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  1. Photo not the best. Another I did for a player. She wanted blue hair.....
  2. Painted him up for my game. NPC giant.
  3. Took photo before base was done. It gets filled in with the glue before static grass.
  4. Painted a lot since I last came here. Here is one I did for a player
  5. That's the second person that suggested spots... I think it's going to happen. I will see what I can come up with . Thanks for the input on the linen white also, I see what your talking about and will add that next level of shininess. :)
  6. Working on a set of 6 of these to start.. will have about 12-15 to paint. Wanted to get a wet slick look to them, sort of sharky. Sahuagin Raiders
  7. Picked this up on E-Bay because she fits an NPC in my game. Photography is not one of my strong points. I did her base with static grass and a skull on the ground in front of her (not in the pic). I thought the skin came out nice.
  8. Pampala..I'm Soooo jacking the candle/dungeon column idea for my game!! Thanks!
  9. Havnt done the base yet. I'm going to use citadel astrogranite on all the dark elves when they are painted up ;)
  10. Sweet. Post in game photos with that group in the thread "reaper minis in game" would love to see em in action!
  11. I have two of her. She is actually an aranea ranger in humanoid form in my game. Not perfect. But good for my purposes.
  12. Really detailed board Chris. I just love it!!!
  13. Fantastic. I do the same for my players. I give them the reaper site after they create the characters and let them choose the mini and color scheme. Then I paint them up. ...Some players tend to cost me more as the campaign goes on.....lol.
  14. Really awesome. Absolutely fantastic job!
  15. Wow. Really good job for a first one. I watched a lot of videos as well. They helped. I find the advise on here to be invaluable.
  16. So, I had to repaint this after ruining it with the wrong sealer (turned it snow white). Strippid it down with pine sol . While painting the grey base...I dropped it onto the concrete...right on its left eyelid ... I'm convinced he is cursed....
  17. The pics aren't that good. I'm working on that part
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