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  1. I'm just going to go with what Glitterwolf said, but switch out the first one for pizza. I mean those aren't really three foods. Those are dozens of foods with only three names. So with those selections I won't get bored. Dragon. They eat people. And let's be honest here, it's not like we're an endangered species or doing a great job contributing to the health of the planet. And since the question is what would improve the world, not the societies that inhabit it, I think dragons would do that rather well. Fashion. People spend so much time obsessing over how they look and it rarely appears they are doing it to make themselves feel better, rather it's to impress others and make them perceive you in a certain way. Could be a mall kid wearing $300 sneakers, or a guy that only wears $2000 suits to make others know how important he is, or some dirtbag covered in leather with motorcycle patches so we all know what kind of tough guy he wants us to think he is. It's all very confusing and annoying to me. I think we'd all be better off if we were more willing to get our clothes muddy while accomplishing something to be proud of instead of worrying about how the world sees us.
  2. Everything looks great. But that forge scene is awesome.
  3. More minis from the past week. First up is this bunny riding a snail from Skull n Crown. This is from their killer bunnies Kickstarter. I'm almost out of these. But luckily they're getting ready to launch another campaign based on animals found in medieval marginalia. I posted these over in show off last week. These have been sitting unpainted in a cigar box for years. I can't remember where or when I got them. But I don't think they're sold in a single package, which is how I got them, any more. Here's a happy heavily armored halfing with some rainbows. This guy has used car dealer vibe. Almost certainly going to be a con man if he ever hits the table. And I finally finished the last of these bones lizardmen. I ended up getting a bunch of these prior to bones 3. Then there were 16 of them in bones 3. And I ended up getting a bunch more from the $1 bones gumball machine at Origins over the years. At one point I probably had 30 of these. But no more! They're all of them completed. I've also begun getting paint on Shub N. But I think I'm going to make a specific WiP thread for that thing.
  4. Thanks, I think I ordered the same thing (bag of miscast bases?) and was going to email them tomorrow to see if there had been any movement on the order. Saw your comment, checked on the shipping notification that hasn't moved in 3 weeks and sure enough my package is on its way.
  5. TripleH just nailed it. Both is always the correct choice for chili. And speaking of dinner. All of the green beans, banana peppers, and herbs in my pasta bake tonight are from my garden. Very happy.
  6. Good luck. We just replaced all the flat roof portions of our house that were of roughly the same material you describe. The work itself wasn't costly. But getting the actual rubber roofing material was fairly expensive. Hopefully yours is intact enough to last for a good long while.
  7. I'm guessing that the couple of hours she left every day were to take care of the hygiene stuff, I mean nothing smelled so I guess she figured it out. And yeah, the homebrew loss was worthy of a sad face. If I remember correctly it was a keg of Barleywine, which I only brew every few years. It's also a 9.5% beer - which means he drank the equivalent of around 2 and a half cases of Miller Lite in 2 days. I don't think I've ever run into anything I wouldn't at least try a little nibble from. But I don't think I'll ever eat squid again. Maybe I had a poorly prepared batch of it. But I just didn't enjoy the experience at all. It had a rubbery texture that was completely unappetizing.
  8. Thoramel

    Reven Beastmen

    I've had these rattling around in a box for quite a while. I believe they were sold in a single pack of three. But I can't seem to find that on the website. The packaging is long gone and so is my memory of when and where I got them. I like to think that, in some alternate universe, these guys are on a death metal album cover.
  9. Avoiding "adult" situations that are inappropriate here. All of my weird stuff seems to come from house sitters. We had one hired house sitter who told us she slept on a yoga mat on the floor and brought all her own dishes so she wouldn't have to disturb any of our stuff. Didn't even use the shower, the bed, or the TV in the guest room. She just left once a day for a couple of hours then sat in the house quietly attending to our pets and trying to be unobtrusive as possible. I mean, cool? I guess? Another house sitter, this one a friend, went on a rearranging spree on our liquor cabinet, my beer cellar, our glassware hutch and a couple of shelves of recipe books. It was all nicely organized but kind of odd. Got my sister's boyfriend to house sit for me one time and told him to help himself to some homebrew in the keg fridge. They're five gallon kegs. Apparently he thought that was a challenge and drank about half of one over the course of two days. Then expelled it all on my back patio. And then left it in the summer sun. Needless to say he's not allowed back in without supervision.
  10. Well poo. I've been planning on field season starting up again the first week of July and today our upper management told us we were not going to be cleared to do any field activities by then. I'm about to just write this season off and expect to double my workload next year. Sure, I can go to a park or something to get out. But it's not the same. There's people, and trails, and all kinds of impacts. Whereas field season means I get to go wander lonely places that other people are restricted from entering. Makes a heck of a difference in terms of the flora and fauna you see. And the feeling of peacefulness I get on the job just doesn't exist in a crowded park. Oh well, I'm just going to tell myself that the quiet places in my state are going to better off for not having me stomping around in them for a year and my visit next year will be that much better.
  11. I don't really have the space to get seeds started indoors. And the weather around here can be pretty variable in the spring so seedlings can get wiped out fairly easily. So for the most part I transplant. The exception to that being herbs. Those I just dump in a pot or on the ground and cover with a bit of soil and let them go nuts. But most herbs I use are pretty hardy so that's no problem. Like Inarah said though, if you want variety seeds are usually the best way to go. We're lucky in that we have a greenhouse not too far from us that specializes in heirloom veggies and native flowers. So I can go there, get a bunch of unique seedlings, then just harden them off for a week or so and put them in the ground.
  12. Updating this thread. This is from the Box of Goodwill I recently went through and then sent on its way. It's from Mice and Mystics. I've thought about buying the game because I do enjoy cute, but have held off since I have a bunch of other board games I've never gotten around to painting. I like this though, so I may end up getting that in the near future. I posted these in Show Off already, but they were painted during isolation so they fit here as well. I like them both but I think the troll is the real star of the show. I've been playing around with drybrushing larger figures lately and I wanted to do that with some smaller figures. So I gave it shot on some older bones lizardmen. These guys suffer from a lot of the earlier bones issues like smushed faces, tons of flash, soft features, etc... Despite that they look good enough for tabletop play and I think I'm going to paint the remainder of my lizard guys (I've got 5 of them left) like these. And finally here's a little bones 4 scenery. It looks like it's going to rain all week so there's a good chance I'll get quite a few more done in the near future. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally take the plunge and start getting paint on the Black Goat of the Woods mini that's been sitting around prepped and primed for about a month now.
  13. I didn't get around to updating the weekend question over the actual weekend, so here are my painted dragons: I should really revisit some of these. There's quite a few quick touch-ups and improvements I could make that would really make these guys look better. I'm drawing a blank on this one.
  14. Thoramel

    The Great Worm

    Great job. Love the colors, base, and especially the slime.
  15. Realized a bunch of green beans were ready to pick. Not much yet, but I figure in the next couple days there should be enough to throw in a stew or something. Also, had to grab some of my early banana peppers. They were inhibiting the rest of the plant from growing. That's fine, it's still early and I don't expect them to really get going for a good while yet. These will be good on pizza though.
  16. Never heard of it. But I do see painted stones around the neighborhood from time to time. Looked it up after reading your post and turns out there is a FB group of about 4900 people doing this in my city! Very neat, thanks for sharing.
  17. Let's go with Ent (or Treant if you prefer). It would be fun to be a tree for a day. I know of a few beautiful hardwood forests that keep getting illegally logged and wouldn't it be fun to scare the wits out of someone as a giant talking, stomping tree? Can't stand who I become when I get in a fight so let's go with dance off. And I'll choose Elton John's "I'm Still Standing." It's upbeat and very danceable. And with my terrible dancing skills is likely to be what I'd yell out at the end of any song where I don't break an ankle or something. I'll have to round up my dragons for a group picture. I'll get to that later in the weekend. But I can say without doubt that the best name for a dragon is Bubbles. In "Season 1" of the fantasy game I run my players were hired to guard a crate containing some sort of valuable cargo. Turns out it was a stolen red dragon's egg that a powerful wizard needed for their evil plans. And of course it hatched while they were transporting it, lit one player on fire, bit the fingers off of another one, then went straight up the main mast of the ship they were on and started shredding the sails and rigging. One player managed to coax it down with some singing and a large fish. Everyone around the table decided that player got to name it. And he chose Bubbles. Eventually Bubbles raised an army of lizard people and tried to conquer the land. At this point she took on the name Bubbles the Destroyer. They eventually managed to drive her away (after she barbecued a member of the party) in a climactic scene at the end of that campaign. They've had a "Season 2" campaign that left them stranded on the other side of the world. And when we finally get back together again for "Season 3" they're going to find that Bubbles fled to that side of the world and is still angry. Fun times, for me anyways.
  18. Nearly bomb proof sounds like the right house plant for me. How about cat proof though? One of my colleagues has a pothos growing from a coffee cup in her cubicle. Last I saw it, it had stretched halfway around her desk. Hope she remembered to get it out of the office before we shut everything down. Was out in the garden earlier this morning and noticed a female zucchini blossom had fallen off while watering. I like to take close up pics of flowers and fungus so thought I'd try and capture the pollen laden stigma. There was about a 3 inch long zucchini behind this.
  19. Thoramel

    Pet Troll

    Sometimes I like to paint up some sort of magical monster and pair it up with an unlikely NPC as a pet. For some reason I liked the way these two came together so painted them up as an elf princess and her pet troll. The troll is from Bones 4 and I don't think it's out yet. The elf was a freebie from the bones black promotions last year.
  20. Very nice. I quite like this model and your paint job.
  21. That was my first thought as well, so thanks on confirming that. I've got dianthus annuals all over the place. The only thing is my wife claims to have never planted any perennial dianthus. And I don't remember ever seeing any here. That's also not saying we didn't. Fun garden mystery!
  22. Okay, garden tour, here we go... First off, we have a decent sized yard for living in an urban neighborhood. But we don't have a lot of room for vegetable gardening because this monster shades out most of the yard. It's a Basswood (or Linden if you prefer) that's likely older than the house. I love big trees so this guy isn't going anywhere any time soon. In addition we know that there's a bit of heavy metal build up in the soil around here, so despite living here for a while this is only the third year where we've felt comfortable planting edible stuff. Before that everything was covered in native plants that, according to some friends in my old grad program are good at heavy metal uptake. This is the first year for our strawberries. Nothing too impressive, but I expect this to really take off next year. Next to that is my sage, catnip and tarragon patches. Except for the sage this used to be a lot more herbs. But last fall these two idiots decided to spend a happy afternoon pulling it all out. My wife was so angry. So now we grow our most used herbs in pots next to the back door where we can keep an eye on them. Here's oregano, basil, rosemary and mint (I need to get some rum to go with that mint). Just across the patio from that is where I was planning on putting a new native plant garden, but it appears that last year some sort of squash seeds got in here and so now I'm just letting it go to see what happens. The squash stuff came up first, after I'd already sown the native seeds. This could be interesting. Just around the corner from there is a small flower garden we've been planting in for a while now. Some stuff works, some does not. We've got other flower gardens around the property, but I think this little chaotic one is my favorite. This just popped up over the weekend next to the Gallium, I do not remember what it is. Then we get into the raised bed portion of the garden. Broccoli and Cabbage. Something was eating them earlier in the year, but spraying the leaves with dish soap seemed to drive it off. Next to that are my slicing tomatoes. Next to that are some sweet and banana peppers, some of which are being stubborn about growing and made need replaced. And then down on the end we have bush beans and a micro tomato plant. Also a container of zucchini. Then we have our container garden proper, which is going to be another raised bed next year. Thai peppers. Lots of hot peppers. Going to be an interesting year for chili, I've got jalapeno, lemondrop, fish and one other mystery hot pepper. Then I've got a few cherry tomato varieties and a Green Zebra for fried green tomatoes. And down at the end we have a container cucumber plant that seems to be flourishing. And finally this is where I take my coffee in the mornings and where I've been growing my lettuce this year. I've been hitting the lettuce pretty hard, but it seems to be holding up and coming back nicely. Should get a few more harvests out of these and will replant late in the summer for fall lettuce. Hope everyone is having a fantastic garden experience this year (of course its fantastic, you get outside, what could be better?). Will update as things grow.
  23. Hey! My small dog tries extra hard to be good. He's dumb as a rock, so it doesn't always work out. But he tries! Those parts of the job I can do from home have been getting done in a pretty efficient manner since I started this back in March. So more productive in terms of office stuff. But since most of my job has to take place outdoors, and all of that has been suspended for the time being, I'd say I'm overall way less productive. But hopefully we'll be back in the field here in about 3 weeks.
  24. Going to have to walk around and do some photographing myself later. Impressive garden you have there.
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