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  1. Yeah, we could use new blood. We discussed it last time, but no one knows anyone to invite. Our group formed because we were all loners (my husband and I being the only couple). I know other gamers, but for various reason they aren't able to play. Made more difficult because we don't play D&D, which is half the action here (WH40K being the other group) I just sent a note around saying I had nothing prepared this week, either. I don't, and I'm not spending two days cramming for a game no one is enthusiastic about. If you want to run virtual... we might have space? Is PF, though, and we run on alternate Sundays... .. I know he's probably going to have space in his Dark Eye game, but I don't know how intersting that's like to be to you. ^^;
  2. Ours is deities. frex, the entertainment machine (which. .. well, the TV is hooked into it) is Diomedes. There was a plan involving console emulators at one point.... There's probably a Janus in here somewhere, possibly a Ra, and at least one Hades, and I'm pretty sure one of the traveling machines is Ulysses. I'm not sure I understand how somebody can't be at least basically familiar with the planets. Ancient deities, sure. But.. planets? we LIVE on one. How do you not recognise one of the names for it?!
  3. Nah. I have no dogs - or dwarves - in that argument, I'm just here for the lols. I admit to being deeply dubious about civet coffee; the concept of drinking something made from beans picked out of poo is .. not .. something I am willing to accept. Brings back a few too many memories of WoW quests where ... well, there was poo. And picking through it for things. And... yah, I'll just leave you guys wondering about that Grizzly Hills quest, assuming you weren't.. you know. There for that. *twitch* Amberseeds... *shudder*
  4. Not another one..... What do you want? The only way to render coffee drinkable is to add milk and chocolate to it. Or ... yah, okay, I guess you could add Irish Cream.. that might work... but I need to be able to drive occasionally, which defeats the purpose of the coffee. Without something like that, the acids curl my tongue up in the back of my mouth and it's like trying to drink liquid hatred with a side of WTF even is this weird aftertaste?! This probably wouldn't bother me, except that I'm trying to get away from the liquid hatred; I already have this thing where my patience for people demonstrating a lack of foresight in public is at an all-time low ...
  5. This, my friends, calls for ... POPCORN. *grabs a vat and settles in to watch the coffee-fueled carnage, with tea at hand*
  6. I went with Sylverthorne; because... why would I not? ^^;
  7. "Oh, good. I got the right unicorn. So, there's this bully ...." I have a friend I assigned a "special" ringtone to. It sort-of sounds like a warp core breach eminent alert . I am sure your phone has something suitable. Just set a unique noise, so you'll know without looking what is calling, and then you can squelch the call as needed. ... "The server's on fire! ONNNNNN FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEE!" ... an actual alert on Mr. Thorne's phone. It's ... jarring. Although the guys singing it are quite good.
  8. I had books! It was an awesome day. ^^; Still have cake, too. I'm shocked.
  9. Thanks, guys. ^^ I spent the day reading; three books worth! (... this is not unusual. Having time to do that, now ...). Mr. Thorne made me dinner, and brought me cake, and it was overall a very good day.
  10. Why? The Boys gun was in use by the British forces until 1943 when it was replaced with the Piat. And since she doesn't have the shoulder flash, her uniform is definitely Pre-1943. (They got the official black shoulder flashes in 1943. They replaced the red flashes with the silhouette of a Jerboa - an actual Desert Rat - made by the wife of the Major-General that took command in April 1941. No idea exactly when that flash wntered use, or how many used it) So, without black shoulder flashes, she's wearing a uniform typically for the time when the Boys was still in use in the 7th Armored Division. The Boys gun was actually decent against early tanks such as the Panzer I and II, and even early versions of the III. I was going to say, 'why not', which ... well, we do paint a lot of things because we can... but that's pretty interesting, (if largely no use to me. ^^; ). I was originally thinking of something like Seras' utterly ridiculous (-ly effective) Harkonnen cannon, I admit.
  11. And what, paint her as Seras Victoria, ala Hellsing?
  12. This prompted me to say some things you can't say on television. Because I really liked the girls I got last time .. and it looks like they're going to have a few I will like this time, too. *sigh* TEMPTED! I did not need that!
  13. Name one minor catastrophe that effected all the human(oid)s in your setting. Bonus points for legends built up around the event.
  14. Mine finally came in, after a detour through Alaska (..I .. I don't know). It's not bad. Some really obvious printing lines, which I expected. But not as bad as I was expecting.
  15. The universe runs on a Pat Benetar sound track?
  16. I was shoved out of bed at .. five..? AM? by Mr. Thorne, and the cat. Jasper, in this case. Normally, I'd just go right back to bed, but ... there is no space for me in the bed right now. So, I'm awake, I am drinking tea, and I am already offended at everything. Except kittens. And possibly puppies.
  17. Eh. Do what makes you happy; it's not like we're handed instruction manuals, right? @aturriff is teaching himself Japanese. He's enjoying the heck out of it, and I'm happy to encourage him to do it. I'm more interested in the crazy things that can be done with a sheet of paper and a little patience (oh, and the food.. ), but I learn some of the most interesting things when he trips over a piece of vocab that interests him. So, yah. Go for it. People's opinions are their problem.
  18. Also, your average teacup has a /handle/. Oh. OH. Holy BALLS. Of icecream. OMG. I might actually /use/ all those tiny porcelain teacups that are so dang cute.. and utterly useless, because I drink my tea in mugs, like an adult and stuff. But... serving dainty sundaes in TEACUPS!? Holy balls. I need an excuse to do this. It doesn't even need to be a good excuse. Thinly veiled pretense will do nicely!
  19. And they make the perfect "secret stash" for Chili-Bombs! GEM Indeed they would. *radiating innocence*
  20. I had to re-read this line as my brain read "skill for skull" the first time. GEM Eh. Either works for me. Yes, of course. ARTIST. We're supposed to be weird; adding a couple of skulls to my decor would do nicely!
  21. This makes me wonder if trading logo services for a painted miniature would count as an art trade... >.> (I'm an artist; I'll trade skill for skill...)
  22. I am entirely content to not leave the house, but.. I loathe people, and have a pocket park to run around in if I get cabin fever. I'm more worried for Mr. Thorne, who might have to go into the city (the office he works in? Seattle. :/ ) for work. Right now, he's telework exclusively, but if he has to go in for something... geh.
  23. Still breathing. Living in the sticks has advantages; I can go outside and yell at the birds whenever I want. ^.~
  24. Rolling thunder, still .. we were woken up by a pretty good boom that sounded like it was right over head (didn't see the flash; no way to be sure). My kind of weather, this.
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