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  1. As someone who plays in a live group that meets on what we laughingly call 'neutral ground' (we're a little scattered...), most times, there's no mention of money. Table's free, courtesy of our FLGS, and everyone brings their own snax. Once in a while, I'll get nutty and bring a thing to share, but food allergies makes this rather tricky... When we had to pay table rent (same FLGS), people chipped in. Some people, anyway. No one complained about chipping in. If we get the private room they've been working on, they'll probably chip in again. Or not. Although in that case, a frank conversation about finances might need to be had.... >.> Now, for the virtual table groups (I play in one, run the other) no one chips in anything. On the other hand, Mumble's free, and we were already running a Mumble server for something else. Our virtual table-top of choice is not, but by now most of us have player licenses for it, and the ones who don't are using the GM's 'guest' licenses, which apparently come with the GM's license. No problem. Would I pay a GM? I might, actually; technically, you could say I do pay the GM, since I paint most of his minis for him. ;p Would I pay a stranger? That's trickier. What's the money go to? How much per player? Is he competent? Mind you, I don't expect anybody to know all the rules, have all the templates memorized, and remember /all the things/. My measure of competence is more to the tune of 'do I notice when he's fudging a thing', and ... eh. I'm generally in this party to have fun.
  2. That sound I just heard... that was a shriek of glee from somewhere in the Midwest, wasn't it. The giants look good - even the preview for the Frost Giant King.
  3. Ooh! Sophie! I like that one. I'm not nearly so interested in Froggy and Dagon (not so much god-killing in our campaigns), but they're awesome sculpts. Oh, man. The tension is gonna kill me.. ^^;
  4. Aiyiii!! *boingboingbounce* Air elementals! Wings! Moar dragon! There is a part of me that's actually happy this is coming to a close, because I don't know how much more of the *SQUEE* I can take. ^^;
  5. ... Space. Mouslings. Holy PANTS. That is AWESOME. I have this sudden urge to paint them in Wolf colours, come up with a reason to break them out, then sit back and watch the exploding heads.. (My husband plays.. well, used to play, Battletech. It took .. not very long at all to get me interested in the setting, if not the game play). I am far too easily entertained. ^^; I really /really/ like the new stuff. And the rest of the graveyard expansion! Do want! I have no idea what I would use it for, but ... I'm inventive. I can think of something. Will think of something.
  6. Welp. Just.. *throws wallet at Reaper* Just give me /all the things/, and we're good.. I /like/ this new expansion. Even if I have to tweak the gate if I want it to swing, I still like it. I really, really need one. And as much fencing as I am allowed to scrounge. ^^; .. chibis? ALL the chibis? ... That would be icing. >.> On painting good metallics - depends what effect I want. I tend to slap a layer of flat black on anything silver or steel, and not infrequently, on anything gold/bronze/copper as well. It's efficient, and it works. If I'm feeling especially frisky, THEN I go digging in the colour bin for alternatives, especially if I want a specific look - tarnish, patina, or so. I have a really nifty 'dried blood' wash that I love the heck out of for bloody swords or other types of spatter. ^^
  7. Y'know, if they got it into their heads to do an LE Ma'aldrakar in resin, or even in metal, I might actually throw up to $300 at that - and I say 'might', because predicting the budget is like predicting the weather around here - because that sculpt is just ... *mind asplosion noise*. Which is to say, I'd be willing to throw it, assuming I have it at the time (or I'm present - I have to actually plan, deliberate-like, if I want to attend a Reapercon). Annnnd... *SQUEE* Hobgoblins! Awesome! Ooh. Yet more dwarves, too. Nifty!
  8. Terrain .. undead .. I am okay with both, either or neither, as long as there is a crypt. And at least a few other things I can use, even if I have to tweak them. Because, seriously ... what's better than a knock-down, drag-out fight in a drawn crypt? Having a knock-down, drag-out fight on a 3D map! With stuff coming out of the walls.. omg, I need more of the caryatid columns from the last Kickstarter. O_O I think I can hear the budget screaming for mercy. o.O
  9. AAGH! Crypt! Do want! *grabby hands* *snicker* Foofy puppies and kittens - baby hellhounds and hellcats! *evil GM laughter* OMG, I need this! The horrible mind games! Hellpuppies and kittens! I can has? Please? ^^; Also .. is it just me, or have there been no unicorns or pegasi in the last couple of Bones kickstarters? I know Reaper's got some sculpts - I tripped over them in the catalogue that came in Marthrangul's box ... mebbe we could have some in Bones? I have this sudden desire to turn a whole herd of evil unicorns loose on a party...
  10. Augh, my math. It is now thoroughly banjaxed. Oh well. I've been waving dwarves and the mythos expansion around at people, but I have no way to know if it helped. That having been said, that set of dwarves is pretty cool - I like the priestess, and the king on his throne. That's awesome. ^^
  11. Oh. That's .. wow. I think I need one. And then hope the GM doesn't get it into his head to use them. Painting them might want it's own SAN checks... I /really/ like the ogres, and the goblin drum corps and standard bearers are adorable. I like. I like muchly. I'unno if I want two though .. that comment about tweaking the female ogre for a more fighter-y pose made me think thoughts.. I don't know though. I'll have to weigh it. ^^;
  12. Ooh. Lovecraftian horrors. That could be amusing to paint, although I'm not sure if I think we need her.. (is it a bad thing if you /need/ a Lovecraftian horror?) More golem is always good - there never seem to be enough of those. It's not so much that they're hard to find, but there are always those fun niche things that you never have one of when you need one. And if the sculpts match up to the concept sketches... *rubbing hands together* oooh... so exciting! .. hm. Speaking of niche things that you never have one of, given that Reaper's got Paizo's okay, any chance of us seeing a Tatzlwyrm on the list any time soon? Or any of their other unique monsters? I remember seeing some from Numenera in Bones II, so it seems not wholly unlikely..?
  13. Was thinking of doing something like that with one of the other not-undead dragons. My Nethyrmaul ended up being a red, while he was amongst the living. ^^;
  14. Oooh, dragon... And finally, a new metallic! Does it never occur to people that player characters can turn themselves dragons, and they might not want to turn into evil ones? Tch.... (and without Reincarnate shenanigans, even). *squee* I like the new eastern stuff, even if I'm not sure they'll ever see use - that is an /awesome/ Oni. But Kenku and Kitsune? Hell yes. Now all we need is rabbit samu- .. well, maybe not. <.< Seriously though. Awesome! I'm even amused about the game. I don't play phone games. But it's still cute. ^^;
  15. I don't know whether to be elated or wincing in pain at that answer. Both, probably; I figured this was going to be a x4 crit ignoring wallet DR ... :/
  16. *incomprehensible gurgling noises and grabby hands* All the dragons.. do want. More kobolds is always good, I can definitely use those. And plant monsters! Handy! Where the heck was this cannon when we were doing RMD! in Reign of Winter? That would have been useful - and terrifying. Not that RMD was anything less than a massive clusterflop, but ... hm. Get 'now', because you never know when you might need a cannon, and the personnel might be useful in other things, or wait for retail.. oh, the indecision, it hurts us, precious... Hey, is that a 'set', or are they going to all retail separately? That might prove important. >.>
  17. Ooh! Wings! Yes! All the wings! Bat wings, feather wings, fairy (butter- dragonfly) wings! I might actually be able to get those on magnets and not have them fall off and giggle at me. *glares at metal wings that are too heavy* .. um. Anyway. Yes. Wings! Ooh. Skeletal wings! Sorry. I got up too early, and I'm not sure if I'm wired or I'm half awake. And I have Primal Wyverns on the brain (thanks, whoever you are that mentioned 'so and so could hint at something that starts with the letter P' - now I'm trying to figure out what the heck a primal wyvern would even look like). Um. What would I use all the goodies in Stoneskull for? Dude. All the summons. Even when my party isn't going all 'Release the BEARS!' on me, it's not like my bad guys can't pull one of those. So, I will probably be picking up more dire bears, and maybe another Behir, depending how much a pain he is to paint the first time. I can justify that for just about everything but the brain-in-a-jar, and that.. heh. Either super-creepy scenery, or some kind of horrible mind-bending BBEG. I'm a GM, dangit! Gimme a mini, I /will/ find a use for it!
  18. Oooh. Shiiiny... I really like the new weapon set, whether I've seen them before or not! Oh hey.. random thought. Would it be possible to get some weapons and stuff scaled for the larger minis? Gnolls/orcs/ogres/giants? That'd be pretty cool, and useful. I would love to have had that option for a thing I'm still modifying (finding that 'regular' shields do not a tower shield for a gnoll make was only slightly frustrating. But I have greenstuff and know how to (ab)use it).
  19. Y'know, I'm not sure I want to know the answer. Then again, numbers and I are not good friends. And I'm pretty sure it's not possible to have too many dragons. Why, the idea alone is unthinkable! >.> I'll .. work something out for storage. But I am sort of hoping to see a few more minis with mounted characters riding.. *eyes list of animals-that-can-be ridden* Uh, let's see here. Riding wolves, direwolves, dire anything, really, dogs, goats and the occasional giant chicken (by any other name). If one of them was a human-ish female on the back of a bad*cough* direwolf, that would be a million kinds of perfect. ^^; Hey, I can hope. I'm seeing invisible PCs there, and I remember saying wistfully at Paizocon that that would be awesome.
  20. I'm not sure which part of this I'm looking forward to more. More scenery, or more dragon. We're in, we're backed.. (via my long-suffering husband's KS account), and I'm already drooling over ... um.. everything. Especially the dragons. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has some of these guys in metal, and is still going to get the Bones version, right? Reaper Bones: Because there is no such thing as too many minis. >.>
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