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  1. Yep, ever! I posted a short while back for my first three that I did using the reaper l2p kit, but, before that I had no experience painting. I do however have much experience in the graphite, and charcoal mediums.
  2. Yes! an ombre effect! And omg yes, it was like a whole new world with a good brush.
  3. Hey all, A friend picked this guy up for me to paint for his upcoming pathfinder game. This is my 4th painted mini so far, and my first with a good brush. Painted this with a Raphael 8404, and the difference compared to synthetic brushes is pretty great. Anyways, all the colors were chosen by my buddy, and he wanted the gloss finish (though I would have gone with matte) This was also my first attempt at a transition/fade/gradient (dunno what to call it, mind is blank atm) effect on the cloak, which I think came out ok. Also, sorry for the totally 'meh' phone pics, ha.
  4. Maybe I should rephrase then. I get that they're not recipes. What I really aim to ask is whether folks are mixing Glaze medium/flow improver into their paint to start glazing, or just glazing with straight water thinned paint, or flow improver+water+soap to thin for washes, etc. Like for example I've seen a technique described where you 'thin' with medium instead of water and paint like normal to achieve a glaze (because it suspends the pigment better?). So I was more curious about how folks go about their process for that.
  5. Hey all, SO, I've been scouring the forums here, on CMON, and Dakka; looking into how to mix washes and glazes. I have come away from this a bit confused and little overwhelmed with information I must admit. I completely understand the respective uses of washes and glazes, but, specifically whats confusing me is how I would go about mixing them. Everywhere I look there's a different answer, some people use only water for glazing, others use glazing medium, some matte medium, then some say forget medium it's cheating, and to only use flow improver+water/water alone. Then conversely the
  6. I indeed painted the eyes on the Gnoll, though the picture doesn't show. The orc went without because of a curled tip when I was painting it.
  7. Thanks a bunch everyone! ^.^ And many thanks for the tips! I will definitely try to incorporate washes, as well as look into learning to highlight for future minis :D
  8. Bought the Reaper Learn to paint kit + a Gnoll warrior and this is what came of it! I painted the Skeleton first, then the orc, and finally the Gnoll. I think they're only OK, but, I quite enjoyed painting them and definitely want to improve ^.^ Would appreciate any criticism/tips!
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