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  1. Here's what's currently occupying my little bit of controlled chaos. Some pieces are close to being done. Some have only been primed. One is pretty much done except I don't care for the twine I'm using for the swing. Most will likely be finished in the next week or so. And at least one thing I'm giving my self a year to complete.
  2. The spiky bit is usually a lightning rod. The little sphere is actually a vent with holes or slits all over it. Older lighthouses used oil lamps which could create excessive amounts of smoke depending on the type of oil used.
  3. Lots of great stuff going down this February! On Valentine's day a close friend celebrates her birthday and we traditionally go some place swanky and have a good time. This year we reserved the "distiller's room" at a local restaurant/distillery. It's a glass walled room inside the distillery with private service. Typically this is really expensive. But my friend is the older cousin of the head chef. So, score. We had to postpone a NYE party last month due to the flu. But we're throwing a game night on the 15th to make up for it. More party games than strategy. But lots of chili and my wife said she's going to bake cookies. So that's going to be a great time. We've got 3 different contractors coming in this month to measure our kitchen so they can draw up plans and estimates to gut it and remodel. This is a project we had to put on hold a few years ago so getting started is very exciting. The 17th Annual Bob's Bar (cultural hub of the midwest) Extravaganza is on the 23rd. It's a collection of some of the weirdest and rarest beers in the country all tapped on one night. Dozens of kegs will go down. All I can say is thank goodness for Uber. I will be immobile on the 24th. And my birthday is at the end of the month! I have to work, but I've also scheduled a field day to a nice wildlife preserve being developed. So as long as it's not a blizzard I should have an enjoyable day stomping through some winter wetlands. I'll take some pics of the work bench over the weekend for the other question.
  4. If it's as a scheming, powerful sorcerer with well intentioned machinations that create a conflict for the characters in one of the games I run. Then the Merlin template fits. If it's as a wise, old wizard who offers up a heroic quest and gives just enough advice/help to get the players going on a new adventure? Then definitely need a Gandalf type. If it's just someone who can tell some crazy stories around a pint and maybe teach some advanced magic? Well, then Dumbledore fits the bill. But if it's my favorite wizard? Hands down Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully. I like a lot of personality and a great hat helps too.
  5. Thoramel

    Dark Elves

    I needed some drow type critters done up in case my group manages to skip ahead in our current campaign and go straight underground. I also wanted to clear a few more bones minis off my shelf to free up more room in anticipation of bones 4. I know these aren't all dark elves, or even elves, but they all seemed to kind of go together when I put them on the work bench. So three very rapid paint jobs later and I'm ready to do a little underdark-ish campaigning if the group gets there before all the stuff in the darkreach expansion gets to me.
  6. This is going straight into my make believe script.
  7. This seems like it might be the right place for this. So right now the midwestern portion of North America is experiencing a "polar vortex" where a low pressure system of cold polar air expands into regions south and makes everyone hate life just a little bit. My wife and I have been trying to come up with a weather event/large predator swarm that would make a good b grade movie (think sharknado). We've got it... Polar Bear Vortex! A swarm of hungry polar bears is pushed south along with frigid air into a large city where intrepid, good looking scientists must find a way to raise regional temperatures enough that the polar bears leave and head north again (after eating an appropriate number of people). I can definitely see this being a made for cable TV movie, filmed in LA, where they never get snow. As a bonus this could definitely have a Sharknado versus Polar Bear Vortex sequel. Sharks flying through the air getting eaten by polar bears who are also sucked up by the tornados (now snownados) and innocent people caught between. I'd watch that. I am in no way in a position to do anything with this idea. So, if any of you are big time Hollywood producers I encourage you to get right on it.
  8. This makes the mere -38 forecast for my area seem downright toasty.
  9. Vacations and the like... no. Just a day trip to friends or family... yes, for the dogs at least. No one would have any fun if we forced the cats into a car. Probably wouldn't come out of that situation with 100% of my blood still inside me.
  10. Gloves until it gets down to around 20 degrees (F), then its mittens over gloves. A friend made me some oversized mittens out of old wool sweaters last year and they are just great when it gets super cold. Here's a pair she made for my wife.
  11. This past weekend was a refreshing weekend of friends and games. On Friday we played an 8 player game of Flapjacks and Sasquatches. Unfortunately, a few of us decided it was more fun to sabotage everyone instead of try and win. So we ended without a winner. But then we played Captain Sonar for the first time and it was a lot of fun. It's basically a team version of Battleship with submarines, its played in real time and if your team is indecisive the other team can shoot at you a lot as a result. The captain announces the course, keeps it marked on a map and yells for stops and when to use the systems. The first officer is in charge of charging systems like torpedoes, sonar and mines and letting everyone know when they are ready. The engineer keeps track of system stress and tells you when your sub needs surfacing. And the sonarman eavesdrops on the other team's captain and tries to figure out where they are so you can launch torpedoes at them or detonate mines near them. It was pretty fast and a good amount of fun. My team won and our cheering woke up our host's 3 year old, so then we had to leave. Saturday was a 12 hour marathon roleplaying session. A new dwarf joined the party. A yeti tore someone's arm off. And a troll ate our hobbit's pet kobold. Good times. Sunday my wife and I played the 3rd edition of Arkham Horror. If you've ever played this board game and are looking to try the new edition you'll be surprised at all the changes. The board setup changes for each game. You are no longer just going from space to space snagging clues and jumping in gates. Instead, clues are distributed based on scenarios and gates affect whole regions of play until players can move there and react. Monsters aren't totally random anymore but are based on the specific scenario you are playing. I've seen reviews that say the game kind of railroads you into doing certain actions. There's some merit in that, but it also seemed that if we were more experienced players that might not be the case. One interesting thing I liked is you do not know how to win at the beginning of the game. Instead this is revealed as you complete tasks successfully. Makes it little more Cthulhuesque in my opinion. I'm a little saddened that it doesn't work with our massive collection of second edition expansions, but at the same time it looks like future expansions for 3rd edition will be smaller and hopefully cheaper than buying what amounts to a whole new game. Oh, and we lost, Azathoth devoured the world. Sorry about that everyone.
  12. Here's a little fungus fellow I speed painted last night for a game tonight. I love these figures and this is the second time I've painted them. I wanted to get away from the muscaria pattern I've used before so went for something more like a violet grey bolete with some Turkey tail on him. Didn't necessarily nail it, but good enough for the table.
  13. Omnivore leaning towards veggiesaurus. I pretty much only eat chicken and small amounts of pork (like, pepperoni sized amounts of pork because i am only human), and then not very often. I usually go days without meat at all. This is because as I cruise through middle age I find I feel much healthier when I limit my meat intake. Also, after many years working in environmental fields I have amassed some truly horrific stories concerning meat production. So unless I know exactly where that chunk of cow is coming from, it ain't going in me.
  14. So, several months ago I promised my wife I wouldn't buy any more miniatures until this kickstarter delivers (to which she replied "why would I care?"). I then told her I wouldn't support any more kickstarters until after this delivers (to which she replied "I still don't care"). I just told her it looks like they may not ship until March so it looks like no more money spent on minis in February (at which point she rolled her eyes and said "seriously, just buy some miniatures"). So yeah, we're pretty excited it's getting closer.
  15. It snowed heavily over the weekend. Then the temps dropped into the teens Monday and Tuesday (farenheit). Then it hit 50 yesterday and rained all day. Then it dropped down to around 10 degrees overnight and snowed. Now it's snowing again and the temps are hovering around freezing. Every secondary road is an ice rink covered in snow. Really missing summer right now.
  16. Just a follow up. This is Moggy (we couldn't come up with a decent name). He is the destroyer of all vermin, terrorizer of dogs, first one to the food bowls and all around lord of the house. He makes all his stealth rolls and delights in the misery of others. When he was a kitten he would sneak up on me, grab the back of my neck or arm, dig in all his claws, bite down as hard as possible, and then hang on for dear life while I flailed around madly. Last night he walked up to my wife and bit her, then walked off purring. He's 18 pounds of feline evil and is one of the most bloodthirsty little fur balls I've ever had the pleasure of living with. He's a great cat and I love him.
  17. Both, all mutts and strays are welcome in my home. Currently at 3 cats and 2 dogs (I vacuum a lot). The cats are quite useful, actually. I bought a 100+ year old house about 6 years ago to fix up and it was full of vermin. Threw the biggest, meanest cat in there for a couple of days, have not seen any evidence of a mouse since. Well, I mean other than some cleaning up body parts and such after the first few days. The dogs are pretty useless though. And despite being 100 pounds versus 15, they are terrified of the cats.
  18. International crime fighting, jungle exploring, polar bear wrestling, scotch taster. But barring that, my current job with better pay.
  19. Thoramel


    This guy has been rattling around in a cigar box full of old metal minis, half painted, for a long time now. I think, based on some internet searching, that he is a "Digga Yoof." I've never played Warhammer before though, and I can't remember where i got this, so I'm not 100% sure. If the photos I've found online are correct it appears he may have had a gun at some point instead of that odd looking, one fingered stump. Anyways, he's an imp now and that's one less mini on the shelf of shame.
  20. Vacation: right now, it's a canoe trip for a couple of weeks in the boundary waters. Also, I've got plans for taking my time and meandering up the Hoh River trail in Olympic National Park and then heading up to the glaciers a bit after the trail ends over about 3 or 4 days. And I've a long term goal of canoeing out to Isle Royale National Park and spending a week or so exploring. Basically, the dream is going somewhere where I see the fewest possible people. Historical figure: tough one... John Muir maybe? I mean, I bet that guy knew of some places a person could go to get away from it all.
  21. Been under a winter weather warning since about 2AM Saturday morning (midwest, US). About a half inch of ice, under 6 or so inches of snow, with single digit temperatures, and 40 mph gusts. Pretty tame by regional possibilities, but good enough to justify sitting indoors painting a bunch of minis. Tried some finger painting for the RP Challenge. Here's some skeleton gnomes from OSM. And the orc bruisers from bones 3 Looks like it may be another of those hang out indoors days tomorrow, so maybe I'll have the time to get something else finished.
  22. I'm a coffee addict. I get my beans from a second generation Eritrean immigrant who lives in my neighborhood. He travels to new coffee plantations every year or so to arrange for the purchase of beans from the best slopes. He roasts it all in house in a small Turkish roaster he imported (particularly during rush hour because he discovered more people stopped if they could smell the roaster). And he's cheaper than major chains. I don't understand coffee with milk, sugar, etc... I love it black. I brew a pot of coffee or espresso any time guests drop by. I homebrew beer and have added coffee to everything from pale ales to imperial stouts. I have a deal with a local roaster to trade homebrew beer for beans. He says it's "for science." Seriously, I really love coffee.
  23. Quick painted this just to get it off my shelf tonight. Pretty cool miniature though. Gave me a couple of ideas for an encounter in a game I'm starting soon.
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