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  1. Well, the financial savings over an in person con come to mind right off. But I also really like the fact I can participate in any class I want to take. The last time I went to an in person convention that had any kind of painting class they only had limited seats available for each class. And unless you were standing in line forever waiting for the sign up sheets to come out there was no way you were getting into that class. And since I don't go to conventions to stand around waiting to sign up for something I may end up not enjoying, those events aren't even a consideration for me. That's not a problem at a virtual convention though. I could decide to join a class five minutes after it started, and if I decided it wasn't for me I could just turn it off and find something else to participate in without having wasted a bunch of effort getting into the class in the first place.
  2. I'm getting into my goblin for the trio as well, not nearly as unique as @Kuroneko's piping goblin, but I think she'll fit in with my rowdy bunch quite well:
  3. Following up on the second part of the weekend's question... I managed to take a couple of classes over the last couple of evenings and have had a few classes streaming in the background while tearing apart my hobby space. The two where I actually painted something were pretty fun. They were a class on gore and one on OSL. I didn't have half the stuff needed for the gore class but still managed to get a few gnarly looking (and horribly out of focus) zombies: And here's my first attempt at OSL. Nowhere near being good enough to call it successful yet, but now that I have the idea I'm sure I'll improve. I also got out and did some bird watching over the weekend. No pictures of that unfortunately. But I did manage to see a Pine Warbler and some early arriving kinglets, both of which were a bit of an out of season surprise.
  4. W.O.O.F. doesn't want him. When not trashing everything we own, his other hobbies include terrorizing dogs.
  5. Wife just sent me this picture. Apparently not content to cover our furniture and the clothes we're wearing with fur, the most evil of our cats is now sabotaging the washer in an attempt to make our clean clothes come out covered in long, annoyingly clingy hair balls. Apparently he was purring when she dragged him out of there.
  6. I'm going to try and attend some classes. And you may catch me dorking around in Twitch or Discord a little bit over the weekend. But, I'm halfway through tearing apart my hobby area, and I need to get some prep work done for the garden, and it's really nice outside this weekend and I haven't been hiking in a bit. So there's always a chance I'll just ignore it all and do something else. But most of the stuff I signed up for is in the evenings, so there's at least a fair chance I'll check them out.
  7. Six, three in plastic and three in metal. I had to go look because I haven't really thought about them in a while. I should move one of those to the "maybe getting paint soon" shelf.
  8. Great work, makes me want to go dig out some of my Ral Partha stuff!
  9. Awesome job, even with the cat trying to sabotage your work!
  10. I've almost always got some music going, but for most of the day it's classical music to help me focus through the work. Usually it's something rather light and forgettable, Vivaldi or Debussy. But lately I've been on a Prokofiev and Stravinsky kick and have just been leaving either of those composers running on random on spotify for 8 to 9 hours a day. Since everyone tries to play their most famous pieces you hear a lot of the same songs played several times throughout the day. Right now I'm guessing it's a toss up for most heard song between Prokofiev's Third Piano concerto or something from Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.
  11. Yes to both, though it tends to look a lot different than the reading I did as a kid.I tend to read a little less than I did as a kid. And the content is different. Back then I read fiction, mostly science fiction, almost exclusively. Now I read a two or three scientific journal articles a day and about one novel a month. And that novel could be anything from just about any genre.
  12. if I was spending Monday in the office then it's khakis and a polo. If I was in the field though it would be jeans or field pants depending on the weather, t shirt, and either mud boots, hip or chest waders. Since working from home it's always jeans and a t shirt. I still try and keep up my normal workday routines. I don't really want to get to the point where just spending the whole work day in PJ's is acceptable. I'll admit that, at least occasionally, the work day starts with me in bed answering emails on my work tablet from under the covers. But it always gets to the getting up and acting like a functional adult stage.
  13. Misfits: "Where Eagles Dare" by day, and Nazareth: "Hair of the Dog" by night. I don't know if it's the best advice, but I have been told that when following free advice you get what you pay for.
  14. Looking pretty good for a sculpt with such soft features. And that composite image is awesome, thanks!
  15. That Velocithulhu thing is awesome! It's all really great work but I just love that thing.
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