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  1. Most of the painting I've been doing lately has been on a bigger figure, and I haven't been spending as much time painting overall compared to recently. But I did manage to finish off a few smaller figures. 


    This is the Xairbot from above. Is it just heavily damaged? Or is that green goo full of malicious nano bots recoding and repurposing bits as it infiltrates its systems?




    And here's a couple more from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden set.



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  2. 3 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    July 14: If you were a character in a fantasy realm, what would be your animal companion.


    Low fantasy: probably just a loyal mutt would be acceptable.


    High Fantasy: A raptor or falcon with some sort of telepathic link (I'm thinking a Pratchett-esque type of "borrowing").


    Thoramel level of fantasy: Telepathic, cyber T-rex with lasers and a saddle, it gets weird at our gaming table.

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  3. 1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:

    July 13: From complete spontaneity (1) to obsessive planner (10), where do you fall on the planning scale and why?


    I probably operate on a scale, in my home life anyways, ranging from 3 to 8. My least planned out activities, like miniature painting, I may make some decisions about how to move forward on a given figure but usually wait to choose what color to use next as I get the previous layer done. On the opposite end of that scale are things like brewing and gardening. I'll make an effort to plan out where all my plants are going, or will write detailed recipes. But I never approach a level of planning in those hobbies that doesn't allow for some minor variations or changes in the event something unforeseen happens. 


    In my work life though, we operate in the 9 to 10 range. Planning for a site visit begins months in advance and even includes details on what to do in a variety of odd scenarios. 

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  4. On 7/10/2020 at 7:36 AM, TaleSpinner said:

    Sat-Sun, July 11-12: Any fun plans this weekend (share pics if appropriate)?


    Following up on my weekend plans with some photos. 


    Brewed a couple of batches of beer this weekend. It's a pretty fun hobby. Here's the start of it all, the grain bill. On the left is an IPA and on the right is a porter.




    Milled it all Friday night. One of my favorite brewing gadgets.




    Got the yeast for the IPA going once that was done. Technically there are enough active cells in a yeast packet you can get at the homebrew store for a five gallon batch. But I don't like to take chances. So I typically make a yeast starter the night before brewing. 




    The IPA went off without a hitch. I'm trying something new and put a couple of cups of frozen pineapple juice in at the end of the boil. We'll see how that goes. The porter went great as well. It's also a new recipe and I was worried about getting the color right. The end result made me happy. 




    My brewing assistant was less than helpful.




    It's alive!




    It was pretty fun. Took about nine and a half hours from start to finish. A good way to fill up a lazy Saturday with physical activity instead of just sitting on the couch or whatever. And in about two weeks I'll have about seven gallons of beer to put on tap. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Friday, July 10: What's your style; that is, how do you typically dress?


    Sat-Sun, July 11-12: Any fun plans this weekend (share pics if appropriate)?


    Style-less? Just jeans and a plain t shirt, or shorts if it's hot. Barefoot as often as possible. Ball cap to keep the sun off my bald head. Most of it is covered in mud stains. 


    It's going to be pushing 100 F (38 C for you folks from more civilized places) with pop up thunderstorms all weekend. And everywhere around here I'd be interested in going to is closing back down again. So I'm planning on staying home. I'll be brewing a couple of batches of beer tomorrow. Going to start with a chocolate porter and then I'm doing a pineapple IPA. Probably do a little gardening, some napping, bit of painting, and maybe even hook up my wife's old PS3 and play some Gran Turismo. I never really play console games but I do enjoy that one. I'll post some homebrewing pictures if I remember. 

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  6. Got some more progress done on the skin tones last night. I'm starting to like it this way. I definitely think these kind of creepy monsters are even creepier when the flesh is well, flesh like. I've also begun thinking of the tentacles more as earthworms with spikes. I like the idea of it being covered in semi independent worm like entities. Going to work on the mouths and open wounds next. I'm thinking of doing both in the same colors so the mouths on the body look similar to the ripped open skin. Except for the maw at the front that is, I'm not sure where I'm going to go with that yet.



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  7. Got a few more finished over the holiday weekend (which for me was 7 days long because I had some leave that needed using). 


    First up is this beanbag cat from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden kickstarter. Somehow I managed to get actual cat hair stuck to it, which seems fitting. My wife has yet to see this one but I'm betting he'll disappear once she does.




    I recently received a Secret Weapon "Bag of Crap" that is a gallon bag of reject bases. So I've been playing around with rebasing some minis I wasn't very excited about. I think the nice base on some of these really makes a difference in my desire to get color on them. This is one of the core set devils from the bones 4 kickstarter.




    And this guy is from the bones 3 (I think?) kickstarter. Not only did I not care much for the original base, but since I speed paint I rarely take the time to do stuff like clean mold lines, and this guy just had so much of that that I never really wanted to paint him. But putting a new base on it kind of changed how I feel about him. Though still lots of little things I don't like about it, the new base makes it just likable enough for the tabletop.




    And here's an actual WiP I just started. This Xairbot from the last kickstarter had an extremely warped base and the left cannon was bent almost 90 degrees when I got it. Of course Reaper replaced it. But I threw it in the parts bin for later cannibalizing. Looking at this base I got the idea of having some robots that look like they've been through some alien battles and thought I'd start by further destroying this mini. Honestly, I'm liking it better so far than the replacement one Reaper sent me. 



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  8. 51 minutes ago, TaleSpinner said:

    July 9: Let's Connect!  What other social media platforms do you use? 


    Feel free to leave your identities on each if you want people here to connect with you there.


    I can be found on Twitch and discord occasionally under the name Thoramel. That's also my user name for a few homebrew forums and such. And while I have Facebook, Linkedin and a couple of other accounts under my real name (or as close to it as makes no difference) I don't really accept friend requests from folks I haven't met personally. I know that sounds rather antisocial, but the reality is my wife and I work in positions in state government that are extremely unpopular to a number of people for various reasons. I already get emails on a regular basis from people trying to manipulate, threaten, or berate me for the work I do, and have even had someone show up on my doorstep with an agenda they tried to push on me. And though I don't think anyone on here would do something like that, I'm also not going to risk that behavior by providing links to social media sites where personal details about myself and my family are easy to get a hold of. Better safe than sorry. 


    But if you see me on Twitch or Discord dorking around and generally being a big old happy nerd, say hi!

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  9. 3 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    July 8: Have there been any events cancelled due to COVID that have filled you with a sense of relief for not having to participate/endure it?


    Sort of. Back in May I was supposed to fly out to LA for about a week and a half to visit with my wife's family and see my nephew graduate college. I really hated having to miss out on that, I've never been to LA and was looking forward to doing some touristy stuff. However, my wife was planning on flying out a week early and I was going to escort my terrible mother in law through multiple layovers on a cross country flight when I flew out to join her. She really is just a horrible, hateful person and I am quite happy I did not have to spend any time with her.

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  10. Potential anger inducing post incoming, spoiled so as to not ruin anyone's day. 



    So angry right now. My wife got the all clear to go into the office and pick up some gear and some stuff from her desk. When she got to her desk she found all the little mouslings I've given her over the years knocked around her desk and the floor of her cubicle. It looks like someone from IT had pulled her monitor out for some reason and just didn't care what they broke in the process. They also knocked a mirror off her wall (not broken) and broke the glass in a frame of a picture of us together. It looks like most of them got off with minor scratches I can repair. But two of them, the beekeeper with a custom base and modified to hold a cloaker and the grim reaper mouslings, may have been destroyed beyond repair. The beekeeper's base is shattered and parts of it were missing and the grim reaper looks like it was stepped on with half the paint missing and the metal twisted to the point I'm afraid to try and bend it back into position (if I even can, the base is solid metal and is now warped). I can make another modified beekeeper, probably better than the first, but the grim reaper was limited and I don't think I'll ever be able to replace it. What's worse is we're pretty certain the guy who did it is someone who got hired because he's related to a politician. So no matter how much stuff he destroys, our management won't lift a finger to discipline him. Man, it's a good thing I'm no longer me from 25 years ago and am a much calmer person now. 


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  11. On 7/5/2020 at 7:39 PM, TGP said:

    July 5: How many masks do you own?


    A couple of boxes of disposable paper dust masks for field season (that keeps getting postponed), a few N95 masks I keep in my painting tools for when I'm spackling or painting in a less than well ventilated area, a half dozen cloth masks friends have sewn for me, a foam hockey mask for when I want to dress up as Jason for Halloween, and a Honeywell air purifying respirator mask with dual cartridges in my gear bag for very specific site visits. I keep an atmosphere supplying mask with supply at work, but my hazwoper training is woefully out of date so hopefully I never have to use it.


    15 hours ago, TGP said:

    July 6: Gobbos! What are your favorite goblin models? What is your favorite goblin model ever? Discuss...


    All goblins are the best goblins! I don't know why, but I just love every goblin I can get my hands on and the weirder the better (and just to reinforce what others have said, Malefactus' goblins are so far out there that they rank pretty high on my goblin appreciation scale). That being said, here are some of my absolute favorites...


    I really like the goblin skirmishers and warriors from the Reaper bones line (bones 3 maybe?) I've painted them 3 times so far. Once as normal, once with guns, and once with instruments. I have plans for painting them three more times. I'm thinking cannibal goblins, cyber goblins, and goblin casualty markers. 






    I'm also a big fan of Rebel Minis Goblin Henchman




    But one of my most favorite goblins was this kickstarter exclusive from Impact.




    2 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Thank you @TGP: I really meant to be here yesterday., but I was on furlough and being away from the computer is the one sure way for me to forget.  I'm back to a regular schedule for the rest of July, AFAIK.


    July 7: Have you ever used a real creature for color scheme inspiration, if so what?


    I used to not bother with looking up reference photos for paint jobs, I would just slap color on any old way because I don't really think I'm skilled enough to make anything realistic. Then last year I wanted to paint a deer to look realistic. I was pretty happy with the results, so now I'll often look up animal photos whenever I'm painting something that could benefit from looking at actual plumage or patterning. Here's the deer in question that made me change my habits:



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  12. 2 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:


    Kinda knocked for a loop, but she'll be alright (female goldfinch). She's already strong enough to hop onto a perch, just needs a little time to rest and get her wits about her.


    Actually, I believe you have a yellow warbler there. Very curious, intelligent warblers. Hope it shakes it off. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Had a few too many Fourth of July drinks last night before retiring to my painting area for the evening. This rather sloppy speed paint is what happens when I do a little too much of the homebrewing hobby mixed with painting hobby. The goblin Smurf. I can just imagine how he sounds...


    "I'm gonna smurf you in yer smurfing smurf, you smurfy smurfer."



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  14. On 7/3/2020 at 1:38 PM, TaleSpinner said:

    July 3: What job/chore do you dread having to do?


    Cat boxes and doing my regular garbage pick up in the alleys behind my house. Both chores remind me how disgusting the animals I live around really are.


    On 7/4/2020 at 11:42 AM, TaleSpinner said:

    July 4: What is your favorite thing about living where you do?


    Everything is within walking or bicycling distance. That includes shopping, entertainment, work, museums, sports arenas, convention centers, top notch parks, and just about every flavor of restaurant you can imagine. 

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  15. This is the Shub-Niggurath model from Bones 3. I think this is the last add on mini from that KS I have yet to paint. I did another WiP of the Stygian Barge earlier in the year as a way to motivate myself into finishing a large model in a reasonable time frame. This has been ready for paint for a while now and, except for the base, I wasn't getting anywhere. So when I sat down last night and got a first layer of skin done I figured maybe I should make a progress thread to help keep up the momentum. So far this is where I'm at.




    I finished the base first. I wanted some otherworldly colors so it's fluorescent blue, green and pink drybrushed in with some Reaper desert stone. Then the rocks are all Reaper purples washed with a little purple ink. 




    Right now the body is at a stage where it looks like some sort of demonic rat. This is just a glaze of Reaper golden brown with drybrushed layers of sunburned flesh and rosy skin. I'm also planning on working in a little green, dark red and purple into the skin before giving it a watered down ink wash to make all the layers become less distinct. 




    This thing is going to be so creepy. Or at least that's the plan. 

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