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  1. Here are a few pieces from the Wizkids Adventurer's Camp. You can tell it's a campsite of your typical D&D adventurers because there's only 2 bedrolls, but enough weapons to arm like 7 people. Recently got some Kobold Cavalry from a Rebel Games kickstarter. Decided I'd paint the stretch goals first. The one on the left is a smart kobold, good to train up as spies and such. The one on the right is a strong kobold, these are usually employed as pack animals. The one in the middle is just insane, also known as a standard kobold. These are fantastically tiny. Here they are with an old Sir Forscale to get an idea just how small they are.
  2. Humpback Whale. But that feels like cheating since they were seen on one of those whale watching cruises. Randomly encountered that would be a Moose. Came up over a little crest on a trail in the Rockies and there was a big bull moose about 30 meters downhill standing in a stream. We saw him, he saw us, he snorted loudly, and we backed off to a safe distance until he was done and wandered off. That is one big critter I do not want to mess with.
  3. I thanked a consultant for his inquiry when he asked if he could get released from monitoring a poorly performing project site a couple of years early. I said no to his question. But I thanked him for it nonetheless. I always like to be nice when delivering bad news. Hopefully it makes it a little easier for the recipient and maybe they'll be more likely to find me approachable when they need to deliver bad news in the future.
  4. Still doing the pink thing.
  5. They are offered up to the Sock Gods as sacrifices so as to effect the rolls of my players in a negative way and to protect me from dryer monsters. I let my group make up the pantheon in our worlds a while back and it got weird. If it looks like I can fix it I'll give it a try. But otherwise I'll just weigh the cost of replacing versus having a pro fix it and go with the cheaper option. Well, my familiarity with various teleworking programs has definitely improved.
  6. Got some more done recently. Was still in the mood to paint pink stuff. So since I'd already done the vizier, the space princess seemed like a good choice. I've really been enjoying these renaissance skeletons. Almost out of them though. I painted these guys during some long, boring staff teleconferences this past week that I had to be present for but didn't actually contribute anything to. They're mostly just glazes, washes, and contrast paints. Thank goodness my bosses dont expect me to have a camera on during meetings. I also started preparing Shub N. From the bones 3 kickstarter this week. But I think I lost some sanity points doing it.
  7. I've had great fun painting the first ones, so I'll definitely be picking these up.
  8. As it turns out, it was my day to cook. So it was egg and turkey sausage sandwiches for breakfast, leftover chicken soup for lunch. And a couple of arugula and romaine salads with a bit of everything in the veggie drawer and some tempeh for supper.
  9. The gaming with friends part. Especially the RPG group I've got. 25 or so years of roughly the same folks (with a bit of drifting in and out) yelling and screaming and swearing and moaning about dice rolls. It's a great time. That's followed closely by the painting and everything else ranks much lower. The painting just makes all the yelling and such that much better.
  10. Tough question. I'm typically pretty cheerful. And even when life is going bad, or negative things are happening to me or my loved ones outside of my control, I'm a pretty stoic person. This is a good thing in my opinion though, as those rare instances when I do get depressed then I've noticed I will drink more alcohol than normal. And that can be a fairly bad coping mechanism. Thankfully my wife and one or two of my closer friends are the kinds of people who are willing to point that out to me when it happens.
  11. Mixing hobbies tonight with this skeleton and a couple glasses of a Russian Imperial Stout I made back in 2017.
  12. I'm gonna ramble here for a minute, sorry in advance... Professionally I managed to finalize an agreement that will add around 400 acres of wetlands to an existing 400 acre forested public park and helped negotiate a payout by a long time polluter to fund restoration of the area's natural resources. And I got 27 acres of floodplain wetland in an impaired watershed put into protection from any future development by a power company that tried to short the state on 1.4 acres of wetland mitigation. I finished development of a new series of calculations to use when a mitigation project partially fails their goals and we are implementing it in stages this year. So far it's directed around $200K towards stream restoration projects in the state. In the past, if a company had to mitigate for wetland or stream impacts they had to meet a fairly stringent set of goals that sometimes couldn't be done through no fault of their own. When that happened they were either stuck in regulatory limbo or they'd just abandon the project and hope that we had bigger problems to deal with other than going after them. My hope is that with a mechanism for awarding partial credit for a project that is meeting most of its goals we will have fewer people trying to abandon their projects or, worse yet, cover up the impacts that would trigger mitigation in the first place. I had four interns in 2019, of them I managed to retain 2 of them as full time employees and the other two reapplied to do another year of interning with me this season - that's my first 100% retention rate on interns (and they are getting so much better, it has become serious competition to be one of the four we pick every year). And finally, we did some calculations in January and are estimating that the efforts of my little group have saved water customers in the state around $4.5 million in treatment costs in 2019 alone (Hooray for positive externalities!). Personally though almost all of my big projects fell through. I had expected to start work on establishing a relic prairie wetland on my farm. There used to be thousands of acres of these wetlands in that part of the state but they are almost completely gone now. But even though I got all the excavators, landscapers and seed supply lined up my attempts to get funding fell through every time. Lots of folks said they loved the idea, but it appears that no one has funding for this kind of thing right now. I was also planning on lining up all the contractors necessary to gut and remodel my kitchen. But we never could find anyone we were comfortable with. That's probably a good thing though as work would have started around the end of February and I can just imagine having a disabled kitchen while everyone is social distancing. So 2019 was kind of a mixed bag. I'm so glad you did because I've now ordered 3 of those in the pledge manager. I just keep coming up with new ideas for color schemes.
  13. Those are babies tucked up under the wings! Glitterwolf in a second before me!
  14. I got my learner's permit and my dad immediately took me to the impound lot at the local State Patrol base (he was working there as an electrician at the time). This particular impound lot was where they kept the vehicles that had been involved in fatalities where the cause of the accident was still being investigated in one way or another. Then he walked me around saying stuff like "See those teeth embedded in the dashboard, that was a DUI." "That car with the brains splattered all over the windshield thought they could beat a train across the tracks." "That car with the top cut off was full of kids partying, one of them lived." This continued until I was properly horrified, then he handed me the keys to his truck and told me I'd be driving him everywhere from then on. He did the same thing to my sister. It worked, I am one of the most cautious drivers you will ever meet, and so is my sister. Every year I have at least one intern comment on my overly cautious driving and I tell them this story. It's my hope that the idea of having your insides covering the interior of a car is enough to get some of those young people to drive a little more safely themselves.
  15. Knocked out a few more over the weekend. Pact Devil from Bears Head Miniatures. With the names of several of my favorite PCs I've killed that were run by my longest sitting player. I'll send this to him with an appropriate message about where the souls of his characters reside. An old Ral Partha (Iron Wind Metals) Goatman by Julie Guthrie. These guys will probably end up as some sort of low level demons. The other translucent fungus from bones 4. It's morel season around here.
  16. There's a German style beer hall that opened in my neighborhood late last year. Unfortunately, they decided to focus on keeping the brewery part of the business going and discontinued their food service for the time being. Their schnitzel had become a regular thing over the winter. I'll be quite happy when I can pick that up again.
  17. Yes, for many years whenever we would travel by car to see family we took our dog Jane. She loved riding around in the car and exploring new places wherever we'd stop. For the longest time we had a compact car. And Jane, being a large dog, could lay in the back and then stretch out onto the armrest between the front seats. On long car trips she'd fall asleep there with my arm resting on top of her head. She's too old for car trips now. One quick turn or tap of the brakes and she's likely to seriously injure herself. She's laying here on the patio next to me, and just to see if she remembers them, I asked her if she wanted to go for a car ride. She woke right up. Now I have to get her a treat so she'll quit giving me this look...
  18. Muddy jeans, old workboots, a ball cap with the state flag on it, and layers of cotton tshirts and sweaters that I've been gradually removing as the day warms up. So, my normal work outfit. Took a day off of the work from home thing to get soil and get all my various garden areas ready for planting.
  19. The combination of both. I just love to see open water, open sky, and a some scattered clouds.
  20. Those are the kind of views I live for.
  21. I made some great progress on some work projects. I resolved a non-compliance situation with a large, local university that resulted in a $151k check getting written to a local non-profit that builds and restores streams. And managed that without bringing in our legal team. If we weren't all social isolating my team and I would have had a happy hour celebration for that one. I got a verbal agreement with a big retail chain to purchase, enhance, and then protect in perpetuity a 40 acre parcel of land that contains some pristine vernal pools just south of Lake Erie that has 2 different threatened species on it. And the State Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case I've been working on for about a year now that could change how we enforce the Clean Water Act in the state. So, despite being stuck at home, I feel like this month had a lot of projects ending up in the "win" column for me. Thanks for all the questions!
  22. I want to say it's from the Rebellion game series, but I don't know what happened to the packaging or game cards that came with it right now. Finished up a couple more last night. First up is this creepy fungus from the Darkreach expansion in Bones 4. I decided it would make a good approximation of a Bleeding Tooth Fungus. One of my favorite finds when I'm out in the woods. One of my players has this odd phobia about mushrooms and I'm a big believer in exposure therapy. Not necessarily because I think it will do him any good, but I'll get a good laugh from it. And this is from the Chronoscope Expansion from the same kickstarter. I was feeling in the mood to paint something pink. I couldn't help but think of a Terry Pratchett quote while working on this. "Grand Viziers were always scheming megalomaniacs. It was probably in the job description: ‘Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted minister."
  23. Wow. Everything about this came out great. Awesome job.
  24. I wouldn't call it afraid. And I do enjoy posting stuff there that I think turned out better than my average. But this portion of the forum just seems more casual and suits my preferences for sharing. That may not sound very clear but I haven't gotten through my first cup of coffee today. Those are all from Skull and Crown Miniatures: https://www.skullncrown.com/collections/triumph-of-death It was part of their Triumph of Death kickstarter loosely based on the painting of the same name by Pieter Bruegel. I was fortunate enough to see it at the Prado when I was much younger and it is the kind of work that leaves an impression on you. So when this popped up last year I had to get in for a at least a few skeletons. Strangely enough, the armed bunny rabbits are also from them. Also, Here's a Harpy that's been sitting on my shelf of shame for many years. Never could figure out where I wanted to go with it. Last night I got sick of looking at it so I slapped some contrast paint on it and gave it a base and called it done.
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