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  1. My Kickstarter stuff hit New York today! ETA is Dec. 1st. Seems legit. ;p
  2. After 15 years of being the official bird chopper it still looks like road kill when I'm done with it. Not as enthusiastic as the Swedish Chef any more but it seems my technique is similar. Y cooking usually tastes good but I get low scores for presentation. ... if I haven't done at least one thing that would make Gordon Ramsey invent new ways to utilise profanity, I might not be doing food right. That said, carving meat with a sharp knife is not that hard? I have the most trouble convincing all the limbs to detach nicely. If I've already whacked the backbone out of the bird, this is easier, though; I am a huge fan of flat fowl...
  3. Says you. I am now deeply tempted to put in my will that my carbonised remains should be blended with resin and made into dice. Ideally, mixed with glitter, because why the hell NOT?
  4. Mine are still in transit limbo. *sigh* Soon ...
  5. Nice chair! May I recommend a set of rollerblade wheels to make it even better? (A friend of mine turned me on to these things, and... lemme tell you, I am never going back to those plastic casters ever again).
  6. Wlp. Andi's ready to chew people. I'm ... deeply disappointed with people. Also, avoid NewEgg, apparently, they are someplace worse than useless if somebody uses their store front to scam people with. This is ... still an ongoing story, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with it.
  7. I have found Roll20 really only works well in Chrome. Other browsers will cause issues especially when uploading. Try Foundry; they seem to be a little more Other Browser Friendly.
  8. Definitely tea. At least to start. Should do a food. Still trying to decide if something actually pee'd on my desk, or if I'm just paranoid because it's happened before. This is country life, but I don't have to like being randomly pee'd on! .. at least it's not being shoulder-deep in a cow because Reasons. I saw a little grey cat in the yard, the other evening. Scrammed pretty fast (not officially one of ours). Kind of hoping it sticks around; I like having barn cats. And there's not precisely a shortage of vermin for them to eat.
  9. A goodly number of us can thank IKEA for our mini-storage and display solutions. >.> In the end though, whatever works, works.
  10. Humans are gonna top /that/ list. Semi-feral animals are next down; no fear of humans, no reason to trust humans. Bad combo. :/ I'm generally fairly easy-going otherwise. You do your thing in your space, I do mine. Spiders still get the jump reaction if they startle me, but I've got to a point where, if I know they're there, I'm okay. The bigger they are, the less okay I am, so, tarantulas... eheh. No. I do not wish to share space with spiders bigger than my hands. I am completely fine with snakes. I'd love an opportunity to handle a really big snek... ^^;
  11. Skunks are pretty high on the list of not giving elves. I've encountered a fair few of them, and never have I seen one run or move faster than a relaxed strut. That being said, they're rather peaceable creatures, had one approach me once while I was leaning against a tree while my leg was in a cast. Couldn't run, didn't want to spook it, so I stayed put, offered it a couple Burger King fries and some root beer, and after it enjoyed the offering, it sniffed at my leg a bit, then continued on it's way. Nobody cares to be on the receiving end of Skunk's bad opinions. For good reason; those opinions can linger for a long time... As long as they stay out of my chicken yard, I have no opinions about skunks; they are as good a neighbor as the 'possums, and far less frustrating than Rat, who makes for a seriously rude houseguest, and a worse roommate. Can't tell I grew up in the country, eh?
  12. One.. ?! Three-way-tie between hobby!stuff, cats and tea.
  13. Rebuilding my work space. Step One. Cleaning! .. raztenfrassen mutter growl.. This sort of thing is why I don't do labor-intensive things one month after the other - like Inktober AND NaNoWriMo. ^^; (that, and I'm not actually much of a writer, but.. y'know. Stuff. ^^;) Might do mini-cember, though. Maybe. If my head hasn't exploded. Should be worth it, though; I'm looking forward to having a little more space for hobbying, plus actual storage. Should be nice.
  14. Read all the books. Maybe do some cooking. Play with the cats. Draw things (cats, humans, chickens). Y'know, the stuff I usually do. ;p
  15. I can't take credit for the word list; that was someone in the Reaper Discord. But I had to look up a bunch of them myself (actually, all of them, just to be sure I wasn't misunderstanding anything. The ones I knew, I mostly knew correctly). Petrichor is one of my favorite smells, and I have a vague recollection of being charmed the first time I learned what the scent is called. I hope I'm not the only one hoping they do another such prompt list next year; this one was a lot of fun, and educational to boot!
  16. Inktober 31, "I SAID Turn!" Prompts: Crawl, Free draw from your imagination, Victorious, Adventurer. Mixed media, Watercolour and ink on 140lb cold press. Holy BALLS, what a ride. So, this is .. again, one of my characters (who's surprised, anyone? No? Didn't think so), doin' what she does. I could probably have worked 'Imprecation' into this, but .. well, would have been a bit of a sell. I'm not sure, given a choice, whether I'd do this again with watercolour; while it worked, and I enjoyed the heck out of it, it was also kinda ... time consuming. ^^; So, who knows. We'll see how next year goes. And, 'cause I'm betting some of you are curious, I'mma drop a spoiler here with a photo and rough list of the tools I was using. And that, ladies, gents and rainbows of all persuasions, has been Inktober at Thornehaus! I've been enjoying the heck out of everyone else's work, and I hope the feeling's been mutual.
  17. I think I may have a shipping notice for mine. I'll keep y'all posted.
  18. Inktober 30, "Uh Guys..?" Prompts: Ominous, Elemental. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I may have missed an opportunity to abuse my ability to draw the human form and throw a little sci-fi into the blend here, but... well, this was also fun. Didn't manage to get any gamboling in this one, either; prompts just didn't want to line up.
  19. Inktober 29; "The Cobbler" Prompts: Shoes, Fey Watercolour on 140lb cold press. So, I pulled from a reference for this one. It's probably visible (kudos to anyone who actually tracks down the photo I used). Couldn't get Gillygaupus into this one, but, hey, I got three for two, on account of two lists having the same prompt for today.
  20. Intober 28, "Adrift" Prompts: Float, Oz. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. Well. I couldn't figure out how to work Deliciate into this; so, you get this instead.
  21. For metal, you'll definitely need a primer. Reaper's brush-on works just fine for me; dunno what you've got handy to you.
  22. Inktober 27, "Hear that?" Prompts: Music, Glitter, Almiraj, Petrichor, Island. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. Who'da thunk drawing bunnicorns would be ... well, I guess 'easy' ... Petrichor is one of my most favoritest smells, so... figuring out how to work that in? Oh, yes, that was happening.
  23. Inktober 26, "Lunch serves themselves" Prompts: Hide, Roper, Ochlophobist. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. ... okay, yes, that last one is a bit of a stretch. Sue me, I was having fun. ;p Side note, I can totally understand someone having a fear of crowds. There doesn't seem to be anything irrational about it!
  24. Inktober 25, "A Couple of Fun Guys", Prompts: Buddy, Myconid, Selcouth. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I didn't even get into 'how do you get a myconid high (certain gasses? Acid? o.O ). I got looking at different kinds of fungus while I was painting the Fungal Queen, and it came in handy here. Although I think the Amanita worked better here than it did there. ;p
  25. Inktober 24, "Nope!" Prompts: Dig, Dragon, Quakebuttock. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I notice, somewhat belatedly, that I've figured out ways to work dragons into a number of prompts where there were no dragons... and then there's this. Also, quakebuttock. Best descriptive term for 'coward' I have yet seen. ^^;
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