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  1. Haha! I picked up the exact same one from Canadian Tire last year. I've also some that are not quite so big.They fill up a lot faster than you'd think. I should probably reorganize my older ones. I want one of these, but am no where near a Canadian Tire. Try Walmart or Kmart, but just a word of warning these organizers cost quite a bit of money at full retail. So I suggest checking yard sales in your area.
  2. Purchased retail or KS showed up?Retail from miniature market for ~$80.
  3. The mousling will not be limited based on the product number. Items that have numbers in the 15xx are limited time release while one's in the 14xx are special editions but not limited time... Or at least the 14xx one's are not supposed to be limited time, but there are a few old miniatures that don't follow those rules.
  4. This is a follow up project to complete the Bone Origins set by adding to the D6 a D8 and a D10. Photo of the production ready D6 samples of the D6 dice. Front row: Bone Ivory, Occultist Purple, Nightmare Blue. Back row: Glow in the Dark, Bone Mist, Charred Smoke. We are hoping to add a D8 and D10 to the Bone Origins set. The versatile language of bones on the dice means that these three dice are actually the equivalent to a full 7-dice standard polyhedral dice set: including D4, D12, D20 and D00 dice. Thank you for checking out our new project! Let's make some amazing dice! :D What Are B
  5. This looks interesting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1422641660/bone-origins-polyhedral-dice?ref=home_recs
  6. Thank you that helps a lot.
  7. Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I have a question. How big is this model, because I'm buying a carrying case before I splurge and buy the KDM board game.
  8. I've watched it up to a few episodes ago. I think it's ok. Its not the best show, but it is a lot better than most of the shows on right now.
  9. Went back to the friendly game store and bought a tube of green stuff, and the following miniatures from the 1/2 off bin: 30001 Queen of the Jungle $12.50 14548 Beetle Rider Lancer, BSG $4.40 Town Guard Drummer by Scibor $4.50
  10. Went to the friendly game shop( because it's not local) and left with: 14640 Tundra Stalker, Krgir 60094 Raogru, Charau-Ka Shaman 03614 Eregris Darkfathom Ogre Ripper by Scibor All of which were 1/2 off.
  11. There are less than 3 days left, and the project has surpassed the funding goals. We are around $50 away from $10,000 stretch goal. Here's what happened after the last update. Felt lining add on: The felt is a high quality wool and rayon blend. Note there is not magnets in this photo but the cases will have magnets. We are offering felt lining in 39 different colors, the felt we are using is a high quality wool and rayon blend. This blend of felt is sturdy and thick, unlike your typical craft store felt which can shed and stretch out of shape. To add felt lining to your case just add
  12. Just want to give people a heads up about a large spalted oak case being available for $104.
  13. Well I made yet another Kingdom Death order. This time for a Thief, and a Deserter both of which are encore editions. The ironic thing is both of them have shipped already while my Lonely Tree is still in the pre-shipment phase. I also received my "naked" White Speaker which I ordered last Thursday from Kingdom Death.
  14. I have a few suggestions for your website. The accessories page is currently only accessible from the online store page not the default reapermini page. If the accessories page was on the category bar between paints and forums then you will most likely make more sales from people who are new to the site/community and want to get all the stuff from one place as well as all the people who currently use your site and had no idea you had an accessories page. Another suggestion would be to merge the online store page with the default reapermini page, and drop the online store page. It wou
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