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  1. So, upon examination it appears I have far fewer viable craft paints than I remember. But I went with what I had (and then cheated a bit with some watered down ink). Definitely not the best I could , but I really like it. This may end up becoming a desk mascot. Thanks for a fun challenge.
  2. So I've been socially isolating since March 12th at this point. With working from home and all my normal events, vacations and activities canceled I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. Some of that has been filled wit speed painting through my backlog of figures. I realized recently that, except for the occasional post on the Show Off thread, many of these will never be seen by anyone but me. Especially since my gaming group has gone on hiatus while we wait this thing out. Well that seemed like a shame. And since most of these are just quickly painted, and I don't want to load up the Show Off page with my base, wash and quick detail jobs I thought putting a running log of what I'eve finished or am working on would fit in well on this thread. So here are all the minis I've both started and finished since lock down began a month and a half ago... I had no idea where I was going with this and I'm not entirely sure where I ended up. Second from the left stole my mom's haircut from the 70's and 80's. Let me sing you the song of my people. Not sure what breed this was supposed to be, but foxhound seemed about right. An Entling in a little glade from one of the familiar packs. Bad photo, but there's a little water feature in there. Yeah, this was fun but will likely never have a reason to hit the table. This is currently fighting a fat plastic unicorn on my wife's work from home desk. Iron Wind Metals, old FASA/Ral Partha troopers of some sort. It's going to get weird. Dum-dum. Dum-dum... Dumdumdumdumdumdum Craft Paint Challenge. I've got a few more on the table and I'll post them when they're done. And maybe I'll even occasionally post a WIP shot of some of the bigger stuff I'm working on.
  3. The Robins and Cardinals are tearing through the leaf litter on top of my garden. There was a small flock of White Throated Sparrows out there this morning passing through and fighting with the invasive sparrows. There's a couple of Downy Woodpeckers I've noticed in my big Basswood. I think they're nesting in my area somewhere. Not in my yard though, but there is a pair of Mourning Doves in the Basswood and a couple of Carolina Wrens under the eaves of my neighbors shed (fingers crossed for fledgling Wrens in the near future). And then there's the neighborhood Cooper's Hawk. He keeps hanging out in a nearby Oak tree above what used to be an empty lot next to me, but is now the site of some rather gaudy condos. I don't think he's figured out yet that he won't be finding any rabbits there this year. I never thought of it that way but yes, they do.
  4. Went on a quick bike ride today at lunch and passed a couple of those "Little Free Libraries." For those that may not know these are little boxes in the shape of a shed or house mounted on a post in some public location, and then filled with books. You can drop off books you no longer want, or grab something in the library that is of interest to you. When you're done, bring it back and get yourself something else. My wife and I occasionally go around and stock them with kids books (friend of a friend orders books for retailers and gets me a pretty steep discount). And even though those books never seem to get returned, that's okay. We live in a changing, but still pretty poor, neighborhood and so it might be the only books some kid has to call their own. Anyways, point of the story, the first one I passed had a bunch of diapers and TP rolls wrapped up in plastic and stacked neatly under it with a little sign saying take what you need. The second one I passed didn't have any books and was instead filled with canned goods. Sometimes people can be alright. And that brightened my day up just a little bit.
  5. Yep, definitely Northern Flickers. One of my favorite woodpeckers. My wife and I probably spent at least a half hour a couple of weeks ago trying to get a good view of one that just refused to stay still. Awesome backyard find.
  6. I'd like to participate if someone doesn't mind a newcomer in their group. Where: Columbus, Ohio International: If necessary Box Starter: No
  7. Just saw this. That's from the Wizkids Kraken box set. It's a bit plain. But big enough to put several minis in.
  8. I'm with Cygnwulf on that, hard to tell from the picture. Seagulls is a solid possibility. Another possibility are raptors. Kites and the like come through Texas fairly early in the year. The real spring migration season is just now ramping up and will spike in my area (Ohio) in about 2 weeks so anytime before now would fit in with a group of migrating raptors. I don't know if you have any species out that way that likes to kettle like that when migrating in the spring, but I know of numerous species that act that way in the fall. Just at a guess I'd say look up what Kite species are in your area or passing through. See if anything matches what you remember seeing. Edit: Hmm, Pelicans make sense. I was looking at that thinking that was a tail sticking out behind the bird, but if that's a neck out front that gives it a completely different perspective. Neat.
  9. That appears to be a White Crowned Sparrow. If there are little yellow marks above the eyes that I'm not seeing then it's a White Throated... but almost certain that's a White Crowned. It's migration season, so they're moving through the Midwest right now.
  10. Like Malefactus said, take a melatonin and then occupy myself until it kicks in. Typically that means I read from something boring (Right now that's Hynes The Ecology of Running Waters) and when I can no longer focus on it that means it's time to turn the lights out and get some sleep.
  11. The kind that gets spotted by my players and totally fails to maim or kill any of them. I completed the Fire Giant Huntsman and his hellhound from the Bones 4 kickstarter this month. Pretty happy with him. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91255-77457-fire-giant-huntsman/&tab=comments#comment-1936128
  12. Yeah the neighbors yard is thick with it. It gets under the fence and needs pulled or trimmed constantly.
  13. Did a bunch of yardwork today. Mostly prepping for the vegetable garden and a bit of weeding in the flower garden. The tiny portion of our yard given over to flowers is rather hit or miss for what will grow there. But the stuff that managed to make it through the winter was in good bloom today. Some Gallium we planted a few years ago. A bit of Wild Geranium. Some Forget Me Not I totally forgot I planted last year. And a few Wood Poppys. Even got in a bit of urban bird watching.
  14. You can look at that a couple of ways. First, more friends equals less problem invertebrates. Or secondly, you have a large enough population of problem invertebrates that it can support numerous top predators. Cool critters though!
  15. Tried a bunch of new things with this miniature. Mainly the whole cracked lava dog thing going on there with the Hellhound. I decided I liked the outcome so I may have to get the other hounds done in this style. This should be fun, I've never put any of the smarter giants on the table for my group, just a bunch of Hill Giants. After a little over 25 years of gaming with the same group this will be a good surprise. Good for me that is, not my players. This is also one of the few times I wish I had something better than a cell phone to take pictures with because these just don't do this big guy justice.
  16. Thoramel

    5 dragons

    I love that little black dragon. I had no desire to get these, but that one is making me wonder if I should.
  17. My first thought is Kobolds probably aren't great electricians. So there's probably something around here that needs grounded. Kidnapped Elon Musk and made him launch a rocket, completely unintended for landing on the surface of anything, at the moon. The real question is how they got back.
  18. I am of the firm opinion that kobolds are little dog-like people and have nothing to do with dragons. And anyone telling you different needs to play a game of Kobolds Ate My Baby. So I say fill the box with dog treats (What? They're baked, you can make them in the oven).
  19. A couple from my board game group are celebrating their daughters first birthday today. While she's still small enough that not having a party isn't something she even realizes she's missing out on, their son who is almost 4 is apparently having a hard time understanding why no one is coming over with gifts or cakes (I'm not certain he understands that he doesn't get gifts on his sister's birthday). While a bunch of us were tele-chatting over coffee this morning and wishing little 1 year old Lilly a Happy Birthday the 4 year old was showing his disapproval of this by crying and screaming. Once they got him calmed down I was reliably informed that they will never take daycare for granted ever again. And that if anyone wants to throw around the word hero, then it should definitely be applied to anyone willing to watch their kids for even a short time when this is all over.
  20. Painted these creepy leeches up last night. Fairly quick job, but I really like how they look.
  21. Coffee: Black, preferably of African origin and roasted just a little on the dark side. Not burned mind you, like that terrible stuff at Charbucks. Tea: Rarely, but when I do it's usually because I'm not feeling well and then it's black tea with a teaspoon of honey, some lemon, and a half a shot of whiskey. Wait. There was supposed to be a master? And teaching? Well, that explains a lot. I often go outside of scale and re-purpose stuff for use as drones in our Shadowrun-ish game. Dropfleet Commander, CAV, and Battletech being the most common. And late last year my dad dropped off a box of trains I had as a kid that he found in storage. So there may be a foray into H scale stuff in the future. They took it back to the lair to add to the cook pot for King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!!!!). They're kobolds, they'll try and eat anything once. And we don't go and get it back, we wait until it doesn't agree with them and they hork it back up. Then we just take the hose to it and post that particular question at a later date.
  22. That is a great little piece of terrain, nice job!
  23. At a coworker's party one time, another colleague brought some homemade cider. Unfortunately the pressure had been building up on a bad batch and when he opened the bottle... well, cider volcano. The host said he was still finding bits of brown stuff in odd places months later. Yeah, but they're just old Pepsi kegs from back in the 80s that I picked up and refurbished like a decade or so ago for a few bucks each. Part of being in the homebrew club is sharing stuff like that with newcomers to try and keep the cost of the hobby down for everyone. Fun fact, you can make hooch from toilet paper. Its just cellulose which can be broken down into sugars and then easily converted to alcohol. Maybe this will be the new "thing" among TP hoarders. Also, ketchup? Man that sounds foul.
  24. A while back I loaned a five gallon corny keg to guy in my homebrew club who brewed more beer than he had capacity for. I don't know this guy too well, but folks are always loaning equipment around in the club so no big deal. He reached out yesterday saying he was done with the keg and wanted to leave it on my porch. And as thanks for the loan he was returning it half full of some of his beer. Don't need more beer but cool. I tend to give beer away to some neighbors so that works. Well, he dropped it off and I set it in my kitchen figuring I'd get it on draft today. What he didn't tell me is it was apparently an infected batch and he didn't want to clean the keg. And it appears it's been sitting for a long time building up pressure that way because sitting in my warm kitchen overnight the "beer" foamed up and out the keg post that, upon examination, was so clogged with gunk it was incapable of forming an air tight seal. Which led to about 2 gallons of beer flowing out across my kitchen floor overnight. It was under all my appliances and had congealed into a sticky mess. And if you've never smelled nasty, old, infected beer then count yourself lucky. I've spent the whole day pulling out appliances and scrubbing. I'm not one given to anger very often. But right now it's a good thing that guy is no where near me.
  25. I'm in. Just realized the sci-fi pterodactyl from bones 4 I'm currently painting has so far been painted only in craft paints. So I'm going to dig out all my old Delta paints and see if I can finish him up using only those.
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