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  1. anyone else having problems? I click pledge and then nothing
  2. have we gotten a date for the start beyond august?
  3. DCC pledge arrived, picked up some odds and ends at the miniature market physical store is MO, to include a dozen or so reaper minis.
  4. to chime in on the original question, dissimilar metals touching can corrode one of them at a greater rate than the other. one basically works as a sacrificial anode to protect the other. there are various books on the subject along with the mathematical formulae involved.
  5. fell off the wagon and back up to about 310 :(
  6. I do not get any extra days off, just Christmas and new years day. I really can't complain though, good salary, 4 weeks vacation and 10 paid holidays throughout the year. 10 days paid sick leave as well.
  7. picked up a few of the reindeer to get the freebie on the 18th
  8. there are degrees of living cheaply. crash space at someone else's house is better than rent every time. not quite as cheap is living 2-3 per bedroom so there are more ways to split the rent.
  9. Dungeon crawl classics is somewhat rules light (one book)
  10. for those in the US, walmart or a membership store can be cheap for groceries. my cheap staple is chicken thighs for about $0.60 per pound I generally make these into soup with onions, carrots, and celery in an 8 quart slow cooker.
  11. 28th, anything rap, classical or country 29th, too many humorous songs to list. artists with humorous songs, the poxy boggards, the merry wives of Windsor, the limey birds, the bedlam bards, the O'Danny Girls, Marc Gunn, Weird Al, Tom Lehrer, Mikey Mason, Efenwealt Whystle, Tom Smith, the blibbering humdingers
  12. please ignore, I just found the earlier post about this.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/695455704/portable-paint-station-take-paints-minis-and-tools gw pots and dropper versions available
  14. Palladium books should partner with reaper and make these in a bones type material. or really any mini s company and do them in metal. or both!
  15. I'm up about 15 lbs over the past couple of months. need to get back on a good diet
  16. my general writing tool of preference is a .5mm side clicker
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