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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion you are going to start seeing a lot of little vegetable gardens popping up on city balconies. Buckets of lettuce ... literally. Lettuce and radishes grow very fast, and only really want sun and regular watering...
  2. The muzzle and paws indicate she may be part Maine Coon or Ragdoll. I'm leaning towards Ragdoll because she doesn't have the wide and tufted ears of the MC. Hard to tell without seeing all of her. Beautiful girl. Is she chirpy or quiet? Little more fluff around the ears, and I might have said she had some Siberian in her, but... she doesn't look anything like my Topaz (purebred Siberian, and a huge floof).
  3. Wlp. That's going to be a hell of a bruise. I managed to whack my hand against an outcropping on the coop as I was locking the chooks up. It's already starting to turn colours, and, for bonus points, there's a nice, swollen lump on the back of my hand. Hellfire..
  4. Ugh. Why you do this ... UGH! I tell you! .. grabby kitty is very tempting. For once, more tempting than dragon. What even is this.
  5. Mr. Thorne had to go in today. He says the city is a ghost town. Me, I'm just hoping he gets back in one piece... :/ I got the feeling he's pretty much alone in the office, too. I would be twitching all over the place...
  6. Back in the Dark Ages of THAC0, gamers in Germany split Das Schwartze Auge (The Dark Eye) off of AD&D. It's very, VERY popular over there. With enough setting material to make my brain explode, trying to build a character. I didn't find out about it until I met Mr. Thorne, who used to play it. A couple years ago, Ulisses-Spiele Kickstarted an English translation of the most recent edition. ... naturally, Mr. Thorne pounced. The next thing I know, I'm being introduced to a system that is just enough like what I'm used to be interesting, and enough /not/ like it to be challenging. Anyway, Roll20 has people playing it, but they have refused to properly integrate any of the material, and they're not supporting GMs. (.. okay, spellchecker, you can haul off with your English-speaking self, that's (I hope) perfectly good German in that post! Go away).
  7. As best I can remember... the doctors never figured that out. They did some magic stuff, basically fused some things, and Mom wore a brace for a very, /very/ long time. And .. yah, she taught herself to play the flute. I had more Bach stuck in my head for /years/ than I've ever had since ...
  8. Nope. Never have, never will. Roll20 doesn't support The Dark Eye, and claimed they would not ever. Problem, as I've been introduced to that system. My other reason for not wanting to deal with them is that they seem to have a history for banning people from their fora for spurious reasons, and some abuse of power by mods. I've heard no indication that's changed, and I don't have time for that kind of crap. :/ That was back in 2018, or thereabouts.
  9. Assuming kids even know what a checkbook is... call it 'balancing the budget'; either way it's a needed skill. Especially with all the credit cards flying around. I used to use a checkbook; and I did learn how to balance the gorramn thing, but I haven't needed to carry it for longer than I care to think about.. I used to have a passbook account, too. I will bet you donuts however, that most kids in this day and age won't know what you're talking about. For either. :/ And learning to clean is definitely a must. Homeschooled me managed to not learn that somehow (betting because my mother, as awesome as she was, was /not/ a housekeeper); but I did learn to read. And how to cook, although.. that might have been self-defense; Mom had a bone in her right wrist just.. vanish for no good reason, and thus spent six months in a cast. She taught herself to play the flute, and I - who was .. ten? ISh? Maybe?! learned to cook. I could do spaghetti, and heat soup! My mother was two or three kinds of nuts, by most people's standards... and I bet you guys were wondering where I got it! Admit it! You were!
  10. I get to play a variant; is my shortness of breath The Plague (TM), or ... just my asthma saying hi? I think I'm going to try growing potatoes in buckets. This seems like a fine idea (I have .. SO MANY BUCKETS), so ... yah. We'll see how this goes.
  11. Vinegar in place of the lemon juice - sounds workable. I sometimes use a brown or Dijon mustard in place of the ground mustard seeds. One thing I need to mention - make sure the eggs are warm - around 80 degrees, cooler eggs do not emulsify well. Biggest difference from jarred mayo - no sugar, and a whole lot less salt. Room temp is my norm; also for baking. There's probably a chemical reason for this, but... I am not a chemist, I just know that room-temp ingredients get me better results for baked goods.
  12. I prefer a flavor-neutral oil for mayo, and make mine with apple cider vinegar. .. I do throw a little - like a pinch - of paprika in it when I make it. And. AND. An immersion blender is fantastic for this; you can blend it right in the jar... provided your mixer has the muscle. ^^; I haven't made it in a while, but when you can go out and basically pick up eggs so fresh they're still warm...? Might as well, right?
  13. I definitely need some of that Drow Silver. That looks shiny. ^.~
  14. I'm just going to stick to The Plague (TM). I realise it's not wholly accurate, but ... urgh. Blarfh. Also, snow, because today wasn't going to be Interesting Enough (we do our grocery shopping on fridays, and don't usually do canned/prepped foods.. *sigh*). I may be back around to baking my own bread.. should make sure I have the materials for a loaf or so a week. Just in case. Flip side of this.. Freezer needs emptied out anyway.
  15. I've never been able to get the schedule to work properly, so I'll go with 'just the cart, please'. I would rather not do Growtix again, to be honest, but if we're stuck with it for the nonce, then... class tickets directly.
  16. This sounds a bit like something I once saddled a player with; a sentient sword that's technically carrying around the spirit of a paladin, who got himself killed doing something Lawful Dumb, who was told by his deity to 'go back, and GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME!' ... the paladin still hadn't worked out what he did wrong (he was also a pompous lout with a stick up his *nope!*). I did not get the opportunity to do much with that, because it was a oneshot.. but it was the best WTF consequence for a truly epic fumble I ever came up with....
  17. ...well now I have to ask. Is an "Incel" a Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare creature; Is it S, M, L or an even bigger base size; how many Hit Dice does it have??? (Or did Pathfinder do away with HD ?) Y'know, I don't know? They don't really turn up in my campaigns. I think it might be an applied template... not sure what the specifics are.
  18. I have Shyish Purple, Orc Flesh, Snakebite Leather.. and apparently, I slipped and picked up a bucket of Drakenhof Nightshade. Oops. I like the coverage on all three contrasts. Still not sure if I approve of the washes; Nuln Oil is interesting, but .. eh, and Agrax Earthshade is... well .. brown. It doesn't seem to be any better or worse than my Secret Weapon Armor or Stone washes (maybe wants less shaking, but.. eh, shaking). I still need to pick up a red contrast... next time we stage an assault on the FLGS, I spose.
  19. Stand ins, for those guys that never remember to bring a miniature (litmus test for the bronies and pegasisters in your groups?). I use chibis for this, I see no reason at all why you couldn't use ponies. Love those wings, they are awesome.
  20. ... oh, dear. They have a bunch of really obviously Overwatch characters too. Cavalry Girl! *snork* Snow Meiden. Hoooboy, but that could end badly.
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