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  1. I'm hoping to take your blending class again. Really enjoyed it last year and have started to put it into practice. Want to take the class again to build on what I've been doing since then.
  2. Flights and hotel booked! I thought coming over from the UK last year would likely be my one and only experience of ReaperCon, so can't believe I'm going again!
  3. Haven't been around for a while, but thought I'd throw something up here :) Some Malifaux Stitched Togethers... Here's a bird's eye view of the bases...
  4. I love her hair. Fantastic job!
  5. Very nice work with the translucent purple base.
  6. Very nice! Very nice red dress.
  7. Just got back from France yesterday. I totally lucked out on my course selections given that sods law dictated that the date the class tickets went on sale was right smack bang in the middle of my French holiday, where I was stuck in a caravan park, with no roaming internet and totally reliant on the camp wifi - which was only available in the main bar, where every kiddie and their tablet sucked up all the limited bandwidth. In short, given that I'm coming over to Reapercon from the UK almost exclusively to do the courses, it had the potential to be a total disaster. Anyway, the Gods smi
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