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  1. I'm in. Just realized the sci-fi pterodactyl from bones 4 I'm currently painting has so far been painted only in craft paints. So I'm going to dig out all my old Delta paints and see if I can finish him up using only those.
  2. Assuming it's a super intelligent robot then Meta-analysis. There are bunches of academic studies out there that may have addressed a given problem or provide evidence of a correlation to a question or problem someone else is working on but no one has the time to read all the papers, remember the data, and then link it to another study. So, for instance, let's say I find a correlation between a given gene and a health problem, and someone else finds a correlation between pollution and the mutation of that gene half way around the world and writes about it in a different language, then we may not make a connection between the pollution causing a mutation and that in turn causing a health problem. But a super robot with the ability to read all those analysis and connect the dots could do that, assuming it's a sci fi robot with actual cognitive abilities and not just machine learning. That would be pretty slick.
  3. I don't know, but I personally feel it is my duty to share my bald, bushy bearded, ugly visage smiling at all of my colleagues first thing in the morning. Whether or not they like this is up for some debate though.
  4. Logged into work this morning and there was an email giving guidance on virtual meeting etiquette. This was expected. Some of the fun stuff I've witnessed since my agency's entire staff has started working from home: My manager yelling at her kids that they "have enough d*** bubbles in the bath so quit turning the water on." A supervisor from another division's husband walking around behind her in nothing but a towel. My division's I-am-not-an-alcoholic Chief inadvertently sipping from a wine glass on camera at an agency wide meeting at 10 AM One of my coworker's camera faces her backyard and we got to watch one of her boys hanging from the branches of pretty tall tree while the other one shot him with a BB gun (she didn't drink any wine but she sure looked like she could use it). Multiple cats walking squarely across keyboards and showing their rear ends for several seconds before their respective owners could get them to move. Another colleague thinking her microphone was off and making what can only be described as "bedroom talk" to someone just off camera (eww). And one of our biologists just pointing her camera at her 3 legged mutt sleeping whenever we have meetings. Personally, I think all of this is kind of funny and actually helps to humanize some of my coworkers. But unfortunately our public relations department seems to disagree.
  5. So yesterday our weather went from sunny, to drizzling, to snowing sideways with hail, to rain showers, to sunny with rainbows and then back to raining. As people who work in streams and wetlands for a living this does not bother my wife or I in the least bit. So we got out the weird weather gear, grabbed our binoculars and went out for a bit of people free birding. I always enjoy birding in the rain. Not only are the trails and blinds completely empty, but the birds tend to fly about a little less because they don't like it either. Also, it's the migration season so we saw a bunch of cool birds like Hermit Thrush, Neotropic Cormorant, White Pelicans (a flock of them), and even a Yellow Rumped Warbler that we would normally never see around here. I've been stuck inside too much lately and field season has been postponed for now, so it did wonders for my mood. Hope everyone gets a chance to get out and do the same soon.
  6. Probably a tie between Reaper Bleached Linen, AP Oak Brown, and Vallejo Leather Brown.
  7. I was really excited to see the little herb garden I put in my kitchen window a couple of weeks ago sprouted today. A little more excited than I should be over herbs that the cats will likely try and destroy to be honest. But sometimes it's the little things that stand out.
  8. Yep. Already got that expansion and the extras. I also love the scenario of just a normal town but completely occupied by undead. There's definitely a Terry Pratchett feel to that idea.
  9. Thoramel

    Stygian Barge

    Painted this over the last few months and had a pretty good time doing so. I'm not sure what I'm what I'm going to do with it yet. But in the spirit of "If you build it, they will come," I'm just going to show my players a picture of it and they'll figure out a way to discover it, steal it, and tragically blow it up all on their own. Now bring on that pirate ship from Bones V.
  10. Done. I took longer putting it together than expected. And then I dropped and broke it at one point. And on a couple of the gaps I finally just said "Meh, it's just for the table." Below is a group shot of all the figures I painted during this project. The cart and associated barrels and crate were painted first just to see if my ideas on how to paint wood would work. And all the smaller vessels and at least one of the barrels were painted just because I had all the paints pulled out already. I think I learned quite a bit in doing this one and am looking forward to another gigantic mini at some point in the future. Thanks for looking and following along.
  11. Jubjub Birds and Bandersnatch. Also, I'd love it if there were a decent range of 28mm Shadowrun specific drones. Bloodsport, for a given value of "kung fu." My mechanical abilities are such that if you showed me a complete bodge job versus an actual manufactured part I likely wouldn't know the difference. On purpose? Our current senior dog Jane. When we got her she was just 45 pounds and we were told by both the shelter and our vet they didn't expect her to exceed 65. She was 107 pounds of muscle at her heftiest. She's shrunk a little as she's aged, but she's still a good 100 pounds. Uninvited? That was probably a sheep that somehow escaped my neighbors barn during a blizzard one year when I was a kid. It found its way to our back porch where it alerted us to its presence bleating like mad. Dad put it in the kitchen and got it warmed up while I put some straw down for it in the garage and we left it in there for the night and walked it back in the morning.
  12. I mean, if you're going to make problems for yourself, guess it's easiest if they're first world problems. Yep, they're going in the freezer.
  13. So this weekend, late one night and after a few beers, I got a craving for cookies. Since I don't keep snack stuff in the house I decided I'd go ahead and make some myself. I pulled out my normal chocolate chip cookie recipe and got down to business. I didn't realize until I started putting cookie dough on baking sheets that I forgot to half the recipe. The recipe I used is typically for family gatherings and makes like 5 dozen decently large cookies. Oh well, hungry and slightly buzzed me thought, guess I'm going to have extras. This is why 3 beers in Thoramel should never make decisions. Because now I'm staring at a giant pile of cookies for just my wife and I (who is dieting and angry right now) with no one to share them with! Not really an actual problem. But next time I'm going to have to properly think through a recipe before making it.
  14. If that's the press conference then for once I'm looking forward to the political advertising.
  15. Probably dismembered bones miniatures embedded in scenery to look like dead bodies. I really like this idea and may have to borrow it. Thanks.
  16. Thoramel

    Stygian Barge

    Pretty awesome!
  17. So I guess one happy thing coming out of this is the amount of leave I'll have saved up when I get back. I'm working from home and it's just building up because I have no reason to use it. I'm supposed to be in WV right now for a concert and then an extra long weekend of hiking, that got canceled. I canceled a big trip to CA next month to see my nephew graduate college and then do tourist stuff for a week. And Origins Game Fair in June just got postponed until October. Seriously, by the time July rolls around I'm going to be able to take a month and a half off work.
  18. These guys are part of what I think of as my time travelling goblins. They were from the bones 4 kickstarter, but I don't think they have a product number yet. So the one thing my horde of gun toting goblins has been missing is a clear leader. Thankfully, the armored goblin boss below looks scary enough that he should be able to get them all at least facing the right way. On his travels through time he picked up some cybernetic wiring to control a couple of drones (I think they're Battletech jets from Iron Wind Metals) and a rifle from one of the Blackstar Corsairs. I really like this mini, so I took my time and gave him an interesting base. His buddy is sporting a light machine gun from one of Reaper's modern weapon packs. So far, my group has only faced the horde without any real leadership. Being goblins, they typically do as much damage to one another with their guns as they do to the group. But once this guy shows up things are going to get organized.
  19. I forgot bring a snack. pulls sword. I wonder if winged cat tastes anything like chicken.
  20. Don't forget, the user of the cannon gets to decide what's printed on the shirt.
  21. I have this magical item that never fails to get my cats to run back in the house when they manage to get outside. I suppose it would work for moving winged cats as well...
  22. One time the alchemist in the group decided he wanted to make a magic gun that never seemed to run out of ammo (kind of like Ash's rifle from Army of Darkness). I acted all reluctant and said only if I got to decide what form the gun would take, to which he agreed thinking any gun that doesn't run out of ammo would be useful. So now he has a T-shirt Cannon that never runs out. But I'm not entirely cruel, he gets to decide what each T-shirt says. The Bones VI Kickstarter. Drains your wallet.
  23. Presented in the friendly, trash talking, spirit of less than serious baseball fans everywhere... https://balleight.com/2015/01/14/cardinals-voted-most-insufferable-fans-in-baseball/
  24. Directed at any baseball fans on here (and specifically at those who may be rooting for any of the other teams in the NL Central).
  25. Thoramel


    I think our cats must be related then, because one of my cats constantly looks at me with the same attitude.
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