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  1. Ah think you guys are right more fluff and the fur direction. To be honest it was a 30second tail sculpt lol. It was 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep til the hair was done so I was like freak it and wish wish wish lol. Yes it is a type of wax clay it is "Monster maker" I love the stuff. I am more of a cut into things type of sculptor rather then build up type of sculptor. I usually just glob on a blob here and there to a rough shape then kinda look at it and a pic drawn or of an animal til I get the idea of what I want it to look like and cut into it. I tried 2 part epoxy and such but
  2. Hey guys so my wife wanted my to sculpt a wolf for her and I think it is nearly done. Just some clean up and the feet left and probably the tail since it is bugging me. What ya think
  3. Hello and welcome This is based off a pic I got for a commission "cant show the pic think I would get in trouble" So after a couple more hours I think it is nearly done. The hands need to be cleaned up some and the flute but other then that it is nearly done. I am not sure whats up with the pic of it head on lol. I measured both hands wrists forearms, biceps and length of arms and they are exactly the same but when I take a pic the cam makes the right side look bigger.... It really bugging me anyone know what to do to fix this? I think it has something to do with when the cam focuses
  4. Hey guys so I have been working on a sculpt. I present Pan far from done but I think you can get the idea from this. Any and all comments would be loved.
  5. It is a really nice looking sculpt. I can show you how to sculpt your own lion actually :D
  6. I think this will be the final update cause next is cleaning it up and then casting peace all :D btw the wall you see will be behind him and a chain will run from the clamp to both arms :D also clean up the leg ect
  7. Nothing worse then losing your tools, I lost my smoother the other day and I was beside myself lol. I use wood tools and when I am done I place the smoother in my mouth since it is sculpt smooth sculpt smooth so it sees a lot of action, so much so that it is a darker colour then the rest from my spit over the months lol.
  8. Hello How are you hope your doing fine. If i could make a suggestion and it is a big one everyone hates. Start at the nude aka the start. You seem to have a sloght problem with perportion in some areas, a book i would pick up if you plan on sculpting is drawing with christopher hart figure it out human proportions. Small difference cam REALLY throw off a whole sculpt. Like for a face the head is five eyes wide, with spaces two and four being the eyes themselves, the corners of the moth tend to lye where the pupils of the eyes are straight down. These are all slightly altered b
  9. Here is another quick update next one should have foot and hands done.
  10. Thank you guys here is a quick update tried to update yesterday but tablet was being.... whats the words it was acting like it installed vista. any and all comments would be loved thanks guys few things i did notice... the back foot is tilted to far in and the gut well in person looks like skin in pictures looks like cloth... will need to add belly button and nipples me thinks.
  11. Thank you here is a quick update Almost done with the face....I think lol
  12. Now that you have your stand time for the armature. There is more techniques then you can imagine here so I will show my favorite picswill be added tonight. The easiest for perportion and to avoid streching the leg or arm. Like when you make your armature then bend it to make them in motion and one leg or arm somehow grows ir shrinks. Build your armature by grabing a wire with plires and twisting softly to half the hight of the sculpt will be. Then pull the wires diagonally for the hips generally 1/8 the total highth is what i do. Then bring the wire down the same length as the upper part plu
  13. Hey i thought I would show my progress of a solomon grundy sculpt I am working on. Someone messaged me asking what it was on the armature and how to finish the build. So i thought wth i will show it from start to finish and casting ect.
  14. Hey, Ladies and gent. Doing a quick edit , because what makes sence on two hours of sleep and eight matter lol. So I noticed alot of people where asking about armatures so I thought I would show the type I use. I use a 1/8 threaded rod about 3 feet long cut it in half. Put one end into a board to your desired length a minium of a inch, if you are having stability issues a thicker board can be used. Drill a hole 1/8 wide put rod into it twisting it into place. Then you use "forget the offical name but the clamp that you use for clothes lines" as far down as
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