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  1. This prompted me to say some things you can't say on television. Because I really liked the girls I got last time .. and it looks like they're going to have a few I will like this time, too. *sigh* TEMPTED! I did not need that!
  2. Name one minor catastrophe that effected all the human(oid)s in your setting. Bonus points for legends built up around the event.
  3. Mine finally came in, after a detour through Alaska (..I .. I don't know). It's not bad. Some really obvious printing lines, which I expected. But not as bad as I was expecting.
  4. The universe runs on a Pat Benetar sound track?
  5. I was shoved out of bed at .. five..? AM? by Mr. Thorne, and the cat. Jasper, in this case. Normally, I'd just go right back to bed, but ... there is no space for me in the bed right now. So, I'm awake, I am drinking tea, and I am already offended at everything. Except kittens. And possibly puppies.
  6. Eh. Do what makes you happy; it's not like we're handed instruction manuals, right? @aturriff is teaching himself Japanese. He's enjoying the heck out of it, and I'm happy to encourage him to do it. I'm more interested in the crazy things that can be done with a sheet of paper and a little patience (oh, and the food.. ), but I learn some of the most interesting things when he trips over a piece of vocab that interests him. So, yah. Go for it. People's opinions are their problem.
  7. Also, your average teacup has a /handle/. Oh. OH. Holy BALLS. Of icecream. OMG. I might actually /use/ all those tiny porcelain teacups that are so dang cute.. and utterly useless, because I drink my tea in mugs, like an adult and stuff. But... serving dainty sundaes in TEACUPS!? Holy balls. I need an excuse to do this. It doesn't even need to be a good excuse. Thinly veiled pretense will do nicely!
  8. And they make the perfect "secret stash" for Chili-Bombs! GEM Indeed they would. *radiating innocence*
  9. I had to re-read this line as my brain read "skill for skull" the first time. GEM Eh. Either works for me. Yes, of course. ARTIST. We're supposed to be weird; adding a couple of skulls to my decor would do nicely!
  10. This makes me wonder if trading logo services for a painted miniature would count as an art trade... >.> (I'm an artist; I'll trade skill for skill...)
  11. I am entirely content to not leave the house, but.. I loathe people, and have a pocket park to run around in if I get cabin fever. I'm more worried for Mr. Thorne, who might have to go into the city (the office he works in? Seattle. :/ ) for work. Right now, he's telework exclusively, but if he has to go in for something... geh.
  12. Still breathing. Living in the sticks has advantages; I can go outside and yell at the birds whenever I want. ^.~
  13. Rolling thunder, still .. we were woken up by a pretty good boom that sounded like it was right over head (didn't see the flash; no way to be sure). My kind of weather, this.
  14. They own WhatsApp, but there's still Telegram, Discord, and a few others. I don't include Skype because that's a garbage can that's on fire - it's unstable, full of ads, and nowhere near as reliable as before Microsoft bought it out. Don't forget IRC is still, somehow going strong, and mIRC came out before AOL Instant Messenger was available outside of AOL's dialup ISP. Nowhere near as convenient as most instant messenger services though, since it's constantly using data. Trillian is still, somehow, functioning...?
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