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  1. My thoughts were split between this and the fact that I don't even like painting under magnification because it diminishes my sense of depth. For gits and shiggles, I looked it up, and .. it's a real thing. I might even GET one. Actual Brush Cam, and stuff, eh? Would only need to figure out a way to mount it and get Streamlabs to recognise it ...
  2. ... it's a little early in the year for April Fools pranks, no?
  3. Fortunately, Jasper's pretty good about taking her pills, but she gets a bribe... once the pill has gone down the hatch, she gets wet food, and she is Deeply Committed to that dish of wet food.
  4. .. you know that thing where, you KNOW something, because you have read more than one account and have spoken to people with experience... but all you can find on the internet is completely unrelated and unhelpful information? Yah... I don't remember any specifics on oil paints; because everyone I knew who was doing custom work was using chalk pastels or acrylics (and possibly watercolours?), and making a point of using sealants (Mr. Super Clear was a favorite). I'll take another shot once I've eaten something and medicated the cat; one or the other might shake something loose.
  5. Ah, it's not that. Oils on resin supposedly degrade the resin; exactly how I'm not sure, tbh, because I've never tried it. One of the first things I learned when painting doll makeup; acrylic paint, or chalk pastels; no oils. I had a preference for chalk-pastel; acrylics without an airbrush were tricky. From what's been said so far, sounds like that base or primer coat is probably going to be the thing that makes the difference for this, tbh; especially if your first layers are acrylics. If the oil never touches the resin, it can't degrade it, or so. So I'm interested to see how it goes, since I don't really have the space (or interest, tbh; I was never very interested in working with oils) to try it myself. ^^;
  6. Huhn. I've heard that oils and resin don't mix too well (definitely not with the resins ball jointed dolls are made from), I'll be following this one with interest, I think.
  7. Yes. That can help if it is filthy. But modern mice usually don’t have removable mechanical cleanable parts — older mice did. What kind has she got? A trackball might still have a ball to clean; and they do still make them.
  8. Oh, outside of random models, I have zero interest in owning one; they're adorbs, but we live out in the middle of nowhere, and a SMRT car wouldn't last a month out here... .. a SMRTcar frame would make a hilarious Mad Max vehicle, though.
  9. Well, crap. Despite all the bleeding, my human disguise clearly still needs some work.... (my finger is better, although I'm not sure how long it'll take for the cut in the nail to grow out.). ... It's rumoured to hit single-digit temps here. This is .. interesting, for late Feb where I am? Snow on the way out to retrieve the Andi, too. None here. Yet. We'll see.... I'm a touch concerned; we've got a loaner (car's in the shop; sensor cable needed replaced), which is .. pearl white, and I am afraid that if it snows enough, I won't be able to find the dratted thing. I want my car back; this one is bigger, doesn't handle as nicely and gets worse gas mileage. It's also got /cream leather upholstery/, which is the least sensible thing I have ever heard of. Next to white leather couches, that is.
  10. I managed to join that club last night; I was cleaning something with a (new! I JUST CHANGED THE BLADE!) hobby knife .. and it slipped, and naturally whipped right across my finger. Bled enough that I didn't get a good look at the damage until I changed the bandaid this morning. There's a reason I keep bandaids handy up here, just sayin' ... No stitches. Just ow.
  11. I use Foundry and a combination of screenshots and my graphics manipulation programs to get PDF maps to be uploadable JPGs or whatever. I've actually done the same with tokens, in many cases, and the rest are Heroforge or somebody Did An Art. My scanner comes in for other stuff; Foundry's got a card system, and I Am Using It, because I'm running Curse of the Crimson Throne, and lo, that's heavily invested in the Harrow deck... but it also means I can use stuff like chase decks and crit/fail cards. I just have to, y'know, scan and upload them. Foundry's support for PF1 is sparse, but it works well enough. Support for anything current is naturally going to be much better; PF2, Starfinder and The Dark Eye are all much more impressive, and I'd be willing to bet the same's true for 5e. If you don't have the gimp or something, photopea .com is pretty functional. You'll have to remove the space, I can't remember if the web-based graphics manipulator has commerce on it or not. 😜
  12. As has been pointed out, resin has issues; resin dust is toxic; and if you're sanding, the way most of us do? You get resin dust. Bones plastic doesn't have this problem. If they're just blowing that off, that's gonna have consequences, and that's not good for anybody. I wouldn't be half as upset if they were making a point of mentioning how dangerous this stuff is.
  13. We're apparently roomed. So far, the plan is ... we're going; and we're planning accordingly..
  14. I'm really hoping we can make it this year. Andi's new job shouldn't - by then! - complicate things too much, we hope.. ^^;
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