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  1. Uh ... *eyes playlist* A lot of everything?
  2. Yup. So much so that at least one librarian approached my mother to ask her if I should really be taking all those books if I wasn't going to read them. As I do not remember this incident, I had only my mom's word on it. She thought it was funny, natch. I don't have as much time. But I've been known to binge. A book will grab my attention, and then a weekend will go by and I will have finished it, probably three more and be looking around going, 'huhn?'. Dune was about two days worth, mostly because I kept getting interrupted. Surprising no one, the invention of e-books, which allows me to carry half a library around in my hand-computer, AKA my SMRTphone, has been... dangerous.
  3. Long pants* of some form, and a t-shirt. If I have to be visible to the general public for some reason, it's cargo pants and a t-shirt. Pockets are no longer optional. ;p *definition of pants is very loose here; pajama pants are not uncommon; usually with pockets.
  4. No worries. Cards (and dice. Can't forget those) are probably the one thing I don't have a shortage of. And I came out of a Deadlands Kickstarter with two more decks of cards (.. it.. seemed like a good idea at the time?). Poker chips, now... I don't have any of those. Pretty sure the great big heavy things we got with the Dark Eye Kickstarters won't work... although they are very nice.
  5. Long time Deadlands forever Marshal here. Try on my boots sometime. Oh.. yah. Deadlands. I want to try that. Mention it? *crickets* . . no. Not *crickets*, actually. More like *dead crickets* *sigh* Also .. AGE, Cypher, Numenera, The Strange, Shadowrun, World of Darkness ... I've got (literally) shelves full of books for systems or settings I wanna play. Group? What group?
  6. This bit sounds a little like Mr. Thorne and I trying to get people to try The Dark Eye. Or, really, anything that isn't PF or 5e. It's really hard to dredge up any excite about new systems/settings/any combination thereof when suggestions are met with dead air. :/
  7. English biscuits, digestive biscuits, or American biscuits? Yes.
  8. The commute might be a pain, but hey I'm sure I can round up some people here to make a group..... I would cheerfully settle for a remote game, via virtual tabletop (provided it's not roll20, which.. no). This was actually prompted not so much by me getting blind-sided by a character, but by Andi running something past me and me thinking, 'damn. They would be fun to be in a group with'. .. okay, so, yes, blind-sided by a character. Just, for once, not one of mine. ^^;
  9. ... *grumble* Want. A game. I miss the Saturday game. Anybody planning to start one? I can get you two players for PF1, no problem. >.>
  10. This cold snap - ours seems to have moved on, for the time being - has reminded me of the assorted things one does to stay warm when the weather outside is so cold it'll freeze hot water in minutes. And also of why I really, REALLY want a working woodstove. *mutter* If I can get one that I can drop a standard kettle on for tea - or.. or SOUP..! - bonus! I'm also now wondering how difficult it would be to build a curtained canopy for our bed. >.> My Twitter feed has been a wealth of tips. I've learned all /kinds/ of neat things, saved up for the next time I need them .. If anyone was curious as to what actually happened to our HVAC, the power outage killed the starter cap on the internal fan; not something we could have prevented, according to the HVAC technician. I'm not actually sure what that means, other than 'no heat for you!', but... well. It's fixed now, and we have warm again. The cats are much happier.
  11. I think I have that book. GURPS isn't one of my favorite systems; I give it credit for flex, but I don't care for the bloat. That said, I'd probably play it if somebody was running something I wanted to play; I'm not that picky. ^^;
  12. I scrambled a lot of eggs with cheese and ham (proscuttio. It was delicious). Seemed more-or-less equitable; Andi brings me warm, I make food. .. I might have made a little too /much/ food, but whatever, the house mate also needs to eat. I should note that 'cold' is not a foreign situation for me; I've Done This Before (granted, not since I was small), and I remember a lot of the tricks. ^^; Granted, a drafty ramshackle not-actually-a-cabin with a single woodstove and no insulation to speak of is a slightly different animal, but still ...
  13. Spoilered for TMI for those who don't want to know: GEM Well. Balls. This also explains the popularity of whole-house filters on the box. Not, mind you, that I think we have any such thing, because I've ranted about the half-pants sloppy work done in this house before... Our plumbing has prompted at least one plumber to throw up warding signs; I have Concerns about our wiring. >.< however. At this point, I have a space heater. And a cat. I am warm.. er. I'd like it noted that at the point where I crawl back into bed because multiple layers of wool and down are warmer than multiple layers of silk and wool, it's gotten pretty cold. That the cats migrated in is no surprise; they're not stupid, they know perfectly well that cats + human means more warm than cats by themselves, or a human left to their own devices. .... which is probably why Mystery is refusing to curl up in the felt den, preferring my forearms. It's a good thing I can touch-type.
  14. ... still cold. Power outage somehow killed our HVAC. I .. don't even want to know how that's possible. So. I am still depending on layers of wool to stay warm, and wearing a mask indoors because maybe it will help. I won't be able to see, and drinking my tea will be tricky, but, whatever, if I'm not sneezing my face off I'll take it. Seems to be working, so far. I may go forth and bake something, just to get /one room in this house warm/.
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