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  1. I wish the dates were set for 2016!! Flights for the mentioned Apr 28 to May 1 from DC to Texas are 193 roundtrip!!! I'd buy now if I was sure of the dates.
  2. Excellent! I definitely want the one to paint.
  3. Whats the difference between 02694: Cretus Minotaur and 20015: Minotaur of the Maze? Seem to be the same sculpt with a 10.00 price difference! 02964 bigger, like a 54MM?
  4. Excellent. Mr Melons. That was the range i was thinking, Im in DC airfare looks to be about 300 RT to DFW. The rental car will be the most expensive part
  5. Wow!! The Amazon wishlist works great!!!! THanks!!!
  6. I have been combing the reaper store looking for cool models. Obviously there are plenty that I want. The only way I can see to save them is to put them in my cart. I want to place an order but not for everything in my cart. How can I keep the stuff saved i like but don't want to order right now without deleting them from my cart and forgetting about them when i do want to place an order?
  7. Of course. I'm estimating and then adding 50% for planning purposes
  8. What was the Gold Pass price this year. I have major budgeting to do for 2016!! :)
  9. I like to collect dice, so I just pledged. Maybe they'll work in real life, if not, eh, they look cool!
  10. DiverDoug1978


    So I figured I'd see if by some weird chance this long after the swag bags went on sale online, there might still be some. I ordred one yesterday and it's in the way. I never figured there would be any left. I'm making plans now to go to Reapercon 2016 and get mine in person.
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