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  1. Where do I find this magical stuff?
  2. I'm about to start painting my Munchkin Dungeon figures, and I notice that on their display paint jobs the figures seem to have their eyes, teeth, etc. outlined in black. How does one accomplish that? It doesn't appear to be a wash as it's too dark and fine. Surely, they don't do it with a fine tip brush. Is it ink from a pen? Wondering how to do mine.
  3. "Well, that's no ordinary rabbit! That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!"
  4. Stole my brother's mini from out of his house the last time I was there and painted it for him. Built a much more deserving base for this fierce Zombicide boss with a vicious streak a mile wide.
  5. Great idea. Unsure that I'm good enough to pull off that kind of detailing, though, particularly when I'm having to work around her legs.
  6. I'm wanting to paint the base for my Alien queen from the board game Nemesis and she appears to be squatting on a metallic hatch joined by a mechanical arm. I'm wondering if there's a Reaper or Citadel paint standard that used for such things. I've got lots of grays for swords and such, but I'm really looking for a spot-on suggestion so I can really make this base stand out. It's going to be problematic because I'm going to have to paint by reaching between her legs as well as avoiding her spawns that cluster around her feet and upon the hatch.
  7. I've only used Army Painter strong tone - their medium tone, I believe - to paint my Zombicide: Black Plague minis and loved how they came out. I automatically dismissed the possibility of using it on my other minis, but now understand that's what it's for. Anybody have any experience with using it on other monster or hero figures? Were you satisfied with the results? Did you use a version other than the strong tone? I note their website lists recommendations for different colors where each tone excels, etc. I'd love to hear of others' experiences with using it on non-zombie figures.
  8. Awesome. I got the Mystic Circle with my Reaper 3 kickstarter, but it's still in the box. It doesn't look like it would take long to paint compared to all the detail on a mini, but I didn't know what to use for the base. You've given me some options. Thanks.
  9. I've very little experience doing any kind of terrain base for miniatures. What did you stick the stones on before apply the grass tufts and such? If you're feeling generous, I'd appreciate a paragraph on what you did.
  10. My brother is desperately looking for a miniature to use for Ellie for his Zombicide game. None of the ones others seem to be using bear any resemblance to her. I even tried Heroforge, but he's unsatisfied. Anyone know of a good one?
  11. I suck at photography. Took probably twenty pictures, trying to find an angle, distance, light combo that accurately reflected how good these look, but finally gave up. They're good enough for the Black Plague table-top anyway.
  12. I recall reading an excellent tutorial a long time ago regarding how best to shoot one's finished minis, but I've been unable to find it. I largely suck at it. I'd like to acquire a background against which to shoot, and I don't know from where I could purchase one. I need to know what kind of lighting is best. I think I read that you need at least two light sources, and I wondered if a certain kind of bulb was best. If anybody has the link to that tutorial, I'd like to go over it. Thanks.
  13. Base colors done. Need to do the flagstone tiles on their bases and then apply quickshader. Very tired of being such a slow painter.
  14. Painted alternate Zombicide: Black Plague heroes for my nephew and niece for Xmas this year. They had borrowed the heroes for several weeks to play with on my brother's board, but I asked for them back eventually. I decided to go ahead and paint them and give them as gifts today. Thanks to whoever the genius artist was whose color scheme I copied for Persephone. I suck at paint schemes, so I almost always have to copy. Black Currant was mainly mine as I largely chose a black scheme since the pic on his card didn't have much black in it. I wanted my Black Currant to actually BE black, so I chose almost all dark coloring. I'm still a journeyman painter, so I don't usually highlight, but I experimented with highlight streaks in Persephone's hair and I thought it came out pretty well, so I'm learning. I just wish I had more time to paint.
  15. Journeyman painter here still struggling to paint when I don't have someone choose the colors for me. I'm trying to paint a Zombicide: Black Plague add-on hero named Black Currant, but I don't like his color choices. I want to make him mainly black so he's more worthy of his name. I want to nail the fur part of his cloak, though. I see some guy painted it with Skavenblight Dinge, but that looks to be some form of grey, to me. I'd rather it look more like fur, so I thought I'd paint it something dark and then dry brush it with something else. Anybody have suggestions or know of a good guide? Also, I'd welcome suggestions for the cloak color to go with dark black plate mail. Not really feeling the purple.
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