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  1. Once. I rolled over and checked my work email on my phone and saw I had nothing pressing to respond to this morning so I got in an extra fifteen of sleeping.
  2. In 1981 I was a wonderfully well-behaved youngster who was in no way turning my parents hair grey or getting into any kind of trouble at all. And none of you can prove otherwise.
  3. Depends, do I actually like the people I'm giving snacks to? If yes then maybe a meat and cheese tray, some fresh fruit, crudites, maybe even something homemade and baked. If no (for instance my brother in law, perfect example) then maybe a little something less interesting. Like some tap water and that half bag of chips in the pantry that gave us intestinal distress last month. Everybody else gets something in between those two extremes.
  4. Beverage: If I've got stuff to do it's black coffee. If not then it depends on how freezing out it is. For the really cold nights then a very small glass of something very strong. It doesn't actually warm you up, but it makes the cold easier to ignore. Memory: Well, there was the chemical fire from one of our neighbors operating an illegal hazardous waste dump that got into Grandpa's corn field. I still get pretty hot when I think of that. Probably one of the big reasons I went into environmental regulations. (I know, not the answer you're looking for, but it's the first thing to pop into my mind)
  5. Kind of. I'm not a big fan of CMON, so I'm not real shaken up about not being able to give them money. But I really did want that toddler sized Cthulhu mini from Cthulhu: Death May Die board game. But the way they handled it was kind of crappy so I didn't bother. And (I may be wrong about this) I believe it was a kickstarter exclusive, so I'm not bothering to track one down. But man, that would have had my players howling in fear and delight putting it on the table during some session.
  6. Not really. We plan our meals out in advance and usually only buy what we need for them. And then we keep a couple of really easy meal options in the pantry for the nights where we're exhausted and don't feel like doing much work.
  7. I'm guessing it's the one with the horns and fancy skull scepter/club. Maybe in this cult "Ghoul Queen" is just a title like "Grand Poobah" or "Worshipful Master" or some such nonsense. Of course that means someone is going to be pretty surprised when a real ghoul queen comes along.
  8. I've painted up enough minis since the last time I updated this project that it looks like it's time to post again. I've been focusing most of my recent painting efforts for this project on building up a pirate crew. And I'm pretty happy with the following group: I like to think this guy joined a pirate crew just cause he likes sandy beaches. And who can blame him? I thought about going all Queequeg with this one and covering him in tattoos. But my first attempt at that was horrible. I'm kind of happy with the end results regardless. This guy is from the last Reapercon and is listed on the website as a pirate, so he's part of this project. I can imagine a bunch of non nautical uses for this creepy fellow. Though a guy who can control a bunch of little puppet people is probably pretty handy on a ship. I've also got this gnoll pirate I just finished speed painting. His expression makes me think he's the happiest gnoll alive. And why wouldn't he be? He's got a saber, a hook, fresh air and his other pirate friends let him cut up people on a regular basis. But you know what's even happier than a gnoll pirate? A gnoll pirate with a cannon. I've also gotten a start on some scenery to be used with any coastal outings my group finds themselves in. The wood on these docks were done with craft paints. And a lot of the rest of the brinewind extras are going to get the same treatment as I come up with a few economical wood grains for the pirate ship(s). Never mind the guy in the second picture. That's Steve "Well, this sucks" Stevens just having a bad day. Totally unrelated to this project. And finally here's a Tiik Warrior that I painted for the RCL 365 challenge. There's another one I painted about a year ago further back in this thread, but the colors on this one are far superior. If my players ask I'll just tell them they're different sexes and let them argue over which one is which. Of course that won't matter much, they're both going to try and eat em. That's all for now. I've got some freaky fish dude from Bones V on the paint table right now and am starting prep work on what will be the first of a school of Goroloth. Also, that cannon up there represents me officially starting one of my pirate ships. Though that may get it's own thread once I've begun in earnest. Cheers all and thanks for looking!
  9. I've been slowly working through this little adventure add on from the last bones kickstarter for a couple of months and finally got the final piece finished so thought I'd go ahead and show it off. I'm really enjoying these little adventure sets and hope that there are a few more in the next kickstarter, especially if there are some that are more Chronoscope in nature. When painting them I find myself coming up with all manner of campaigns they'd fit into. Which, after several decades of coming up with ideas for our group's games, is kind of helpful. First up are the weird standing stones. These are pretty fun and should work in a variety of settings. Just one thing, that poor skeleton chained up... Did they chain him up there with no clothes on and let him die, or did they stick an already stripped skeleton up there as some sort of basic anatomy for cultists class? You'd think there'd be the remains of clothing or some leftover squishy bits still stuck on if they put someone up there and let them die like that. Next is this bone pit thingy. This may have fewer uses on the table than the rest of the set but is still my favorite piece. One of the ideas I had for gaming when painting this was to imply to my players that there is something valuable under the bones to see if anyone is willing to root around in the "Charnel Pit." Here's the hero and the victim. I couldn't help thinking while painting that she's not there to rescue him, more likely she just fought her way to this point so she can break it off with him face to face... "I can see you have some unresolved issues with your ex. And I don't feel good about getting involved in that. So you know, if you ever get this behind you, maybe give me a call? Good luck!" Here are the cultists. Apparently they are from the "Cult of No Tan Lines." Even though I don't think they violate any board rules as everything is technically covered, I'm still going to throw them behind a spoiler in case folks don't want to see a bunch of half naked cultists. And here's a couple of action shots from my WFH desk because it doesn't fit in my little light box. First, the whole set as you'd expect to see it. And next with the bone pile removed. I wanted a little more use out of the pit piece, so at the last minute I added a poorly painted portal to elsewhere. Which may just be the prize my players will find hidden under the bones! Cheers all and thanks for looking!
  10. I understand that the word "geezer" means a gang member in the UK. In the US it means an old person. I don't know if that's actually true or not. I just like the word geezer.
  11. Holding up great. Haven't violated it, or even thought about violating it, at all this year. Of course, I didn't actually make one.
  12. The kitchen fridge is currently stripped down in anticipation of some major rearranging of that room in the coming weeks and months. But my beer fridge in the hobby area is covered in stickers and a bunch of magnets a friend made... This guy. I've lost nearly all my minis before. It stinks, but you get over it. The mini in question, Human Fighter: Denethorr, has ended up on the table as the villain in so many campaigns over the last couple of decades that my group has a nickname for him that I can't repeat here. He's died in numerous ways during that time. Games wouldn't be the same if he wasn't around to dramatically reveal his evil plans and maybe take out a few good guys while doing it.
  13. Except for a short stint in the Pittsburgh, PA area I have always lived, worked and been educated in Ohio. I know that sounds kind of boring on paper. But I've developed a deep appreciation for this state and its people as a result. From the mutants on the east side of Toledo all the way down to the hillbillies on the Appalachian plateau, I've met good and interesting folks. And it's been quite an honor working on preserving as much of the beauty of the state as I can on their behalf.
  14. I don't think of myself as superstitious, but my dad is and I've picked up several of his superstitious habits. For instance I always knock on wood if I or my wife says anything that could "jinx" us. I also don't feel comfortable with umbrellas being open in the house and have to give someone a penny if they gift me a knife. I mean, I know it's all in my head. But it's been in there long enough that not doing these things seems awkward. Also, a little story about old superstitions and where they come from. When my Great Uncle turned 100 back in the 1980's a guy from the farm bureau came around and wanted to interview him about old farm superstitions and wive's tales to put in the bureau's magazine they use to produce (back when such things still existed). He told me later that he couldn't quite remember any of the stuff he grew up with so he just made up a bunch of nonsense. They ended up printing his blabber and no one knew the difference. He was pretty proud of that.
  15. Coffee! And if it's the weekend, and I have no pressing concerns for the day, it's coffee with a bit of rum.
  16. That's easy. The best cookie is whatever cookie is sitting in front of me. As long as it doesn't have raisins in it. Cause that's just gross.
  17. I do as much of my banking online as possible. Every time I go into the bank the person "helping" me seems to be getting paid to waste the maximum amount of time possible by trying to sell me on crap I don't need.
  18. I listen to most everything. But I probably listen to what could broadly be called "Rock" most frequently. I don't know if I get any strange looks for my taste in music or not. Mainly because by the time you've known me long enough to know what my favorite music is you already have a handful of reasons to give me strange looks.
  19. Got a new 10 gallon stock pot for brewing beer last night. The old one has been well used enough that it's next to impossible to clean, and there's a little rust around the rivets. Here's the old one: And here's the shiny new one! It's currently heating up some strike water for a pale ale. And then it will have an oatmeal stout in it later today: So shiny!
  20. We skipped the whole Christmas thing to take a vacation this year. And having not done any gift exchanging this year we don't have to worry about any gift returning! I swear, if I can get the rest of my family on board I'm going to cut out this whole buying gifts thing and reduce the amount of work/stress we have to put up with during the holidays.
  21. Hiking in wild places. It's not really affected by the season. I can hike on ice and snow just as easily as hiking in streams or on dirt, especially since I recently bought all new cold weather gear. But I do go out less because I think cold weather sucks. Give me pouring rains, gale force winds, days where it feels like mother nature turned the outdoor temp to broil and toss me outside and I'm perfectly happy. But the older I get the more I dislike being out in the cold.
  22. They should be forced to work in the question mines for another month.
  23. I can't speak for everyone else, but it's not like I've been trying to hide it. I mean, I've repeatedly stated that I'm a big, bald, weirdo who likes to hang out in swamps. If that's not telling you all I'm actually an ogre then I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  24. Streams and wetlands. Not always the same ones though. Like literally hundreds of streams and wetland pictures taken every year. Most of those are for work, but I also spend a lot of free time hiking around in streams and wetlands. So here, have a recent photo of a stream:
  25. My state is currently seeing the highest number of covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The daily average of new cases is just shy of 19,000. That's 19,000 new cases of covid being reported through testing every single day. We're also looking at 104 new deaths on average per day at this point. Several area schools are going back to remote learning due to staff shortages, and a number of local hospitals are at their current maximum capacity. Which, according to a friend who works at one of our biggest local hospitals, is as much to do with the surge in cases as it is with a huge shortage of staff due to people leaving the field in the last year. I lost a cousin to it while we were out of state recently. We weren't close, but it still sucks. And both of my god parents are terribly sick with it right now. They are both in their 80's, so pretty worried about that right now. I was in the process of planning a surprise party for my wife's 50th. We started planning it back when numbers of cases were declining rapidly so we thought we'd be good. But that is now canceled. Both my board game and RPG groups have decided to not meet again anytime soon. Man, I tell y'all, I'm not a super outgoing person at the best of times. But I'm dreading the prospect of needing to isolate again for an extended period of time while this runs it's course. One thing I've learned during this time is how much I need social interactions in my life in order to maintain a positive mood. I'm meeting with my management team later this week to discuss the possibility of restarting our intern program later this year, but given everything that is going on I'm betting we all just decide to wait another year. Stupid covid.
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