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  1. .. and I've acquired an inability to check threads. It's like I'm really tired or something! That said, I also acquired a new faucet. The other one leaks, and I hate it. So, any excuse...
  2. Filtration went in yesterday. Well is being decommissioned as I type, and that just leaves the trench to be filled in; that was supposed to happen sometime this week, but hasn't .. yet. There's still time (prime inconvenience hour would be roughly now, because hyuge trucks in mah yard, but.. well. We'll see). I have a Plan involving burgers tomorrow, because damnit, I have been wanting a burger for ages ... Specifically, I have been wanting one of MY burgers. Ideally, grilled. We'll see about that bit..
  3. Well. We're treating Urgent Care like a walk-in clinic for a few days; which they don't seem to have a problem with. I guess I can work with that, although I continue to think that being on a first-name basis with the urgent care staff isn't something I would normally /want/. We have filtration. The guy doing the install managed to break two drill bits in our basement wall, forgot some of the parts he needed and still managed to get the job done before five PM. I'll take it. I haven't actually tested the r/o filtered water yet; but the system is installed and working. The old well is being decommissioned tomorrow, and the trench filled in.. *eyes calendar* .. Soon (TM). So, the Saga of the Well is coming to an end, at long last. One less source of stress and frustrate. I'll take it.
  4. Before the day turned into supervising filtration install, I managed to catch this trio, having a nice snack around the new well head. .. okay, only one easily identified, but if you look past Mama there, there are a pair of fawns..
  5. Yah, got some of those too, because it seemed like a good idea. Y'know. Like you do. One side effect of all this, changing Andi's bandages at home has left me with a LOT of stuff you don't usually see in home first aid kits... I suspect I'll have leftovers enough to give some future EMT a Moment. Annnd the probably-by-now expected Medical Hell spoiler... *grumblegrumble*
  6. I. Hate being right. I don't know who might be likely to have issues with random medical hell, but I'mma slap it under a spoiler, just in case. It's not graphic or horrible or anything, but it was a long day. I had a feeling it was going to be a regular flustercluck, and dear tiny gods, was I ever right. Flip side of this, the supply of paper towels and garbage bags in the car got renewed. Does anyone /not/ carry a roll of paper towels and a supply of garbage bags in their car? *sigh* I am really looking forward to having the filtration installed. That will be one less thing to worry about. I haven't had a lot of time to paint this month. I don't approve. 😕
  7. It's definitely Monday. The Medical Hell Saga has put paid to any possibility we might get to go to Reapercon this year, and I'm pretty sure that Andi is even more done with it than I am. They're going to peel the crap off his right foot tomorrow - that'll be a whole Thing - and sometime in August, they're going to do some things to the back of his left eye... I need to look up some stuff for letting him sleep on his face with a CPAP mask on, because that's a whole *convenient ink-splat* thing, too. On the other hand... better than losing all the vision in that eye, which is what we're looking at if they don't do it. At least the Saga of the Well is coming to an end, with installation of a filtration system this Thursday. There is a side-quest, in the installation of the new waterheater, but that's.. *sigh* Sort of on hold, at least for a little while; our old waterheater is holding the line, for now. I'm going to need a Ninja Shopper and a whole gorramn VAT of Sanitea.
  8. Girl's efficient! And effective! And ebullient! ... .. what? I don't get to use that word nearly often enough. 😜
  9. .. So, Galactus? Albeit, iirc, Squirrel Girl took him down, so...
  10. Filter system install scheduled. .. maybe this time the R/O system will actually get hooked up; dog knows the last one never did. >.<
  11. So. We need steampunk/sci-fi wing sprues. Techno-wings ala Not-Actually-Mercy. Glider-wings. Jet-assist wings. Icarus would have an envy wings!
  12. Alright. Friends, we have water. Housemate has volunteered to check the washing machine. .. he's a brave man; there are no filters on the system yet! (that's next; they didn't have time to do that today)
  13. Wlp. They're doing the thing. The pressure tank came in - a new one, because ours sprang a diaphragm.. But! We should have water by the end of the day! Hopefully. I'm not seeing filter parts yet.
  14. .. the corner laurel has somehow adopted a maple sapling. I found this yesterday, while wading through the yard to check on the fence roses (still not blooming) and the iris (EXPLODING) and the fennel (still there, somehow), and the lemon balm (all over hell; who thought planting a mint-like IN THE GROUND was a good idea.. at least it will smell Very Nice when inevitably mown down). This is both the only laurel not planted in a terrible place, AND the largest of the lot. So, how exactly a maple sapling managed to survive long enough to be almost as tall as the laurel I'm not entirely sure, but.. it's there. And it seems content to fight the laurel for space, light and water. I'm honestly glad to see it; losing the other one did not make me happy.
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