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  1. Not really. Kobolds is kobolds, and they show up as needed, in whatever configuration seems appropriate. I do like the dragon-y ones, but people do a lot of variants, and most of them are pretty awesome.
  2. If I'm not misreading this, I'm probably more of a 'host' player; I have a decent collection of NPC minis and some terrain, because I like to use those things even if I'm not GMing. This is convenient when Andi is GMing, but not always when someone else is. Depends on the person GMing; I have an agreement with most of my group where, if they need something for a live game, they can ask and I'll bring it, no questions needed. ... although I might have a concern if they need a five-headed dragon, and I /might/ have to ask if they want the adorable little Wizkids prepaint, or Ma'al......
  3. Amongst other things, my state is known for its temperate rainforests. And I live near enough to one for a visit to be a day trip, if I were so inclined.
  4. We have standards, too, although last I heard, the market rate for those was going down a bit... >.>
  5. Naturally! And I expect them to be finished projects well before the month ends. ... the ones I'm actually working on, that is. I have a few I'm not currently working on that also count as 'half finished'. >.>
  6. Pffft. That's EASY. No, really. You just tuck the corners in, and go from there. Simple!
  7. Yup.. happens more often now that I have fewer chronological anchors, too.
  8. I wouldn't inflict that upon my friend. It's already a dwarven theme so will be plenty of knotwork in the axes and helmet. I found one that night work but need to get a picture of it. Soooo... Norse-inspired? *would flee, but is hampered by being soaked, because it is POURING OUT*
  9. I hear you. So, there are all these lovely celtic-inspired fonts .... *flees*
  10. Not really? I have a few lying about, some of them are even painted! but.. they are minis, and I like them as much as my more recent acquisitions. This may change, of course; I just haven't stumbled over anything that triggered the *chirp!* yet.
  11. Geese, probably. Get along better with my chickens, and I'll never have random strangers on the property again (geese are terrifying, as we all know). Also, turkey poults cannot be raised with chicks, and that's an Issue for me. ... regular sleep? What the heck is this magic? I tend to lean hard into 'awake at night', which makes attempting to stick to other people's arbitrary schedules difficult...
  12. .. there's a sun? My usual luck runs to 'nope, you don't get to see Cool Thing X, it's overcast!' so.. probably, I will not notice, provided I'm even awake that early...
  13. I just finished tearing through Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. 10/10, would recommend.
  14. If I was the kind of person who scanned QR codes, I might scan it. I am not, however, the kind of person who does that, as I have a deep suspicion of QR codes in the wild. I might take a picture, and then look it up to see WTF it is, though.
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