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  1. Nice freehand on that cloak, great mini and paint job.
  2. So sorry to hear that. Will raise a pint for Gabe tonight.
  3. Nice Saltire on that dragonman! And I absolutely love that rainbow avatar fellow. That's just a great concept.
  4. Yep, all the time from my wife and I. But we don't ever bring up anything seriously embarrassing, it's more like just telling funny stories about one another to entertain folks. My good friends are the same way, we're always reminding each other of dumb stuff we've done when in larger groups.
  5. I think this might be the best example I've ever seen of someone taking a mini and really making it their own. Excellent job, thanks for sharing.
  6. Fifth Element, it's amazing how often you can work the phrase "negative, I am a meat popsicle"into a conversation if you really try. Okra and Brussel Sprouts. As pointed out, sprouts taste completely different than they did when I was growing up and I learned how to add okra to stuff so it does not feel slimy when you eat it. As for what I don't eat anymore is anything with certain types of sugars, mostly manufactured sugars like high fructose corn syrup. So no soda, cheap candy or a lot of already prepared foods. It's been long enough not eating/drinking that kind of thing that last time I had a soda it tasted vile. Horses. Grew up around them and am convinced every single horse can go from calm animal to raving lunatic at the drop of a hat. Barring that, public buses. Last time I went to get on the free bus here in town driver stopped me and then pointed out some drunk guy was in the process of throwing up all over the back of the bus. Decided to just walk. Give me my bicycle any day.
  7. Yes, for most of my life. I worked six days a week in a factory and then lumped trucks at a warehouse on the weekends while my wife was in college, worked part times jobs while going to school full time while I was in college, after graduating I worked some consulting gigs on the side while working a full time job I didn't want just to stay relevant in my chosen field. Now that I am where I want to be I don't work any second jobs. It's been quite nice these last five years or so, way more time for doing what I want versus what I need to do to get by/move ahead. I still do a little bit of consulting work in the form of putting together the necessary permit applications for projects I think are beneficial to my community - but that's volunteer work so it doesn't really feel like a second job. And I've got the beginnings of a research project started and a grant proposal for building a wetland on my farm that are both on the back burner while Covid does its thing. It remains to be seen if I'll pick those back up in the future as side projects to my daily job - I may just decide that I want to continue enjoying the extra free time.
  8. So a little update here. I realized one of the random minis I was painting this week actually came out for sale in November and therefore qualifies for the January New Release category. So one more category down and I think that gets me up to 18 points. I'm still not entirely certain what those points imply, but it's fun racking them up. Here's the rather sloppily painted mini in question: I think I've also decided that my quarterly "large" mini is going to be the Mystic Circle. I finished a test piece on it and am fairly happy with how it looks: I'm also pretty close to finishing part one of the year long challenge. This Tiik champion is part one, and then I'll give him another go in December and see if I improve any. I'm liking this way more than expected: And finally, I'm making a little progress on the Duo mini. While it's not shaping up as well as I would like, it should still be acceptable for entry into the contest (sorry if I drag my team mate down to my painting level!): I still need to find some folks for the Trio and the Four + group challenge. I should probably reach out on Discord, but that platform moves a little fast for my tastes. I may be a little late getting a partner for this month's Trio, but eventually I'll work up the nerve to try and find some other interested painters over there and maybe I'll get into a group for next month. Cheers all and hope you're all about to have a fun weekend of staying safe and painting lots of fun stuff.
  9. Water. It would make field days so much easier. It would keep me from having to root around in a foot of mud every time I drop an expensive YSI meter into a mucky wetland. And if I can make it rain with my new power over water then that air bnb party house that always has loud, outdoor gatherings that go on all night is getting a downpour every time I hear them.
  10. Random crap by the look of it. Between my wife and I we have lived 13 different places over the last 25 years. Every time we moved several boxes, some furniture, or maybe even an appliance or two would end up packed up and left in storage. We never really thought about it until we bought the house we're currently in that has plenty of excess space for storing stuff. We moved everything out of the storage space and into the basement and attic and realized that "Oh No, we may have a problem here." We've been slowly going through all of it and either getting rid of it or repacking it into easier to store plastic totes if it's something of sentimental value. But it is slow going, and if you saw my basement even as recently as last year you'd probably think there's something wrong with us. Some of it has been really fun to find like that box with a functioning Sega Genesis and a bunch of games (lost my wife to that console for like two weeks). But most of it is stuff I just stand there scratching my head like the box full of smaller boxes. What the heck was I thinking there?
  11. Well crap. Just read a release from our local research hospital that a strain of Covid in my area has mutated in the same way as the recently discovered UK variant that is much more contagious. And in the last few weeks has become the dominant variant that is being recorded in patients in my area. It appears that this strain evolved independently of the UK and SA strains that are popping up all over the place. Which likely indicates that this type of more virulent Covid is mutating independently all over the place. The good news is that it is unlikely to be more resistant to vaccinations. But man, we've started to see a drop in cases regionally over the last week or so (I know, current numbers are lagging indicators and do not represent the total number of possible cases developing) and was hoping we'd be on the road to getting back to normal. Now I'm thinking that may have been false hope. Stay safe folks.
  12. How about stuffed mushrooms to start with and maybe a simple crudites with some homemade dip. Sides would be something along the line of roasted carrots and broccoli, sauteed green beans with bacon and sliced pecans, maybe some wild rice with walnuts and cranberries, and some simple salad with homemade dressing. The main course could be a beef tenderloin with a coffee spice rub (man I haven't made that in forever). For drinks there would likely be a variety of beer, wine (a Petit Syrah goes well with the tenderloin), coffee, teas, or just whatever you want. And dessert would probably take the form of a blueberry cobbler or maybe a pie of some sort. Then more coffee - with your choice of spirits if you're so inclined - and probably a plate of cookies set out for anyone still grazing. Then I tell everyone to get out because I have a lot of dishes to do. Man I really miss having friends over for big meals. Editing to add that I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard after reading everyone's responses.
  13. None. Never got into war gaming. All my stuff is for role playing games, display or gifting. Now if we're talking unplayed and unpainted board games with lots of miniatures then it's at least a few.
  14. I was also ambivalent about the townsfolk. Then I realized if I mounted several per 3 inch base it would make populating a town square or crowded bar really easy. Just drop a few bases full of villagers on the table and you're good to go, no messing around with dozens of separately mounted figures. And in those instances, where I just want a bunch of bodies on the table, I don't really want a bunch of dynamic poses. They're perfect for that and should be really easy to paint. Now that I'm talking about it I'm kind of wishing I'd gotten a second set. In addition to my above ideas their rather stiff poses would make them easy to turn into innocent bystander casualty markers.
  15. Thanks! I don't know about that though, I just knock these things out fast as I can (I'm much more of a quantity over quality painter). So I'm over here worrying I'm going to drag the folks I team up with down to my level!
  16. I put together a WIP thread to track my progress in this challenge over here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94315-reaper-challenge-league/ If you're looking for someone to team up with for some of the challenges please drop me a line there, or share what you're working on because I'd love to see it.
  17. So I decided to try out the Reaper Challenge League (RPL) for the time being and thought I'd go ahead and put together a WIP thread to highlight what I'm working on, keep the motivation going for myself, and to maybe encourage other folks to share what they're working on as well. While I've already teamed up with someone for the Duo portion of the challenge for the month I'm still looking for the Trio and the quarterly four people challenge. So if you're considering it please feel free to say something here (or wherever really). I've got a bunch of unpainted minis (who would've guessed?) so quite possible I've already got the miniature you want to paint. Also, if you're just working on stuff for the challenge and want to share a picture in here please feel free to share. I think this is a pretty fun way to motivate folks to paint and would love to see some of what other people are working on! So I've already submitted my first five entries for January. Some of these have already posted elsewhere on this site so I'll put these behind a spoiler to keep from spamming you all with the same minis over and over again. In addition to those I've also been working on a duo mini with @Kuroneko. That is, a mini both participants paint and then submit at the same time. We decided on the Dragonman rogue from the bones 4 kickstarter (which I then discovered is the quarterly contest mini as well). We've decided to paint our figures up using the colors of our favorite local soccer teams. Mine is based on the Columbus Crew who recently won the MLS Championship. Their colors are black and yellow, So I'm going with a black dragon folk with yellow in its wings. He's going to be based on a soccer pitch and I'm also painting a little soccer ball to put on there where I'll try and freehand the Crew's logo. One of the quarterly categories is converted minis. since I've been arming bones goblins with guns for the last few years I figured might as well get another one done for the RCL. This guy is going to be my goblin hoarder. He's got a pile of useless, and quite flammable, stuff he'll be defending. I've also begun the year long challenge to paint a mini now and then in 12 months or so. Since I'm also slowly painting through some maritime themed minis in anticipation of the pirate ships coming this spring, I decided to go with this fish guy. Should be interesting to do a comparison at the end of the year. There's also a big mini category for the quarter. I'm already working on a large non-reaper mini right now, so I'm hoping to get either the tree of despair or the mystic circle (only one piece of which is pictured here) done for that category. Cheers all. Hope everyone participating is having a good time.
  18. As often as I can get away with. Being Mr. Serious Adult is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be when I was a kid.
  19. I really enjoyed seeing these in the kickstarter. I'm a big fan of unique miniatures for gaming and these are definitely that. It gets a bit old painting "guy with sword and shield" for the umpteenth time. As for using them, I imagine I'll have quite a few uses including gifts to gaming friends with little ones of their own, NPC's, and possibly PC's if someone decides to play a kid. Although using them as halflings would work too, hadn't thought of that. I would also love to see some Kid Villains. I can easily imagine some mean looking kid with as a necromancer with a wolf skeleton, or some child warlock with a short devil companion. I also would love to see a few kids with animals much larger than they are, like a kid with an ox or similar. Some dwarf or drow kids would be pretty fun too. I can just imagine a drow kid with a pet giant spider. Fun stuff, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  20. Blankets. We're too cheap to go turning up the heat.
  21. So I've got four areas around my little hobby space where minis are stacking up. So to decide which one to choose from I'm rolling a four sider... 1. That corresponds to the pile of boxed minis as well as some shoe boxes and cigar boxes of loose minis. Setting aside the boxed minis, which are out in the open and can't really be randomly chosen, I'll roll odds/ evens to see what to pull from... 2. That's going to be a shoe box. Closing my eyes and reaching over it's this mess... Closing my eyes again and grabbing a bag it's... Well, it appears to be a bag of minis from different manufacturers with a canine theme. So closing my eyes one more time and reaching in I get... A cyber dog from the Shadowrun Ral Partha Corporate Guard Animals pack. I did not forget about this, though I haven't thought of it in a while. I've got a few of these painted up somewhere around here. My group hates these things. I'm going to move this to the shelves of "potentially getting painted" minis. Fun hunt, thanks.
  22. What a shame. Life long Reds fan, so definitely spent most of the 80's rooting against the Dodgers. But Lasorda was one of the greatest managers of that time period. And even if you were cheering for someone else, you couldn't help but recognize his ability to put together great teams. And on top of that his larger than life personality and charisma made him a perfect ambassador for baseball in general. He'll be missed.
  23. Usually just the one. Though some days I'll already be awake before it goes off and some days, if I know I'm not going to be particularly busy that day, I'll snooze for ten or fifteen minutes.
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