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  1. Got an address confirmation; my Doombox should be on its way shortly! Ee!
  2. I suppose I should do a Saga of the Well update. There really isn't much to update. We're on .. week.. four? of this, and now we're waiting on the bank to decide whether or not they want to work with us for the necessary funds. Andi is deeply unamused, and I am strongly reminded why I hate doing dishes by hand. Every time. This is complicated by our kitchen being poorly laid out for such shenanigans. At least the dishwasher is still useful, albeit mostly as a place to dry said dishes.
  3. I'm currently planning on being there next year. I really missed you guys.
  4. Now I'm kind of wondering what kind of weird magic one could brew up with home made marshmallows. A round of randomness in the discord involving sugary cereals and The True Marshmallow may have brought this on. That being said, I should.. check my kitchen grimoires for hints. I might even have a proper recipe....
  5. I am typing around a cat. Who is trying really hard to lie on my hands and keyboard. Ah, there, she's retreated into the desknest after smashing her face into mine. Cats. *fixes glasses* They're all pretty fond of the felt cat-cave. That thing might be the best almost-forty-bucks I ever spent. Anyway. I'm here. Couldn't go because of this wretched well. August was a lot of hot garbage, from my point of view, and it's still not over. Ratzenfrassen county *muttering devolves into profanities* However.. there's a chance I'll have decent internet by October?
  6. I found him the first time by finding someone who didn't look busy and did look friendly and saying, 'hey, do you know Pegazus?' It is very much more likely they will be able to point you if they have a bingo sheet already. Clots tend to form around someone with a sheet; if all else fails, look for one of those.
  7. Well. I /was/ planning to go to Reapercon, but... then the Well happened. So. I'm looking forward to having running water again. Also, fall is Soon, and I am looking forward to that. ALSO. I am looking forward to all the Reapercon shenanigans! If I cannot be there, I WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING! Share! Pleeease?
  8. Well, heck. I didn't realise he voiced Hudson in Disney's Gargoyles. One of my favorite crotchety old grumps.
  9. Welp. Beginning of Week Three of the Saga of the Well, and.. finally, we have signs of progress. Apparently, the county gave us Incorrect Information. The guys with the drill need to get the permit. We just need to find some competent Drill Guys. We got this, not from the county, as we still haven't been able to get hold of any of them, but from a knowledgeable person at a company that has the engineer we thought we needed. I think. We're finally seeing progress. Quotes are being collected, and companies checked for general competence, and money is being scraped out of .. well, not
  10. Reading. Sitting on a hunk of deadfall at the beach, breathing the salt air and just being there for a bit. Petting literally any of my cats.
  11. I guess I'm due writing an update on the Saga of the Well. Today's the day that, had this not gone down in this direction, we would have started the Road Trip to Reapercon. Obviously, that isn't happening. Still no engineer. Emails have been sent, calls made, and still nada. Andi is about ready to grab a Google Earth image of the land, slap a big ol' X on the current wellhouse and submit it himself, with the intent being that the current well just be drilled deeper. I don't know if that will work, but... guess it's worth a shot. I think we're going on Week Three of this, and bot
  12. Ooh! Shiny! And other observations from a goblin artist..
  13. We.. don't really have any. Although at some point, we (my mother and I) started having oatmeal for breakfast on Christmas morning, pre-present-opening, and it just.. stuck. Andi and I still do that.
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