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  1. Yep, ever! I posted a short while back for my first three that I did using the reaper l2p kit, but, before that I had no experience painting. I do however have much experience in the graphite, and charcoal mediums.
  2. Yes! an ombre effect! And omg yes, it was like a whole new world with a good brush.
  3. Hey all, A friend picked this guy up for me to paint for his upcoming pathfinder game. This is my 4th painted mini so far, and my first with a good brush. Painted this with a Raphael 8404, and the difference compared to synthetic brushes is pretty great. Anyways, all the colors were chosen by my buddy, and he wanted the gloss finish (though I would have gone with matte) This was also my first attempt at a transition/fade/gradient (dunno what to call it, mind is blank atm) effect on the cloak, which I think came out ok. Also, sorry for the totally 'meh' phone pics, ha.
  4. Maybe I should rephrase then. I get that they're not recipes. What I really aim to ask is whether folks are mixing Glaze medium/flow improver into their paint to start glazing, or just glazing with straight water thinned paint, or flow improver+water+soap to thin for washes, etc. Like for example I've seen a technique described where you 'thin' with medium instead of water and paint like normal to achieve a glaze (because it suspends the pigment better?). So I was more curious about how folks go about their process for that.
  5. Hey all, SO, I've been scouring the forums here, on CMON, and Dakka; looking into how to mix washes and glazes. I have come away from this a bit confused and little overwhelmed with information I must admit. I completely understand the respective uses of washes and glazes, but, specifically whats confusing me is how I would go about mixing them. Everywhere I look there's a different answer, some people use only water for glazing, others use glazing medium, some matte medium, then some say forget medium it's cheating, and to only use flow improver+water/water alone. Then conversely there are those who use flow aid + water for washes and regular thinning only, and further yet those who will make a wash using only water, or only flow improver, or even flow improver + water + medium! I do understand that something like this can be highly personal and differ greatly from person to person, because of style, desired effect, etc. Also, I know I might get even more differing opinions here, but, hopefully a general consensus can form. So the real question comes to two things: A. How would you mix a consistent and smooth glaze, without getting the sort of "dirty/uneven" effect that seems can occur from only using water B. How would you mix a wash for any color, that will pool well into recesses, without really affecting the color integrity of the surrounding area, and without tide marks Whew! Thanks for any and all help ^.^
  6. I indeed painted the eyes on the Gnoll, though the picture doesn't show. The orc went without because of a curled tip when I was painting it.
  7. Thanks a bunch everyone! ^.^ And many thanks for the tips! I will definitely try to incorporate washes, as well as look into learning to highlight for future minis :D
  8. Bought the Reaper Learn to paint kit + a Gnoll warrior and this is what came of it! I painted the Skeleton first, then the orc, and finally the Gnoll. I think they're only OK, but, I quite enjoyed painting them and definitely want to improve ^.^ Would appreciate any criticism/tips!
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