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  1. Inktober 26, "Lunch serves themselves" Prompts: Hide, Roper, Ochlophobist. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. ... okay, yes, that last one is a bit of a stretch. Sue me, I was having fun. ;p Side note, I can totally understand someone having a fear of crowds. There doesn't seem to be anything irrational about it!
  2. Inktober 25, "A Couple of Fun Guys", Prompts: Buddy, Myconid, Selcouth. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I didn't even get into 'how do you get a myconid high (certain gasses? Acid? o.O ). I got looking at different kinds of fungus while I was painting the Fungal Queen, and it came in handy here. Although I think the Amanita worked better here than it did there. ;p
  3. Inktober 24, "Nope!" Prompts: Dig, Dragon, Quakebuttock. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I notice, somewhat belatedly, that I've figured out ways to work dragons into a number of prompts where there were no dragons... and then there's this. Also, quakebuttock. Best descriptive term for 'coward' I have yet seen. ^^;
  4. Inktober 23, "Sorceress" Prompts: Rip, Form of one, Silhouette of another, Kobold. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. Huhn; great minds. First person to complain about the egg-laying bipedal sapient not having mammalian features gets viciously mocked. :p Could not, however, think up a way to work hoodwinked into it.. maybe if I'd painted her as a rogue.. >.>
  5. Inktober 22, "Now, Where Did I Leave That.." Prompts: Chef, Mimic Copics on 140lb cold press. I really kind of wanted to work 'Middle Earth' into that.. and, I s'pose, technically, I sort of did? Eh. Another time... and not the first of those I've missed. Couldn't work out how to get 'Foozle' into it, either, unless getting a Mimic in your kitchen counts!
  6. Tcha. I moved from OR to WA, and have yet to do that when filling the tank. Not sure how you'd forget to put the cap back on and, in most cases, close the hatch... Then again, I keep an air pressure gauge in my purse (thanks, Mom...), and came by the habit honestly. >.>
  7. Inktober 21, "I Told You It Was The Wrong Door!" Prompts: Sleep, Planescape, Aglifft Watercolour on 140lb cold press. Oofh. One of the things that gets me with watercolour is waiting for it to dry between assaults with the brush. So if I go and do something kinda complicated... yah. Whoops. Butterfly is really loosely based on Callithea Optima (also seems to be Asterope Optima? Google... honestly, you're no help sometimes); one of a number of naturally blue butterflies in the world. Why? Eh. I felt like it. :p
  8. Huhn. First thing popped into my head looking at that; "Damn. Lady of Blades had a serious wardrobe malfunction!" Probably not serious enough for me to get one, but if anyone takes that and runs with it, I'd love to see the finished piece. ^^;
  9. Inktober 20, "Rambunctious" Prompts: Coral, Manticore, Displacer Beast, Malagrugrous, Feather. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. If 'Coral' and 'Malagrugrous' are confusing for anyone... that poor naga in the background is the babysitter. Kittens are cute! Kittens are fun! Oh, my head. Heh, heh, heh...
  10. Inktober 19, "Wrong Bucket" Prompts: Dizzy, Find Familiar, Carrion Crawler. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. ... I don't remember the actual components for that spell, but.. well. Wrong bucket. Didn't get to work today's word in. Probably for the best. >.>
  11. Inktober 18, "Nope!" Prompts: Trap, Owlbear Watercolour on 140lb cold press My immediate reference for 'Trap' was, admittedly, the ubiquitous snap-trap. But... the cute little two-wheeled conveyance was more appropriate for this. Could probably have thrown in gambrinous, but... heh, even drunken shenanigans couldn't quite explain that one ..
  12. Why. Is there not enough *redacted* going on right now that I don't have to add .. what, rat pee? Not water, for damn sure .. to the list of stuff we're dealing with? And, of course, there's no such thing as pest control right now - we've been trying to get hold of someone to sort this out for.. oh, months? BRB, purchasing snap-traps. Big snap-traps.
  13. We've always had cats; I can remember very few times when there wasn't at least one in the house. And .. yah, it hurts to lose them; I've got a bunch of cat-shaped holes in me. But it's worse, not having them. I have good memories of all the cats I've lost, and I wouldn't give that up. But it's a good thing Topaz doesn't seem to mind being dripped on, because... well, he's at ground zero, and I admit it, I'm dripping.
  14. Give Brutus a hug from me. We lost Ms. Cat sometime last night. Knew it was coming, she's been old and creaky all year, and, quite frankly, we've been spoiling her a bit, knowing it was coming. Wasn't ready. So, am sitting here, being a catbed and leaking saltwater on Topaz, who ... is a round ball of asleep and purrs.
  15. Inktober 17: "This is why I don't disintegrate the staff." Prompts: Smoke, D&D Monster, Beholder, Weltschmerz. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I suspect we're gonna see a lot of beholders today; all that stuff just synced up too nicely.
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