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  1. In this community? Pretty much everyone on here painting, sculpting and sharing stuff. Doesn't matter the genre or quality. It's all neat to look at. And I steal get a lot of inspiration from your creations. Thanks.
  2. I love the camouflage idea. May have to borrow that in the future. Great work.
  3. Fell behind in answering over the weekend so I'm just skipping ahead to today... We just finished off a big pot of chicken and rice soup with whatever veggies were in the fridge needing to get used up. Probably the next soup will be a combination of whatever protein and veggies need to get used up with rice, or maybe we'll use egg noodles or similar for the starch this time. With just a few exceptions, that's pretty much how all our soup making goes. My opinion on this, and probably just my opinion, is that without several types of beans, random veg, and enough hot peppers to make you regret your life decisions next time you go to the bathroom it's not chili. It's just meat soup. Also, and this is second hand so take from it what you will, I was informed by a friend who used to work there that the "chili" at Wendy's is composed of the meat they harvest from the grease trap. I find most fast food offerings kind of gross to begin with, but that just takes the cake.
  4. Got up at 6AM this morning to go brew beer for a club competition. It's probably the first "social" gathering we've been too in 6 months outside of some folks hanging out with us in our backyard. I put social in quotes because we were all at least ten feet apart everyone was masked up and you had to raise your voice to have a conversation. But, being a bunch of home brewers, there were sanitizers everywhere. So probably fairly safe. The competition was to brew a popular charity beer being brewed across the country right now and then vary the recipe in some way to make it your own. The club got the ingredients from a local place selling grain kits to make it, and donating the profits. We made around 70 gallons as a group and raised about $150 bucks for the cause. My wife and I are turning an imperial oatmeal stout into a chicory coffee stout. Unfortunately the guy who came up with that idea and was going to brew with us had to start quarantining due to possible exposure a couple of days ago. Stupid Covid. But we brewed an extra five gallons for him so at least he gets to participate in the fermenting process. Here's a few pics... This what 70 gallons of worth of ingredients looks like. When I say distanced, I mean it. That's our set up. There were other setups right and left, but they're too far away to get in the picture. The star of the show. Cheers all!
  5. I'd say I'm most proud of being able to churn out a decent tabletop miniature in a short amount of time. I'm definitely not out there making works of stunning beauty, but what I can paint in an hour these days is ten times better than what would have taken me a whole day 20 years ago. Now, if I could go back and give myself some tips I'd probably start by saying buy better brushes and don't be afraid of bright colors. Seriously, just because it looks like it should be brown doesn't mean it has to be brown. Oh, and while we're at it, here are some sports scores for the next couple of years. I'll have to get back to you on the weekend question. I've got the layouts for a few old dungeons floating around here somewhere and if I can find them then I should have something original to ramble on about.
  6. Thanks. Start by priming in a medium grey. Then cover the whole thing in a thinned layer of any kind of off white. For this one I used Vallejo Pale Sand. Dry brush the whole thing with a true white, I think I used Reaper's Bleached Linen. Then cover the whole thing again in a thinned layer of GW Skeleton Horde contrast paint. Go over them to make sure the contrast paint doesn't pool up anywhere and you're done. Pretty simple, I think each dog took around 25 minutes to get them to a tabletop standard.
  7. The IT security guys at work like to send out fake emails at random directing employees to go to a website linked in the message under the guise that it has something to do with insurance, retirement, direct deposit, whatever. The emails always have a bunch of little things you should be looking for that identify it as a fake email and when you get to the linked page it basically tells you you failed your internet wisdom check and you need to try harder in the future. Too many failures and you have to take extra security training. This morning my manager, who is still fairly new, sent out digital gift cards to everyone in our group as a thank you for getting a big project completed. Unfortunately she forgot to tell us all and a little over half the group immediately reported it as a phishing attempt before someone thought to ask her if it was real. She just sent an email out to us apologizing for not letting us know they were coming, praising our internet security diligence, and letting us know she is now required to take the extra security training for sending everyone something that looks like a scam.
  8. Years ago I found one of the hounds from this set in a bin of loose metal minis and thought it was supposed to be a skeletal mountain lion. Imagine my surprise when I found this set a couple of months ago on the Iron Wind website and realized they were supposed to be hounds. I really enjoyed painting these up. First, because the details are just awesome. Secondly, because I love a good skeleton. and finally, because they're right in scale with the minis I normally game with. Which isn't something these older Ral Partha figures are known for.
  9. I picked these up a while back from a bin of loose metal minis at the Iron Wind Metals booth at Origins. I decided to paint them up recently as part of the paint-nothing-but-spooky-stuff for October I like to do every year. When I started working on them I realized the rotting flesh was awfully symmetrical. Definitely not something you see on stuff that's been dead a while. So I hit on the idea of painting them as Nightmares instead. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, enough so that I'll probably use these in a game in the future. They are a little small compared to the scale we normally play with. But despite their size I think a couple of mountain lion sized, fanged, fire breathing, horse demons should be sufficiently scary.
  10. I have a favorite pen and pencil. Both with hand turned bodies made from Box Elder. The one on top is the pen and the pencil is on the bottom. I spent a single season selling these at a ren faire for a little extra money while in school many years ago. The same guy who makes these also made one out of coffee beans suspended in a white lacquer. I kind of kick myself for not getting one at the time because apparently he no longer makes them due to the difficulties involved in turning coffee beans on a lathe.
  11. Getting ready to mix up some hobbies. Here's a homebrewed barleywine. This rather timid looking beer is supposed to be an English style barleywine but after discussion with some guys in my club it ended up being sort of an American style instead with belgian yeast that topped put at 13.5% alcohol. For reference, 11 ounces of this equals about three 12 oz cans of miller lite. I was assured by everyone in the discussion that I couldn't hope to get more than 11% out of my little stovetop system. So I made this to prove them wrong. I had to double mash (imagine making a cup of tea, removing the bag, then heating that cup of tea back up and adding another bag), and about two weeks into fermentation I had to remove it from the yeast and then add a really high gravity Belgian strain of yeast to it. It tastes just like a big barleywine but with just enough fruity esters coming from the second round of yeast to hide the alcohol. I've got a five gallon keg of it and I'm looking forward to the weekend when I'm brewing in a competition against other club members at a local brewery. I'm bringing a few gallons and am going to prove some folks wrong. Cheers all.
  12. First question: Probably about one more cup than you think is entirely necessary. Just a guess though. Second question: Best I could come up with was "Hamsterrific!"But I like Hamsterling a lot too.
  13. Man I miss chestnuts. When we were kids there were still a few trees left in a mixed oak forest near our farm. My mom tells me that when she was a kid there were so many there that they'd let the hogs root for them to fatten them up before selling them. Unfortunately chestnut blight has killed almost the entire population of native chestnut trees here in the states (like seriously, 9 million acres of chestnuts gone). Most of the chestnuts we see in stores now are imported, hence the high price and low quality. I know of only two places I can find live trees in my state. One is on public land and was actually kind of secret for a long time. Then someone wrote a story about it and folks started making a trip to see it. Unfortunately not everyone takes the proper precautions when coming to see it. And since the blight is still active it's not going to be long before someone wearing the same hiking boots they had on when walking through an Oak forest where the disease still thrives is going to infect it. The other location is actually a small uninfected stand in the middle of some privately held land in the Appalachian foothills. It's not near anywhere, no trails lead to it, and it is hard as all heck to get out there. Only a handful of people, mostly professional conservationists and the like, even know it exists so hopefully it will stay safe for a while. There's a lot of work being done to create a hybrid of the American Chestnut that is blight resistant. So fingers crossed we will see some chestnuts in the wilds again soon.
  14. First off, congrats to you Mr. Hamster and your family! Secondly, I'm going to skip the food questions because my answers are just "I'm not snacking these days." Failure question: Recently I've failed at growing broccoli, probably not planting at the right time. But I planted some at the end of the summer and it seems to be thriving in the cooler weather. I want to expand on this one though. I probably applied to around 100 jobs at my current place of employment and interviewed six times before finally getting hired. Three times I was offered a job just to have that position eliminated due to budget concerns. Once I was completely unqualified for the position and another time a guy who's dad is important to the right people was offered the job (who then immediately used it as leverage to get a better job elsewhere). I bring this up because I think if it's something you really want then no amount of failing is ever a reason to give up. Plan laughed at question: All of my travel plans for 2020. Which included a hiking trip to WV, a trip to CA to see my nephew graduate college and then go hiking with him in the mountains, Reapercon, Origins, and a plan to rent a cabin on the Pacific in the Quileute Reservation just outside of Olympic National Park for our 21st anniversary this past weekend. Stupid covid. Current projects question: I'm currently painting through a bunch of scary minis for October to get me in the Halloween mood (no Halloween parties this year, stupid covid). I think I have enough to get me to the end of the month, but may have to order a couple of things depending on if I have extra time to paint the next couple of weeks. Place nicknames question: I live in a city named for a certain Italian navigator and explorer. It's typically referred to as CBus by locals. Lately there has been a question as to whether it should be renamed. Someone has hit upon the fact that it was the home of some guy with a food show who has a catchphrase that goes something like "take me to flavortown." No idea really, never seen the show. But a bunch of people took that and ran with it and have gotten a small amount of attention for petitioning to rename our city "Flavortown." I'm not against this idea. Finally, @ManvsMini I think I know the town you're talking about. In fact, if I'm correct, I've got my mother in law stashed in a nursing home over there just off of 68 on the south end of town.
  15. Didn't get as much time to paint over the last week as I would of preferred. But managed to get a few more finished and another batch underway. First up is this werewolf I got from a Reaper gumball machine for a dollar. I knew they put miscasts in those sometimes. But I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I started working on it. Some jerk docked its tail! No wonder it looks so angry. Anyways, my wife grabbed this and it's currently stalking mouslings on her desk. Next is this zombie clawing its way out of the grave from Ral Partha. I don't know what happened to the headstone for this one so I just covered it in some flock to hide the slot for it. And here is the Crimson Herald from the last kickstarter. Painted him as some sort of Mythos character all in yellow. Man I hate yellow. I gave him a little pet imp from one of the familiar packs. He's got a little book too, just like his master. But since he can't read his book doesn't have any letters, just blood stains. Making good progress on the next batch and have gotten a couple of projects primed for when those are done.
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