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  1. This could become a thing... Like yellow bracelets, or breast cancer awareness ribbons, or Duck Dynasty crap!!
  2. CARE PACKAGE UPDATE: I just wanted to let everybody know I've received a good response about the care packages and things are moving along nicely. With any luck the packages will be ready to go out to you all here soon. I ALSO wanted to let everybody know that when the good folks, as in THE MOST SUPER AWESOME EVER, at Reaper got wind of what was going on, they wanted to help out too. That's just the way those crazy kids roll !! They have gone WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY here and made this a random act of kindness for me as well as all of you. They really stepped up and have donated time, materials, and manpower to get this thing done. PLEASE give a BIG THANK YOU, Shout-Out, and send LOTS of Love and Support to all the GREAT People at Reaper!!! A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU needs to go out to Dave Pugh, Ed Pugh, and Ron Hawkins without whom, none of this would have been possible. You guys truly are AWESOME!! Thank You and Very Best Regards, Gene Van Horne
  3. Halloween is coming... I do have lots of crummy rocks.... Hmmmm
  4. Whoa there Doc. Don't get all flubberghastimicated. I DID get paid so that's all good. :)
  5. Wow, I appreciate all the support! I'd like to state publicly and for the record, I'm NOT trying to shoulder or assume Mr. Lidberg's debt to his Kickstarter backers. My reaching out in no way absolves Mr. Lidberg of the responsibility he still has to each and every one of you. He will still owe his backers the rewards he promised them during his KS campagin and I encourage you all to continue your efforts in holding him accountable for his actions or lack thereof. That being said, I'm paying it forward the same way a third party stepped up and helped me out during this whole debacle. Without their help I would have never been compensated for the figures I did sculpt for Mr. Lidberg. I don't want any of you to worry about the financial part because I've got that covered. I can't stand by, idly doing nothing. I'm doing this because as Popeye often says, "That's alls I can stands, cause I can't stands no more!" So my offer still stands, anyone who pledged for a reward level that included the Superfogey figures can contact me at [email protected] with the subject "Superfogeys" and I will send them a care package. It won't be the KS reward that Mr. Lidberg still owes you, but it will be fun (which is what this whole thing was supposed to be in the first place!) I'm not accepting any monies for this and these figures are not for sale. Finally, if you are indeed watching any of this Mr. Lidberg, SHAME ON YOU!! Best Regards, Gene
  6. I was the sculptor on this "project". Anyone who pledged for a reward level that included the Superfogey figures, please contact me at [email protected] With the subject "Superfogeys". I can't do anything about the rulebook or the game, but I CAN do something about the figures. Best Regards, Gene
  7. I was wondering about that since the recent Reapercon Mouseling was the first Mouseling Gene didn't sculpt.(And I don't count those Mouslings done in a different style from several years ago) Nope I'm not getting sick to death of you guys or the Mouslings. Just yet anyway... :D Here's the skinny. Victoria Lamb sculpted a Mousling as a Thank You to Reaper for inviting her to Reapercon last year. Both the Mousling and Reapercon's theme happened to be Western and so Bob's Yer' Uncle!! It also worked out well for me as I was in the process of getting ready to move across the country at the time and wouldn't have been able to fit sculpting one in. Gene P.S. Hmmmmm... A Thor Mousling sounds interesting. For that matter so do the Greek God Mouslings... Mmmmm very interesting ;)
  8. When Reaper buys a spec piece (a sculptor's own design) Reaper owns the IP to the design as well. We as the sculptor/designer can't do anything with it except sell more of the same to Reaper. That's SOP in the industry as a whole. There can be exceptions to that rule, as in Patrick's case, but those are few and far between. I typically ask for right of first refusal. If the company is selling or going belly-up, I ask that they offer me the chance to buy back the IP before anybody else. Gene
  9. That's what I meant, Its a Gonturzap!!
  10. Maybe Reaper would allow us some space for a "Gonzurtrap challenge" at Reapercon, much like the beloved VCR Challenge. Instead of converting VCR's, we could convert figures into Gonzurtraps!!
  11. I don't know about a boxed set, but if I can find the time I might work on my interpretation a bit... Gene
  12. Thanks to Buglips for turning me onto this thread I did a project like this with a family friend's son years back. He just had this great idea for an armored gargoyle type warrior. It was lots of fun. I agree with Dr. B!! We should definitely encourage this kind of creativity in kids (AND adults too!). Here's my attempt at the MIGHTY GONTURZAP!! Gene
  13. What Erifnogard said. Privateer's Brownstuff is manufactured by Polymeric. It is the "Original Version" of Brownstuff that contains aluminum powder. It was sold by Polymeric as a Gastank Repair Kit back in the day. Polymeric switched to the brown/neutral mix, with no aluminum powder in it, a number of years ago. One of the Privateer sculptors prefers the original recipie of Brownstuff and convinced Privateer to work with Polymeric to bring the old formula back. Happy Sculpting Gene
  14. This is Unholy Trinty worty material... That or... BANJO LOCO!!! Is there nothing these guys can't do? Gene
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