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    Pet Troll

    Sometimes I like to paint up some sort of magical monster and pair it up with an unlikely NPC as a pet. For some reason I liked the way these two came together so painted them up as an elf princess and her pet troll. The troll is from Bones 4 and I don't think it's out yet. The elf was a freebie from the bones black promotions last year.
  2. Very nice. I quite like this model and your paint job.
  3. That was my first thought as well, so thanks on confirming that. I've got dianthus annuals all over the place. The only thing is my wife claims to have never planted any perennial dianthus. And I don't remember ever seeing any here. That's also not saying we didn't. Fun garden mystery!
  4. Okay, garden tour, here we go... First off, we have a decent sized yard for living in an urban neighborhood. But we don't have a lot of room for vegetable gardening because this monster shades out most of the yard. It's a Basswood (or Linden if you prefer) that's likely older than the house. I love big trees so this guy isn't going anywhere any time soon. In addition we know that there's a bit of heavy metal build up in the soil around here, so despite living here for a while this is only the third year where we've felt comfortable planting edible stuff. Before that everything was covered in native plants that, according to some friends in my old grad program are good at heavy metal uptake. This is the first year for our strawberries. Nothing too impressive, but I expect this to really take off next year. Next to that is my sage, catnip and tarragon patches. Except for the sage this used to be a lot more herbs. But last fall these two idiots decided to spend a happy afternoon pulling it all out. My wife was so angry. So now we grow our most used herbs in pots next to the back door where we can keep an eye on them. Here's oregano, basil, rosemary and mint (I need to get some rum to go with that mint). Just across the patio from that is where I was planning on putting a new native plant garden, but it appears that last year some sort of squash seeds got in here and so now I'm just letting it go to see what happens. The squash stuff came up first, after I'd already sown the native seeds. This could be interesting. Just around the corner from there is a small flower garden we've been planting in for a while now. Some stuff works, some does not. We've got other flower gardens around the property, but I think this little chaotic one is my favorite. This just popped up over the weekend next to the Gallium, I do not remember what it is. Then we get into the raised bed portion of the garden. Broccoli and Cabbage. Something was eating them earlier in the year, but spraying the leaves with dish soap seemed to drive it off. Next to that are my slicing tomatoes. Next to that are some sweet and banana peppers, some of which are being stubborn about growing and made need replaced. And then down on the end we have bush beans and a micro tomato plant. Also a container of zucchini. Then we have our container garden proper, which is going to be another raised bed next year. Thai peppers. Lots of hot peppers. Going to be an interesting year for chili, I've got jalapeno, lemondrop, fish and one other mystery hot pepper. Then I've got a few cherry tomato varieties and a Green Zebra for fried green tomatoes. And down at the end we have a container cucumber plant that seems to be flourishing. And finally this is where I take my coffee in the mornings and where I've been growing my lettuce this year. I've been hitting the lettuce pretty hard, but it seems to be holding up and coming back nicely. Should get a few more harvests out of these and will replant late in the summer for fall lettuce. Hope everyone is having a fantastic garden experience this year (of course its fantastic, you get outside, what could be better?). Will update as things grow.
  5. Hey! My small dog tries extra hard to be good. He's dumb as a rock, so it doesn't always work out. But he tries! Those parts of the job I can do from home have been getting done in a pretty efficient manner since I started this back in March. So more productive in terms of office stuff. But since most of my job has to take place outdoors, and all of that has been suspended for the time being, I'd say I'm overall way less productive. But hopefully we'll be back in the field here in about 3 weeks.
  6. Going to have to walk around and do some photographing myself later. Impressive garden you have there.
  7. It seems like there may be enough gardeners here to support an "I grew this" thread.
  8. I managed to get an awful lot of stuff done over the weekend. Most productive I've been hobby wise for a bit. First off is this female Crusader from Bones 4. I can't express how much I just absolutely love this miniature. Next up are a couple of more Renaissance skeletons. I'm almost out of these. I'm always a little sad when I'm out of skeletons to paint. So if anyone has any favorite skellies to recommend I'd love to hear about them. And here's the finished version of Howie, the dumbest conversion ever. Kind of phoned this one in even more than I normally do. Next up is The Frog Squad. I can't help but think that this guy... Is hunting these guys for food... Who in turn are looking to bag this guy for their supper... Circle of life and all that. But I guarantee they'll come together the first time one of the PC's winds up in their swamp. Also, you may be asking "Thoramel, why are there tree frogs standing about in the muck and armed with stuff typically found no where near their home trees?" To which I say "shhhh." And finally here's another heavily armed goblin to add to my army of goblin time travellers. We're up to 24 members of the horde now (and 6 musicians). Last time my group ran into these guys there were only 15 of them. I'm sure they'll be excited to see the group has grown.
  9. Possibly Chipmunks, Those suckers are mean straight from birth, loud as all heck, and I've seen one chase a cat up a tree with absolutely no fear. If their screeching and chittering were an actual language, it would likely be nothing but cursing.
  10. Just tapped an American Stout I brewed a few weeks ago. Chocolate, roasted malt, caramel are the flavors. VERY strong - stronger than expected due to better efficiency and attenuation than predicted when I wrote the recipe. Haven't brewed this style in years. Now I'm going to mix up my home brewing hobby with my miniature hobby. Cheers!
  11. My local museum had been putting a bunch of their collection online recently so I've been going through that. They've probably got a couple thousand pieces up at this point. https://www.columbusmuseum.org/collections/ I also enjoy the whole imaginary network of art subreddits. You can easily lose a couple hours looking through those. My favorite is imaginary starships: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImaginaryStarships/
  12. Wonderful, both the paint job and the sentiment.
  13. There, that sounds better. Oh, now you see, that's when the mean regulator face would come out and someone would get a stern talking to about the fines associated with interfering with wildlife.
  14. A few years ago my wife and I were thinking of doing a bicycle trip around the Netherlands. But life got in the way and we canceled it. But you're making me want to revisit that idea.
  15. And neither is actual Origins in October. I was starting to get worried this would be the case when the scheduled Origins Online preview that was supposed to happen last Friday never occurred. Then this week people on FB were saying that the individual who had been setting everything up and who had run the convention last year had resigned along with a bunch of other people. Then yesterday they cancelled both shows. And now I'm seeing rumors from some long time volunteers for the con that there is a skeleton crew left at GAMA and only three board members. I'm concerned that poor management is going to result in the end of Origins. Which will be quite disappointing. It's our home con, like literally just a few minutes bicycle ride from the house. Are those Piet Mondrian themed Bonbons on the left? That is awesome!
  16. It's salad season. Got my first good lettuce "harvest."
  17. That touching a baby bird will result in the mother abandoning it. Used to get that one all the time when I volunteered at a wildlife rehab clinic. Not true. You can just put them back up in the tree and the parents will happily lead it back to the nest no problem. Pretty much the same for all wildlife, leave it alone or at most put it back near its home (if you can find it), and it will manage itself. Also, the concept of the "Alpha Wolf." That's based on observations of wolves in zoos, where pack formation is quite different than in nature where it is typically a family unit. The "alpha" in nature is basically just mom and dad, not a result of some sort of dominance competition among members.
  18. Got a new (partial) roof replaced yesterday. And two hours after they finished up we had a line of severe thunderstorms move through the area. Everything holding up and no leaking. If you had told young Thoramel how happy he would be about this situation he probably would have just looked confused.
  19. Got a couple of quick jobs done last night. I found this Copplestone Heroine while looking for stuff to put in the box of good will. I totally forgot I had her. For a half hour paint job I'm pretty happy. And man, those jodhpurs! And finished these singing mice from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden kickstarter by Andrew Rae. My wife already swiped these for her Kingdom of Mousdom Extension Office (her work from home desk) where they have ended the war between the Mouslings and the fat plastic unicorn by giving them a concert apparently. And I got word that I'll be returning to field duties starting next month, although I'll still be doing my office work from home. So that will be my official end of social isolation (sort of, I'm not going to be reckless about getting back out into public just yet) which will mean the end of my social isolation painting thread. I figure I can get a few more done before then.
  20. Thoramel


    The more I see this painted up, the more I'm glad I got it. Wonderful job.
  21. Mostly, I'm a fan of modern technology. But there's definitely a few things... Everyone can now be an "expert" at everything. Politics, science, religion, race relations, law, you name it. You can go onto just about any site out there with a social media component and find someone willing to tell you that you're wrong about everything based solely on their five minute google search or some meme they saw. Unfortunately this appears to be spilling over into real life. I work for my state's EPA and every month or so I get somebody telling me, to my face, that my decades of experience and education are wrong because of some half baked conspiracy theory they found on the web. Or worse, accuses me of having some sort of "agenda" to exploit them (it's never clearly articulated what I'm going to do or why). I feel like the widespread access to information we all enjoy has lead to an explosion in people exhibiting Dunning-Kruger syndrome. But I'm not a psychologist, or nearly any other kind of expert when it comes to human behavior. So take that last bit with some skepticism. The loss of important skills. Earlier in the month for one of these questions I mentioned how none of my incoming interns can read a topo map or use a compass. But there's a bunch of other simple stuff going over to automation now due to technology. In my line of work species identification of flora and fauna is extremely important. I've met several consultants who use an app on their phone for this now, and often get the wrong results. They can't identify what they're looking at a lot of times and so they just rely on whatever their phone tells them, and that can lead to a lot of extra work down the line. I'm fairly certain that this pops up in other professions. But, once again, I'm only an expert at a narrow range of things, so look into that yourself. Like WhiteWulfe said... cellphone zombies. We had to let a guy go from our gaming group a few years back because while he was always there, he was never "there" if you get my meaning. Put it down already, it's rude and you're missing out on life. I could probably ramble on, but those seem to be the big ones for me.
  22. Depends on your definition of cool. Heart attack at 93 because you decided to mow the lawn in 100+ degree heat? Not so cool. Wrecking your motorcycle at 89? A little cooler. Hurt yourself while shooting groundhogs at 102 and then refusing to tell your family or the nurse who comes by your farm every day and then dying from the infection because "Infection hasn't killed me yet?" Okay, that one was pretty cool. And the funeral was full of people laughing about all the dumb stuff he got up to in his life. Hmm. Good question. Still no. I don't much care for credit and the stress of suddenly having a $30K loan I didn't need and the associated interest would probably shorten my life by a year anyways.
  23. I agree with everyone else. Those green guys with the red caps are fantastic!
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