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  1. New add on for 12 realms: Dungeonland. New characters: Poos in Booth and Frog Prince are now available: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/12-realms-dungeonland-0
  2. Drakengoths were once the proud Guardians of the 12 realms seeking out the evil forces and and driving them away from the lands. When the dark fog invaded the realms they got corrupted as so many others did. Now they serve the same nameless evil that caused all this, they protect its minions from the heroes turning the balance of battle towards evil! A new event is now unlocked: Dark Protection! Check more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/12-realms-dungeonland-0
  3. The concept.... The basic idea was to make a Dungeon Crawling game. We wanted it to be as simple as possible and without a game master. Starting off we thought about the theme. We wanted it to be fantasy but not a generic one as that has already been done many times in the past. So the 12 Realms universe appeared to fit exactly what we were looking for and is filled with characters already known to the people. After the theme was decided, we started developing the rules for the game. The game was being developed at the time as a heavy story driven campaign based game with our focus falling on character progression and interesting choices affecting how the campaign plays out. Later on, the idea of multiple modes was introduced as a solution to the time demand problem of a campaign. We realized from all the campaign games we have played that it is not easy to get the same group of people meet up multiple times in a row and sometimes one of them leaving or not being able to come would ruin the experience for all, so we wanted to find a way to have players experience the campaign in one session in as little time as possible. That’s when the Epic Quest was born. This mode gives to the players the choice on whether they want the more in depth experience with all the story choices of a campaign or the same character progression done in one big scenario that has infinite replayability as the map, enemies, objectives and bosses are always random and different each time. So with 2 modes we kept going forward giving birth to all the characters, minions, bosses and items, and testing out everything that we had made. It was upon that testing that the idea of a third pvp mode was born were players would be able to clash against each other testing out their characters builds and the different combos they can create. From that day forward we were constantly working on all 3 modes developing them further and further and maybe even preparing some future content for all of you players out there. Mechanisms... The game’s mechanisms can be split into 3 main categories: Combat, Exploration and Progression. Combat is the heart and soul of our game, as it is what players will be doing most of the time as the hordes of the enemy minions never cease coming. The first thing we decided was that we wanted to use custom dice for our game and we also wanted to include the explode mechanism meaning the dice will be able to generate additional dice when a certain result is rolled, and what better choice for that than the critical. We believe the exploding dice to be a great mechanism allowing for extremely fun moments during a game and adding the chance for great feats and memorable rolls. As for the main action mechanism of the heroes there were many ideas including cards, action points and many other systems, in the end we ended up with a simple and tested system giving a choice between certain actions to each hero allowing them to perform 2 of them on each of their turns. We also made a glyph system for the spells as we wanted them to feel different than melee and ranged weapons and have a nice use of the custom dice. Finally, we used an initiative system to determine the turns order as we wanted it to not be something static but rather something you can play with and affect with certain abilities. Exploration is a big part of any Dungeon Crawler and the reason we included it in this way was to increase the replayability of the game by having random generated dungeons and also give the players the feeling of actually exploring a dungeon and not knowing what awaits them at the next corner. Last but not least, the character progression is what makes the game unique to each player. Through it the players can see their characters develop in the way they want them too and adapt to their playstyle. To achieve those choices we included gear progression through weapons, armors and trinkets the players get by looting, and skill progression unlocking new abilities for their characters giving them access to multiple combos. We have given great value and focus on the possible synergy between the different characters and the skills they can choose. The theme... The game’s setting are the 12 Realms, 12 kingdoms that include all the characters from the classic fairytales and folklore of our childhood and all the villains from those tales too. To follow the theme of the game I would like to let you a bit into the game by telling you the beginning of our story. Once upon a time, there was peace and harmony across the 12 Realms and nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. Princes were kissing sleeping girls and all tales ended with “…and they lived happily ever after”. Nothing seemed that would ever change and everyone was happy about that. However, a dark night like no other before it came to all 12 Realms. The sky turned pitch black and relentless rain began to fall. The rain soon became a storm, with thunders roaring in the night sky and as the minutes passed a dark fog started to spread across the lands. The wizard of Oz was the first to feel it, this fog, this rain, none of it was natural. "Dark magic", the wizard thought as he grasped his cloak and rushed to the window. He looked outside trying to figure out what was the source of this magic. A sinister will was controlling the weather and whatever the strange fog touched either weathered away in seconds or was changed into something horrific. Looking into the horizon he saw a dark tower piercing through the clouds. The tower was like nothing he had ever seen, its walls were made by black marble and spikes decorated its sides. A dark will lived inside this tower that had appeared out of nowhere and it was it that had cursed the realms and spread that sinister fog. He quickly realized that he should run and alert the others, for this was a battle he could not win alone. So the wizard traveled far and wide across the realms to find help and many joined him, together they forged a party of heroes and ventured towards the dark tower to put an ending to this madness. Within this Tower, the Dark Lords and all evil creatures from the fairytales had been summoned. They were determined to change the world of the realms and bring darkness once and for all. Based on this concept we built dungeonland and as an extension the art too. In this core box we watch the adventure starting inside a palace, in its dungeons! And you will help these heroes find their way trough many battles and enemies!
  4. Stretch Goal #2: Trickster Goblin thanks to your support another stretch goal has been unlocked and now 4 Trickster Goblins are available: NEXT STRETCH GOAL: Tengu A Tengu is a very rare sight in the 12 Realms. Coming from a lost era hundreds of years ago only a few of these creatures survive to this day. Once Tengu were the pets of a great king who captured the most poisonous creatures of his realm and merged them with dark magic to create these horrific creatures. Their poison is deadly and a drop of it could be enough to paralyze you for a while. Their fighting skills cannot be compared with anything known in this world. In Dungeonland the players will add these new to minion’s cards to their appropriate decks and face them in their adventures as the darkness sends them forth to stop the heroes and bring scourge upon the realms.
  5. A couple days ago we added a new pledge level. In this one we offer the core box minis + the crystal golem with painted minis. Total 46 minis. We are familiar with this process from the past and we deliver a descent quality. We will have soon samples of painted minis, so we will post photos. For the moment we post some photos from the past work we did for other 12 realms games. As you will notice this pledge level has different delivery date since the factory needs time to complete such work as the painted minis.
  6. Thanks for merging the threads. i will be here so if you have any questions, don't hesitate. Good news since the game is funded before the end of the first day. We have 23 full days and many goals to unlock.
  7. 12 Realms returns as a standalone dungeon crawling game for 1-4 heroes including 45 highly detailed miniatures plus the exclusive Crystal Golem (Mega Boss) 12 Realms: Dungeonland is a dungeon crawling game for 1-4 heroes. Players take on the roles of famous folklore characters, like Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming, each with unique abilities. They venture across famous tales to stop great villains that have been turned by dark magic, changing the tale's endings and casting the realms into eternal darkness. Our heroes will travel through many tales to gather clues about the source of this mysterious evil. They will fight for their lives using a unique combat system that features a set of custom dice. Through these adventures, the heroes will gather experience, hone their skills (and, acquire new ones using an innovative skill-tree system), collect gold, and discover powerful artifacts to aid them against the foul magic that has spread throughout the lands. Impassioned explorers will encounter strong villains and their minions served up by an A.I. system that allows them to react to certain circumstances and utilize amazing abilities that will challenge even the mightiest and most resourceful. Link:
  8. Thanks everyone for your support! Aether Captains ended successfully few hours ago and all the stretch goals unlocked.
  9. Unlocked. Brass Dagger takes flight! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/aether-captains-0 It's here and it's ready! Brass Dagger is unlocked. New dice-ship, action cards and board. Brass Dagger is a triple-dice ship therefore if you choose it at the beginning of the game, you cannot recruit another ship. The 3 dice occupy all the slots of your board. However, this type of ships have several advantages as we explained in previous updates. One of the new action cards you will find in this ship is Betrayal! By triggering Betrayal you can recruit a rival crew member. Based on the base rules, this is forbidden but triggering Betrayal you break that rule. Last hours for Aether Captains and here is a chance to unlock more stretch goals!
  10. Solo Rules! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/aether-captains-0 Mission accomplished! We have completed the Solo Rules and are editing the final rulebook. As soon as it is ready we will post it online. The solo rules will apply only for the base game, not for the expansions. The expansions, as described on the main page, add new scenarios and ships for the War-Captains and alternative missions for the Navy Commander. The solo rules apply only for the Navy Commander since he is the one who defends the Grand Compact and the world of Arkady from the War-Captains. The War-Captains control all the cities of the Grand Compact: Perium, Etherton, Antara, Easley, and Mavery. The Navy Commander has a specific number of rounds to set the cities free while facing the War-Captains. The War-Captains' ships act based on patterns. We have created six different patterns and the solo player rolls a six-sided die for each ship. Based on the roll, a specific pattern for a ship is triggered. Each pattern includes different actions that control what that ship must do during that round. In the base game, each War-Captain has the ability to trigger 3 Action Cards each round, therefore the same applies to the patterns. Each ship will complete 3 different actions. For example: A ship may move, collect a resource and move again. A ship may move, attack the Navy Commander and attack again, and so on. The patterns we can create for the War-Captains are unlimited since the Action cards are combined with any possible scenario a War-Captain can trigger. As in the base game, the Navy Commander plays last, therefore you must have a strategic plan if you want to win. That's the brief summary of the AI mode and how it operates the War-Captains. In the base game you will find 6 different dice-ships, each occurring twice. In the AI mode you must engage all 6 of the ship types. The entry point of each die-ship is the city it controls. The 6th die-ship’s entry point is the Neutral Ground - giving an extra advantage to the War-Captains. With the War-Captains spread all over the Grand Compact your task as the Navy Commander is a difficult one.
  11. Last days for Aether Captains on Kickstarter. Solo rules, quick play (30-45 min.), custom dice, asymmetric gameplay, Kickstarter exclusive items and miniature ships are just some of the elements that build this project. We unlocked several stretch goals with your support and we still have few days to unlock more and expand further the Empire of Arkady and the gameplay. Check out the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/aether-captains-0
  12. Resources and Solo Rules https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/aether-captains-0 There are five different resources in the base game: Fuel, Bombs, Gold, Water and Repair Gear. Fuels are important for the War Captain’s fleet since their ships can move against the wind. Fuels are also helpful as they allow War Captain’s ships to move and change sides when they are in close combat with the Navy Commander’s ship(s). Fuels, however, are limited to 15 tokens. Players must, therefore, carefully allocate them across their Stats Boards (i.e., some Stats Boards have slots for four Fuel tokens, while others have only three or two). Bombs can be claimed by one of the Arkady cities and they can trigger the Bomb Launch Attack Action Card. Gold can be claimed in Perium and it allows players to recruit a Crew Member. All other resources are target items of specific Objectives. Each resource type also has a limited amount of tokens associated with it. This makes the game more challenging. Because a Navy Commander’s ship can take five to six resources and/or Crew Members, the stakes are slightly higher for War Captains who may require specific resources to fulfill their Objectives. A good strategy for War Captains, therefore, is to collect resources at the beginning of the game, before the Navy Commander moves his or her ships. One smart way to collect resources freely is to take control of a city. Also, generally, the most important resources are Fuels, Gold, Bombs, as they affect side factors of the game’s mechanics (e.g., Action Cards and wind direction). As for the Navy Commander, there are two main reasons to collect resources of any type: 1) To fulfill a specific Objective of the Navy Commander role (see the Class of Corsairs expansion) 2) To reduce a resource type (one or more) in order to prevent War Captains from completing their Objectives. The Crew Members are another intriguing parameter of the game, and they offer special abilities to all players. At the beginning of the game, Crew Members are placed in the neutral ground and they are divided into two stacks based on the back side of their tokens. Some Crew Members are common for both sides, while others are unique. Each Crew Member has a specific ability that can affect the attack, move, resources and other actions that the ships do. All players can recruit Crew Members by moving their ships to the neutral ground and paying in Gold. Only one Crew Member can be recruited during each round. Each Crew Member can also only be used once. After that, the Crew Member is removed from the game. War Captains, however, can keep a specific Crew Member in their Storage slot in order to complete a specific Objective. The most important condition to recruit a Crew Member is to have empty Storage slot (for the War Captains) or a free ship section (for the Navy Commander). One great advantage of some Crew Members is that they can be triggered during another player’s turn, preventing him or her from completing an Action. SOLO RULES Here is the general concept. In this mode, the Navy Commander will have a limited number of turns to complete his mission. At each city site, he will have to face random drone pirate dice. Further, during set up the pair side of the tiles for those randomly placed will have crew placed as hostages. He must save each hostage and as he does, he can add them to his abilities. We are working on this mode and the AI we will place in the game. Although it was easier to develop the main game, the Solo Rules are more difficult since they must offer the same feeling as the main game. We will be ready soon and will post an update just for this mode.
  13. Complete art for the new Objectives of the War-Captains by Anthony Cournoyer. Less than 2 weeks before the campaign ends and that's your chance to get Aether Captains along with the expansions Clash of Corsairs and Fleet of Doom. Soon the solo rules will be ready and we will post an update. Stay tuned! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/aether-captains-0
  14. You unlocked Kestra city along with 2 Drop Zone hex tiles, 1 Target Zone hex tile and 2 Sky hex tiles. Kestra has also a new ability: A War-Captain can move to that city and change his Objective with a new one. However, he must first successfully attack Kestra. Here is the difficult part. Kestra has strong defense and you must roll 10+ with your D12 in order to take over the control. This task is not so easy since the Navy Commander is moving around but also you must be careful to avoid any possible damages from the Storm! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/aether-captains-0 Next Stretch Goal!
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