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  1. jscurrier

    03784: D'Vandra Lukesia

    Photo not the best. Another I did for a player. She wanted blue hair.....
  2. jscurrier

    77543: Frost Giant Warrior

    Painted him up for my game. NPC giant.
  3. jscurrier

    Barbarian Axeman of Icingstead

    Took photo before base was done. It gets filled in with the glue before static grass.
  4. jscurrier

    Barbarian Axeman of Icingstead

    Painted a lot since I last came here. Here is one I did for a player
  5. jscurrier

    03161: Slithe Raiders

    That's the second person that suggested spots... I think it's going to happen. I will see what I can come up with . Thanks for the input on the linen white also, I see what your talking about and will add that next level of shininess. :)
  6. jscurrier

    60003: Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian

    Stunning detail. Amazing work here.
  7. jscurrier

    03161: Slithe Raiders

    Working on a set of 6 of these to start.. will have about 12-15 to paint. Wanted to get a wet slick look to them, sort of sharky. Sahuagin Raiders
  8. Picked this up on E-Bay because she fits an NPC in my game. Photography is not one of my strong points. I did her base with static grass and a skull on the ground in front of her (not in the pic). I thought the skin came out nice.
  9. jscurrier

    Reaper minis in game

    Pampala..I'm Soooo jacking the candle/dungeon column idea for my game!! Thanks!
  10. jscurrier

    03325: Valise, Dark Elf Tunnel Ranger

    Havnt done the base yet. I'm going to use citadel astrogranite on all the dark elves when they are painted up ;)
  11. jscurrier

    Tiamat ( Pic Heavy )

  12. jscurrier

    Anti-Heroes of our Campaign (pic-heavy)

    Sweet. Post in game photos with that group in the thread "reaper minis in game" would love to see em in action!
  13. jscurrier

    Frog Attack! (#2684, #92683, #92681, #92682)

  14. I have two of her. She is actually an aranea ranger in humanoid form in my game. Not perfect. But good for my purposes.