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Foregoing a promising career in the computer industry due to an unfortunate fear of Prime numbers and dust bunnies, Gene was forced into this line of work and has been doing so, cantankerously some would say, since sometime in 2003. Gene has worked with many powerhouses in the miniature industry including the likes of Reaper, Testors, WizKids, Armourcast, and Magnificent Eg... oh... er... uh... yes..AND Many other such powerhouses of the industry as well! With little bits of dried greenstuff stuck to his watch, clothes, and arm hairs (I've heard those can really hurt) Gene continues to grow as a miniature sculptor. Showered with praise from his peers and fans alike Gene has been privy to many engaging and thoughtful remarks about his work such as "What is that?", "You call those ankles?", "Now that's a bit squidgy, iddnit?" and "I've got a new pencil sharpener!" Gene continues to create character miniatures that are some of the most popular in Reaper’s range with one exception of note involving a tribe of New Guinea pygmies, Aubrey from TLC's "LA INK", and a rather nasty cease and desist order (I've heard those can really hurt too) Miniatures that have exceptional faces, dynamic clothwork, and amazingly realistic hair always seem to elude his grasp somehow. However, the hallmarks of Gene's body of work become quite evident when you look at his outstanding scale creep, details that are difficult to paint, and figures that rarely if ever fit on a one inch base. When asked about his stellar rise to fame in the miniature community Gene could only reply with "Well it's rather small isn't it?"

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