the Rockies - but I could be misremembering that. I like that it just looks like a regular old rock with twelve sides. If we're talking in general then it's probably fossiliferous limestone. You can u
  6. I desperately need to replace the privacy fence around a portion of my backyard. It's nearly falling over in places and portions of the wood have rotted out. The only reason it's not done is the same reason it's in the state it's in... the construction guys next door. There's a bunch of really poorly built condos across one alley from us where the fence is in disrepair. They are using the most bottom of the barrel workers they can find on this place (seriously, I watched a plumber open up his work van the other day and dozens of empty beer bottles fell out) and those guys have no respect for a
  7. I hop on one of these for a couple of hours: Just kidding, if I tried that I'd break a hip or something. Instead I just go for a walk in the woods.
  8. Depends on what I'm reading or watching at any given time. Right now it would be the Rocinante from the Expanse series or any of the big ships in Neal Asher's Polity series. I really like any space ship though, real or fictional. Today is actually the last day of a long, five day weekend. One of my oldest friends came over and stayed for a few nights. We drank beer, played some games, did some shopping, and last night we went and saw a Primus concert where they played the entire Rush Album "A Farewell to Kings." It was nice to hang out with a friend and forget about the r
  9. My little garden is doing its best to make the upcoming chili season interesting.
  10. I was once introduced by a former intern to her fiancee as "That guy I'm always talking about." The resulting silence and the look on that guy's face were uncomfortable enough to make it stick in the memory. I once invited an old friend to a party at our place where he didn't know anyone. So I told everyone else at the party that he was actually my bookie and that I invited him because I'm super in debt to him, but he's lonely and agreed not to break my legs if I could introduce him to some people. Most people, knowing my sense of humor, just rolled their eyes at me. But a couple o
  11. It was part of the sculpt. I think it was actually supposed to be skins or something similar. But I had some green paint out so slime it is! My wife said roughly the same thing. And now these two are missing from my display shelf and are likely hiding somewhere on her work from home desk.
  12. Too much adulting crap. I keep trying to go do fun stuff like painting or drinking beer. But I'm distracted by all these annoying responsibilities.
  13. I really like that caped fighter there on the left. May have to borrow that paint scheme.
  14. Here's a happy troll family from one of the expansions in the recent Bones kickstarter. I always thought you got more trolls by some sort of budding process. Or by careless adventurers forgetting to burn all of the chopped off troll bits which then just grow into new trolls. Either way, wasn't expecting eggs. Regardless, it's a super fun little troll group and you can just see the pride in mama's big stupid grin in the back there.
  15. Got out to a site shortly after dawn to go hike through some hills to look at the restoration of a high wall mining site about ten years after restoration was supposed to be complete. Some of it was okay, some of it was poor, and some of it was non existent. But still got to see some pretty country regardless. Here's the view looking into the site. We drove part of the way back and then hiked over that wooded hill to the actual site. On the way there we disturbed this guy having a fungus breakfast. He didn't seem to mind. The beave
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