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  1. Given that Genie wishes are always going to have unintended consequences I really think they're only good for a couple of things. The first is saving them for emergency situations where not using a wish could be worse than whatever the Genie could come up with. And the second is to use those wishes to bring about my enemy's' demise. I'm guessing any evil Genie may actually be on board for that last one so I'm less likely to experience horrible side effects. Currently I'm low on enemies and don't find myself in life or death situations. So I guess I'd just leave it on my desk as a paper weight
  2. Yes, and how it went depends on the auction type I guess. Last livestock auction I went to was long ago and I think I came away with 3 lambs. Last live property auction I was outbid on an antique 50 gallon copper kettle, but did pick up a nice set of fancy glass plates for cheap. Last silent auction I went to I ended up with Charlie Harper print for my wife. I may have stood around the bidding table with some larger friends glaring at everyone else trying to bid on it.
  3. Happy Juneteenth y'all. A celebration commemorating the day in 1865 when the last enslaved people in the US were emancipated. It's been a big thing in my neighborhood for a long time and now it's a federal holiday. Can't think of a better reason to celebrate a day than freedom.
  4. Is it a time traveler from the future? I'm just going to assume they're from the future. Then all I need to do is find one of their ancestors living today and off them. No time traveler born, no time machine built, no reason to go outsmarting anyone. Except maybe the police when I have to explain the reason for killing some innocent person.
  5. I finally got to see the Brood X cicadas during their once every 17 year emergence today. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone at home so no pictures. Was checking out some stream restoration and flood plains this morning and the woods we had to hike through were packed with them. And I mean PACKED! There were little holes in the ground everywhere, it was loud as hell, their shells were stuck to every plant taller than a foot, and the ground crunched when you walked on it in places. They were zipping all over the place too. In fact the first one I saw actually flew into my forehead and fell into m
  6. Columbus, Ohio... The first modern water treatment system was designed and built here. It combined filtration and softening and is credited with reducing Typhoid deaths around the world. This type of system is still in use in a lot of places today. Before that water systems were typically just a big well and pump station. Not necessarily super hygienic when you considered what folks were likely doing with their waste water at the time. I'm partial to the John Kovalic shaggy dog kind from Kobold's Ate My Baby! ALL HAIL KING TORG!
  7. A couple of sights from the office today... Lake Erie. Had to look at a relocated stream to make certain it wasn't failing. This was at the end of the stream and is where I had the privilege of having lunch. What you can't see directly behind me is the giant nuclear power facility that I was absolutely forbidden to take a picture of. Security guy said this one was okay though. On our way back we cut through a big forested wetland to see if the change in drainage from the stream was impacting the ground water loving species. Lots of really interesting stuff
  8. Tie dyed. Four different tie dyed schemes in fact.
  9. Oh yes. I've always got several half painted/in progress minis on the table, my garden is perpetually in a half finished state, and I've got a beer half fermented in a bucket right now.
  10. Thanks and plagiarize away! That's such a great complement.
  11. Buddy of mine sent me an issue of Dragon Magazine from 1983 with a little adventure involving pirates and a wizard controlled dragon turtle. It's great fun and I'm definitely giving it an update to use with the turtle I've got up on the Show Off thread right now. The really great thing about flipping through this magazine though are all the ads. Citadel minis for $1, Ral Partha box sets for $8, some now defunct company selling barbarians for just $0.65, something called Wizards and Lizards from Superior Models. Walls, Walls,Walls! Get 20 feet of realistic looking walls for $2.75! F
  12. Yes, and on a distressingly frequent basis.
  13. This is the Dragon Turtle from Bones 4. I've been working on some nautical themed minis and this fits in well for that project. Bonus, I can also use it in the RCL for this quarter's large category. I've had this primed and partially painted for something like 3 months now. I kind of lost steam when I painted a flipper the wrong way around with the top colors on the bottom and vice versa. Then when I got it all sorted out I started another one upside down. At that point I decided to set it aside for a bit. A few weeks ago I took it down from the shelf and messed around with it. That got me goi
  14. If at all possible I like to sleep in on weekends. First thing that comes to mind is the Stygian Barge from Bones 4. I guess they never released it, and may not due to some sort of unspecified issues. I suppose that counts as out of date?
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