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  1. Hello everyone I've heard great things about badgers stynylrez primer. I've seen in several posts here people have been using it brush poo n without an air brush and had some questions for those who do. Ty in advance for your answers. Do you thin it at all? Should I go for full coverage like a spray primer or is it ok if grey plastic shows through? Do you prefer it to other primer? Any general tips?
  2. Is breast cancer awareness pink still available? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  3. Hello everyone. Would you be able to recommend a simple way to paint a bright pink with reaper paints? Something similar to the pictured? I'm still a novice so the simpler the better. Ty all.
  4. Doe's anybody have a pic of this miniature painted? I just purchased one and would like to see all the detail before I start working on my own.
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