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  1. Any update on when my FLGS will ba able to get CAV figs?
  2. Speaking of data cards, are there going to be any for infantry? The cards on the Talon website do not bring up any infantry cards. Thanks, Bob
  3. Cerrwydn1st, yes, I was at Origins and did get my minis and rulebook there. I wasn't with Terry but did play a demo with Steve, my friend Sean, and one other person. The rules are great and I am looking forward to a campaign suing the rules for that presented in the book. That will be great fun Bob
  4. The army that I am currently finishing is elven (maybe my earlier posts gave that away ) and I used Thunderbolt Mountain figs for them– Tom is an old friend. I have a unit of elvish cav led by my warlord and a cleric, that I built using the generic rules. They're fun to watch galloping across the table . BTW my next army will be Neksofar and all Reaper so please don't take me too much to task! Bob
  5. Mengu- I'll be there around seven. I have a game of "Game of Thrones" scheduled. I'll have some of my figs there for you to see, and probably Mikey will tease me about something or other. I look forward to seeing you then. Maybe we can have a game in the future.
  6. I would think that 3.5 X 3 would be big enough unless your figs are mounted. Just make sure that your archers can range the whole board, or that your figs have plenty of hiding room to keep away from your opponents bowmen! Bob
  7. The rule book has Vale Archers, Vale Warriors (what you're talking about, I think), Vale Long Thorns (spearmen with reach), Vale Breakers (with two-handed weapons), and Death Seekers (the only adepts, they have two weapons). Bob
  8. Usually at the GuardTower, on Columbus west side. I'll be there Thursday night ( for a different game) and Saturday morning, are you up for a game?
  9. The way we play it here in Columbus is that a seperate roll is made for each fig in the AoE. That way everyone has a chance to escape damage. Bob
  10. Thanks Matt! That makes the Dispel a very powerful spell indeed. Now how do I shoehorn in a Level 3 mage in my army? hmmmmm.
  11. My reading of the rules gives me a grand sum of two defensive spells, one of which is level 3, the Dispel. Just how good is this spell, it seems that the rule as written is ambiguous. If I understand correctly, this is what happens: The attacker casts his spell with a die roll. Then the defender casts his spell with a die roll but only if he has defensive magic. Finally both spells take effect simulaneously. So, if an enemy mage gets his fireball spell off and my mage is in the area of effect and is successful with his dospel, is the entire spell dispelled, i.e. no one else is affected by it? The way I read it that is what should happen. Thanks in advance , bob
  12. From the low DV of the thorns, I assume that they have not got a shield (?). Could I add a shield for the 3 points a la the generic cards and still call them elves?
  13. Well there's always the elf archer RAV, or maybe it's the generic and orc archer RAVs? I haven't looked at the other races too closely as of yet.
  14. Thanks all for the welcome and the housecleaning Ladystorm. I guess I'll have to play around with them more and see what happens. BTW is it possible to build a unit of generic cavalry (elvish maybe) and still claim the racial bonus?
  15. I am new to Warlord since picking up the rules at Origins so excuse me if this question has already been asked: Elven archers have a RAV of 1 and a Move of 7 while the generic longbowmen have a RAV of 2 and a Move of 6, the only other difference between them is the Ranger ability of the Elves. Are the elves really that much less effective as archers than the "generics"? Is one inch of Movement equal to +1 RAV? I do understand that the volley ability of the elves is tough, but that is only in effect if the entire army is composed of elves which, if you have any generics (cavalry) don't count. So, why are these archers so expensive?
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