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  1. Every convention season I usually drop a bit of cash at an Iron Wind Metals booth. Since no cons this year I decided to just order straight from their website instead. I was happy to find all their Shadowrun stuff on sale so I picked up a few things I've always wanted, including the Lofwyr and Dunklezahn dragons.
  2. Way back when, we had this monster of a cat named Percy. He was forever getting into stuff. One afternoon my wife and I are sitting on the couch watching a little TV when Percy walks into the room with this tiny little decorative basket that my wife kept hair ties in stuck on him. Somehow he had managed to get the entire front half of his body through the basket's handle and then could not get it off. When he finally gave up and came to find us he had the basket itself twisted around so it was on top of his back and the handle under his belly like some sort of wicker, cat sized howdah. No amount of pulling, twisting or shaking would dislodge that basket (I have no idea how he got it that far onto himself) and in the end I had to cut it off of him. I don't think I've ever seen a cat look genuinely embarrassed before that moment. Another pet story... Close to 30 years ago I inherited an older mutt named Kodi. Kodi was a rottweiler/shar pei mix (imagine a massively over sized rottweiler that was brown and white instead of black and brown and covered in wrinkles) that loved walks but hated leashes. That wasn't usually a problem as he was an incredibly well behaved dog so we'd just go for walks sans leash most evenings. One day I was walking with him down the street and there is this guy parked ahead of us with the back door of his car open yelling "come on" at his kid to get in. Kodi thought that was an invitation and jumped into the backseat a split second before the kid did. Unfortunately the only thing Kodi liked more than walks was car rides. No amount of pulling on him or coaxing him was getting him out of that car. So in the end the guy's kid got in the front seat, I jumped in the back with the dog and he drove us around the block a couple of times with Kodi hanging his head out the window. It worked and when we stopped Kodi let me lead him out of the vehicle and back onto our walk.
  3. Your vibe is correct. This would have been sculpted in the mid 90's. I threw away the original base with the date stamped on it, but I want to say 1996 or 1997. Also, Nausicaans, I totally forgot about those ST aliens, but you're right, it does look like one. Now I kind of want to paint one of these as an alien.
  4. First slicing tomatoes of the year are ripening up. Still not sure which varieties are going to be most successful, but we're still early in figuring out what grows well in our yard. This is a Berkeley Tie Dyed and it's doing better than anything else at the moment. 8 more should be ready by the weekend. And looks like at least another half dozen little ones are developing well, and even a few flowers just forming.
  5. This is an Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha) troll from the old FASA Shadowrun line. You can find it on their site as part of "Wolfram's Gang." This is just a quick tabletop job mounted on a defective Secret Weapon base. But I really enjoy it. I can pretty much guarantee this will hit the table as a PC. My group loves playing with the old SR trolls as much as I love slapping paint on them.
  6. Other than some kickstarters that either failed to deliver or ended up sending horrible quality, broken, or incomplete shipments I'm drawing a bit of a blank on this one. I'm sure there's been some stuff we returned, but never had any issues doing that.
  7. Wow, that is just fantastic.
  8. I'm flipping giddy right now. Just listened to a press conference where the FBI laid out some serious racketeering charges against one of our highest office holders in the state, a bunch of lobbyists, and then implied that a certain company (who they did not name but literally said everyone knows who they are) may be caught up in the whole debacle. For the past several years my management team and I have tried to pursue said company over a number of environmental violations but have been stopped by the politically appointed administration running our agency. I'm guessing the powers that be are about to throw this company under the bus and that we may get a crack at getting them to clean up some of their messes. Looks like it's time to get my complaints folder out, give it a good dusting off and get it in front of our legal team before the inevitable bankruptcy or reorganization occurs leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill for any future cleanups.
  9. My wife has a couple of thin chain necklaces that tend to get knotted up as soon as you look at them. It's nice to have a magnifying visor and some very small tools to unravel it when that happens. But let's get real here, how is amassing an army of heavily armed goblins, creepy monsters and characters who are going to get eaten by them at the gaming table not a practical life purpose?
  10. Teddy Bear Pirates?! Well those are going straight onto the "need" list. Great job.
  11. Congratulations!! Sorry, but one less year of marriage meant I had to reward you one fewer exclamation point on that congrats.
  12. I think I'm in for this. It's kind of on the pricey side, especially with shipping to the states. But I backed one of their graveyard kickstarters and was very pleased with the result. It's one of the few bigger kickstarters I've backed where I felt compelled to paint every single piece that came with it.
  13. Got a few more done over the weekend. First up is this devil fellow from the Bones 4 core set. He was part of a stretch goal that included the devil guy above and a female devil. I painted her also in the same scheme and with a matching base, but she's NSFW and I don't feel like making an off site post of her so she'll remain unseen. Here's another one from my pile of random minis I don't have much of a use for. I still like to grab one at random and paint it if I'm not feeling like starting anything else. I've got enough barbarians to suit my DMing, and no one ever wants to play a barbarian in my group, so he'll likely sit around unused for a while. This thing's eyes glow in the dark. This is some scenery from Acheson Creations I picked up for cheap at a con. It's supposed to be a stack of felled logs. But you know what I realized about halfway through? Fallen logs don't really look like that. You know what it does look like? A bunch of twigs randomly grabbed from the yard and slapped on some modeling clay. Which is exactly what I think it was. I could have just gone out to my yard and made this. Regardless, trying to get it to look like actual twigs was kind of fun, and no one is going to question that they're logs if they end up on the table.
  14. Never did get around to taking any meaningful pics over the weekend so I'm going to skip that one. But for today's question I'd have to say it's a mini I'm currently working on, Reaper's Black Goat of the Woods (here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92140-the-black-goat-with-a-thousand-young/). It's definitely way out there on the creepy-weird scale. All those mouths, eyes, tentacles and other unsavory orifices all over the place are kind of gross. I'm loving it.
  15. My wife once texted me from Ikea to say going there on a weekend was the worst decision ever. So I took a screenshot of that and now every time she suggests going to Ikea on a weekend I just send that to her.
  16. Overdid it with cookies last night. 52 chocolate chip and walnut cookies. Going to be dropping off some care packages on a few people's porches today.
  17. Got some work done on wounds, mouths, spikes, teeth, tongues and what I'm guessing are toothed rectums (?) On the legs and body. Probably do the eyes next. Thinking of just going with smooth green eyes. I don't relish the idea of painting a bunch of pupils and such.
  18. The first beer after finishing yard work is always the best beer. Bonus if it's also the first beer of the weekend.
  19. First off. In the spirit of good natured debate regarding whether or not feathered dinosaurs are cool, a relevant XKCD: Iron Wind Metals. I probably paint more form them than any other company outside of Reaper. For a long time many years ago I had slowly built up a collection of (poorly painted) old Ral Partha figures. Then they got stolen. Getting a chance to repaint those through IWM is a real treat and cheers me up to no end. Plus, I just love the FASA Shadowrun minis. I should go through my box of their stuff and pick something out to paint this weekend. A close second though is a small company with only a couple of lines of minis, Skull and Crown. They make some renaissance skeletons and killer bunnies based on medieval marginalia that I have had so much fun painting. I'll try and get to the picture thing this weekend.
  20. While our little urban garden will never be big enough to replace store bought veggies. It's certainly big enough to make some meals interesting. Case in point: just put a zucchini and hot pepper stuffed meatloaf in the oven on a bed of green beans! And oh man, did those peppers smell so good
  21. Just want to reach out and say that you're not alone. I've sat on the other side of that conversation a couple of times. First when my wife and I had to decide if a kid was worth a risk to her health, and then again when we decided that despite all of our efforts that no, it was not. And the subsequent discussions with family where pretty tough. Please just remember that during all of these experiences, both the emotions you're likely struggling with right now and the ones you're going to feel in the future, that you are not to blame. Please try and put your emotional and physical health first, no matter what others claim this may be doing to them. Be strong and good luck.
  22. I mean, they're all pretty cool. But I really like the ones from the Stegosauridae family. What's not to like? They're all covered in spikes and have a Thagomizer on their tail that evidence suggests was used as a weapon. Also, a point of interest to some on this thread, paleontologists used Z Brush a while back to make computer models of Stegosaurus teeth which led researchers to discover they likely fed on herbaceous vegetation. So that's kind of neat.
  23. The fact that I had to look up what at least four of the items are in that munchy box immediately made me feel like a healthier person. And can I just say, I have never seen such a genuine"you-know-you-want-it-look" on someone selling food before.
  24. Back in the day, drunk me would have probably chowed down on that in a heartbeat! Middle aged me, on the other hand, is just looking at that and shaking my head. But seriously, food waste is a big issue. It's nice to see your local food vendors are doing their part to combat that by putting all of the stuff they would normally throw out in a "hoagie."
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