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  1. Depends on the time of year. Early morning and evenings in the summer. Early mornings to get out and avoid the heat and early evenings because I like to sit outside and see the bats hunting above my backyard. In the spring I love the midday when its not cold. Fall is good for afternoons and dusk with turning trees and beautiful sunsets. And winter? Who cares? it's cold and I'm generally stuck inside. House slippers, but it's not a hard rule or anything. I'm not a big "interested in meeting famous/industry/notorious people" kind of person. I did play a game of Illuminati with Steve Jackson a couple of years ago at Origins. He seemed like a nice person, but not really any more interesting than playing a game with some other, less well known, stranger. He did give me a stuffed tentacle though. So that was kind of cool.
  2. Blew my last keg of homebrew the other night. So it's all day brewing today. On the right is an imperial stout and on the left is a tropical IPA. Or at least the grain for both. The IPA is now resting at a comfortable 152F on my stove while the starch converts to sugar. When that's done it'll get pulled off and turned into dog treats, which I'm also getting low on.
  3. Still getting the hang of my phone's camera, so here's a few more that I set up under different light conditions to see which I liked best. This is from a box of bones kickstarter minis I didn't have a use for, occasionally I'll grab one out at random and give it a quick paint job. Can't go wrong with more townsfolk. I wanted to paint some elves without green. I kept subconsciously reaching for the green. Something about elves I guess. This guys happy. And he wants to let the happy out in everyone he meets. Preferably through a hole he just made with his spear. My wife said this space mousling looks mercenary to her. So I told her she can't have it until she bakes me cookies. Third time I've painted this guy, favorite so far.
  4. No, I'm more than happy to let any player adopt any monster they find in the field. The fun really starts when it follows them back to town!
  5. So I've always seen this type of underdark critter described as being dark in color. And I thought, "you know, starlings look black to me, but to other starlings they're explosions of colors not really visible to my eyes." So what if this particular brand of horror is actually quite colorful to others of its own kind, with the ability to see into other wavelengths? Well, here's that idea...
  6. So. I stopped posting completed minis because I dropped my phone about a week ago and it broke the camera. I'm going to miss that phone, but it was beyond time to replace it. So long live the new phone! Anyways, I took The suggestions to heart and darkened up the soil of the terrain mini, then gave it some excess vegetation. Thanks for the comments because I really like the results. I'm still figuring out the new phone camera so it may be a bit before I get photos of everything I've recently painted that I'm happy to post. But here's something I'm pretty satisfied with...
  7. Not rude at all. I start every mini by "priming" it in grey scale like this... And then for the kobold skin I go over that in a thinned layer of Vallejo orange brown, then drybrush with reaper explosion orange, then hit it with some thinned Army Painter light tone. That's it. Cheers and post your results, I'd love to see some of them painted up.
  8. Electric Heavy Metal Tuba. I imagine it would look something like this...
  9. I'm painting a lot more miniatures. I started a WiP thread of everything I've finished since this began, but haven't posted there in about a week because I broke my cellphone and no longer have a camera. I think I'm just north of 100 minis since I went into isolation on March 12. I'm definitely not going to be hurting on storage space for unpainted minis when Bones V arrives next year. I'm brewing more beer as well. Mostly low alcohol stuff that comes in around 3.5% abv (Miller Lite is 4.2% for reference). That's because I find I'm drinking more beer these days and if I'm going to have a few beers in the evening I'd rather they were around that potency than the 6 to 12% stuff I would normally buy in stores.
  10. There's a couple of things I lack. Rhythm and shame. So not only do I "dance" when no one is watching, but also whenever or wherever the urge strikes me. Life's more fun that way.
  11. Ha! That sign is just on the other side of downtown, about 2 miles, from my place. They've been changing it to something different on a regular basis. So far my favorite has been (paraphrasing) "Even after this is all over there's some of you I don't want to see again."
  12. My head immediately went to the Peanuts cartoons on that subject, but since Ladystorm already went there I'm going to say happiness is a well drained garden (we got several inches of torrential rain overnight).
  13. Anything where I get to spend time out of doors, preferably in a forested wetland without trails. But any place with lots of native flora and fauna that's big enough to not see the edge of it from the interior will do. It recharges me emotionally and I generally feel good physically after spending a day hiking (or splorching around in the mud). Also, any hobby where I end up producing something. Mini painting, homebrewing, gardening, etc... I just enjoy being sort of productive. Teleportation/transporters. I generally hate long drives. I believe they called it the 3 R's when I was a kid. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. I also learned to read a compass in grade school which has been very useful given my answer for the 16th above.
  14. The last couple of days the temperature around here has gotten consistently warm enough that I'm able to get some plants in the ground. So, since my wife's office has been full of plants from my favorite nursery for the past week or so, I've been rushing about getting plan in the beds we prepped a couple of weeks ago. Here's a little of what we've got going on... Cheers and hope everyone is getting a chance to get out doors.
  15. Been there for a couple of days now, not even a big fan of the Power Station... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw1t7OCESUw
  16. So, looking for folks' opinions on this one. I threw this together last night and it is supposed to look like a standard ruined wall with plenty of lichen coverage on the stone, some old marble steps, and the shattered remains of 2 large blue crystals flanking the entrance. Now, except for the marble which is my first attempt at such, I'm pretty happy with the results. But my question is... does this look good enough on it's own? Or should I add some vegetation to it? I was thinking a couple of ferns and some dark green vegetation growing up the cracks would look nice. Maybe even some flocking on the dirt parts and a few shrubs to give it an extra layer of "old and forgotten." What do you all think? None of that, some of it, or go all in and vegetate this thing up?
  17. The Goblin One Man Band! I originally asked for a goblin marching band and no one took up the call with me. Then I kept whittling it down, a goblin rock band, a goblin barbershop quartet, a goblin jazz trio, and then finally a goblin one man band. That last one finally seemed to gain the attention of the masses (and it helped that I made a point of showing up in different social media outlets at least once a day to cheer it on during the campaign) and Reaper said okay. I was so happy when I saw it was going in the Core set with the "Goblins!" addition on the last day of the campaign. I'm getting at least five sets of those goblins. One to paint as normal, one to modify to match the image in my head, one to give guns to, one to impale (music critics), and one to part out to give other bones goblins instruments - the Brinewind goblins would make an awesome kids rock band with the proper modifications. A close second though is Talespinner's Goroloth, that is just capturing my imagination in a big way.
  18. Here are a few pieces from the Wizkids Adventurer's Camp. You can tell it's a campsite of your typical D&D adventurers because there's only 2 bedrolls, but enough weapons to arm like 7 people. Recently got some Kobold Cavalry from a Rebel Games kickstarter. Decided I'd paint the stretch goals first. The one on the left is a smart kobold, good to train up as spies and such. The one on the right is a strong kobold, these are usually employed as pack animals. The one in the middle is just insane, also known as a standard kobold. These are fantastically tiny. Here they are with an old Sir Forscale to get an idea just how small they are.
  19. Humpback Whale. But that feels like cheating since they were seen on one of those whale watching cruises. Randomly encountered that would be a Moose. Came up over a little crest on a trail in the Rockies and there was a big bull moose about 30 meters downhill standing in a stream. We saw him, he saw us, he snorted loudly, and we backed off to a safe distance until he was done and wandered off. That is one big critter I do not want to mess with.
  20. I thanked a consultant for his inquiry when he asked if he could get released from monitoring a poorly performing project site a couple of years early. I said no to his question. But I thanked him for it nonetheless. I always like to be nice when delivering bad news. Hopefully it makes it a little easier for the recipient and maybe they'll be more likely to find me approachable when they need to deliver bad news in the future.
  21. Still doing the pink thing.
  22. They are offered up to the Sock Gods as sacrifices so as to effect the rolls of my players in a negative way and to protect me from dryer monsters. I let my group make up the pantheon in our worlds a while back and it got weird. If it looks like I can fix it I'll give it a try. But otherwise I'll just weigh the cost of replacing versus having a pro fix it and go with the cheaper option. Well, my familiarity with various teleworking programs has definitely improved.
  23. Got some more done recently. Was still in the mood to paint pink stuff. So since I'd already done the vizier, the space princess seemed like a good choice. I've really been enjoying these renaissance skeletons. Almost out of them though. I painted these guys during some long, boring staff teleconferences this past week that I had to be present for but didn't actually contribute anything to. They're mostly just glazes, washes, and contrast paints. Thank goodness my bosses dont expect me to have a camera on during meetings. I also started preparing Shub N. From the bones 3 kickstarter this week. But I think I lost some sanity points doing it.
  24. I've had great fun painting the first ones, so I'll definitely be picking these up.
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