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  1. I use a bunch of citadel shades in my own paining and mostly find them fine in terms of shininess. However, I did get one pot of Agrax Earthshade that dried really glossy. Like you I did all the stuff people suggest with shaking it up and all that, but everything I put it on just came out positively gleaming. I figure maybe it was just a bad batch or one of their actual gloss washes got mislabeled. I bought another pot and that one worked perfectly normally, along with the rest of my shades.
  2. Hmm, classic fantasy movies could actually be a pretty cool theme for a future weapons sprue. Stuff like the Mindblade or Conan's Atlantean sword. Though I imagine the balance between recognisable and legally-distinct could be a tricky one, especially at that scale.
  3. Ladyhawke is aces! My mum introduced me to that one back when I was in my teens. Definitely on the list for a rewatch though!
  4. I've recently embarked on checking out a lot of old-school and classic fantasy movies that I missed at the time by virtue of having not been born yet. This weekend past was Hawk the Slayer, which I enjoyed thoroughly despite (or possibly because of) some delightfully low-budget effects. Neverending Story is currently one of the options for next weekend.
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