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  1. I am entirely content to not leave the house, but.. I loathe people, and have a pocket park to run around in if I get cabin fever. I'm more worried for Mr. Thorne, who might have to go into the city (the office he works in? Seattle. :/ ) for work. Right now, he's telework exclusively, but if he has to go in for something... geh.
  2. Still breathing. Living in the sticks has advantages; I can go outside and yell at the birds whenever I want. ^.~
  3. Rolling thunder, still .. we were woken up by a pretty good boom that sounded like it was right over head (didn't see the flash; no way to be sure). My kind of weather, this.
  4. They own WhatsApp, but there's still Telegram, Discord, and a few others. I don't include Skype because that's a garbage can that's on fire - it's unstable, full of ads, and nowhere near as reliable as before Microsoft bought it out. Don't forget IRC is still, somehow going strong, and mIRC came out before AOL Instant Messenger was available outside of AOL's dialup ISP. Nowhere near as convenient as most instant messenger services though, since it's constantly using data. Trillian is still, somehow, functioning...?
  5. I have tea. I am awake. I think. Maybe. I might actually be dreaming. I'll let you know.
  6. Well. I want that. Okay, mostly for the dragon and the knight, but.. I want that.
  7. *considers most recent set of blood and bruises from putting a protective shield on the Bitey Hen* ... y'know, most of the time when I think of the human body as a canvas, I expect to see henna art, or tattoos. In other news, Topaz has successfully walked the wheel. The bribes are working! I still give him a couple weeks before I expect to see him use it without being bribed. Still.
  8. I technically backed this for access to the design doojamhickey; the miniature was a sort of side bonus. If it's good, great. If it's not, well. Eh. Either way, I don't have it yet, so ... Jury's out.
  9. Hey now. Quality Control needs to be thorough, or what even is the point?!
  10. Received and assembled a cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat. Really easy to assemble, seems to function. ... Cats are dubious (expected). Topaz (rambunctious young cat) has been enticed to at least stand on it. I give him ... maybe a couple of weeks/a month before I catch him running on it. I figure once one of them figures it out, the others will follow suit, or not, as they like.
  11. I'm still working on mine.. but, got another chunk out from 'want' to 'ordered'. .. and added a bunch of the powerups to the 'want' list, because woofies are awesome. >.>
  12. I refuse to play that game. I don't have time for it, and I can't - I literally can't - hit every show, much as I'd like to, because they're fun, whether they're giving things away or not. I do have things that need to get done that don't let me participate in streams, especially when I am not sure when they are going to be. :/ Short version; you're not the only one frustrated. And I've mentioned the timezone thing a couple of times. >.<
  13. Send some of that snow this way. It's ninety degrees out there, and I don't know what demented whack job thought that was a good idea. *mutter* Gimme RAIN, damnit. Not this bright, shiny, hot crap that is impossible to work in.
  14. My dad's solution to that, way back in the day, was simply to take the tailgate off and replace it with one of those net things (provided he couldn't get his hands on a truck with a canopy, which was his preference). My Grendel has a tonneau cover, and I hate it. It helps the mileage, but it's a sodding pain in the donkey to actually use the bed for, y'know, hauling anything that might be somewhat off-size.
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