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  1. Before making a choice about whether to give money to Roll20, you might want to do a quick search on 'Roll20 Controversy'. Whether the issue ever mattered, whether it still matters more than a year later, or whether you even care about it is up to you, of course. They seem to be refusing to support The Dark Eye in any way at all, so there's that, too.
  2. Always wondered what that bit was called.. and.. yah, wings that don't have it look kind of odd, now you mention it.
  3. I go in with a minimum of about a hundred. If it's a 'general ribbon', you might want to get more. If it's a ribbon that people have to do something specific to get, you might be able to get away with fewer. Ribbons Galore has quantity discounts, for whatever that's worth.
  4. This has not stopped people from titling their pieces things that Anne had to read out loud. ... probably won't, if we're all honest, but we might start leaning more to the horrible puns than the .. ahem.. colourful language. >.>
  5. My standing limit is four; about one a day. That's also my standing recommendation; you can /do/ two a day.. but you're not going to have a lot of time for anything else, and you're not going to have a lot of time to absorb what you learned. A recommendation I'll pass on; make a list of the classes you want to take, plus alternates, because inevitably, you're going to want to do at least one popular class. They usually keep a couple of tickets out for last-minute purchasers, and those of us who couldn't stalk the site when class tickets went on sale.
  6. The ribbon I give to literally everybody is intended to lead people to the website in my signature. That one, nobody has to do anything to get, other than maybe say 'hi' to me. My other ribbon.. that you do have to do something for.
  7. Awoo! ... wait, wrong crew, no (known) werewolves here. I'm here! I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm sure everything will be fine. ^^; (yes, there was a reference. There is no shame for not getting it)
  8. You get ribbons for Bingo, too; last year there was not only the BINGO! ribbon, there was also a black out ribbon. It's a lot of fun. The addition of kids made last year's ribbons actually more fun, somehow? There were kids treating it like a scavenger quest, it was great (not harmed in the least by random bellowing across the con floor).
  9. @aturriff moved us to Ghost; he might be willing to help you shift over?
  10. Finally - FINALLY! - got my hands on a beholder. An assault was staged on the less-local FLGS', and I came out of it with basing material, the aforementioned Beholder, some Melusai (Lamia!) and a mixed bag of Citadel shade/contrast/technical pots (Drakenhof Nightshade, Snakebite Leather, 'Ardcoat, respectively). Oh, and some card storage/protective stuff for a couple of board games). ... I'm still goign to have to hit Amazon. Drat. (yes, seriously; I prefer to support my FLGS' where possible).
  11. It's amazing how many times I get that stuff recommended to me. A dropperful a day of CBD will cure my cancer, rubbing it on my joints will ease arthritis, and rubbing it on my abdomen will cure my kidney issuers. And if I want to heal faster I just need to use more. All-in-all. It sounds like a snake oil pitch from the 1900s. I'm sure it has its uses and a mental stimulant or relaxant makes a lot of sense. I also have to be extra cautious that there is mo THC in the preparation or a 'random' drug screen will be on its way to me. I really hope it turns out to be a panacea but right now it just sounds too good to be true As with most things, YMMV. A late friend with bad rheumatoid arthritis tried CBD (edibles, iirc), and had good results (she went from 'could barely make a fist to being able to flex her fingers), although I don't recall if it did much for the rest of the issues she was plagued with. It didn't seem to do very much for my mother, other than function as an appetite booster and anti-emetic on the second round of cancer treatments, but it did those things pretty well. Might help, might not. The medical stuff is supposed to be super-low THC, last I heard; I haven't been keeping a close eye since Mom died, and I don't generally trust any information I haven't gotten from a source I consider reliable.
  12. I might drop in a little later, depending. Don't count on it though, I never sat mod on a tournament stream before, and I have no idea what kind of shenanigans might result!
  13. Let's not get judgmental. Not everyone has the same skills or resources. Someone dressed like the outfit on the left feels like they are cosplaying just as much as the one on the right. It may be their first costume. It may be the result of 5 years of work. In either case, like someone showing off the mini they just painted, it should be met with appreciation for their effort and participation, and encouragement to continue. Given that the two outfits are nowhere near alike, it's less judgement and more an honest 'I don't know what she is aiming for'. The dress is cute, and she looks cute in it. She just doesn't look like she's cosplaying; more like she's modeling a dress based off of the cosplay. There are some other things about that dress that bother me, but... that's a very different conversation. :/ Um. Power tools. Own a Dremel, don't really use it for hobbying. But.. it's there, if I need it. ^^;
  14. The one on the right would be Mulan. I don't know who .. or what .. the young lady on the left is aiming for, though. o.O
  15. IIRC, a satin. I might have a spare bottle, assuming yours doesn't ever turn up..,.?
  16. It does seem to share a setting (or at least, a theme) with Dreadmere, which was the theme/setting for the last few Reapercons. Might be some useful information there?
  17. Cosplay is a lot of fun, and I do like to see it. I.. don't think there are pictures; I might be mistaken? But I usually pull out my Goblin gear for Reapercon (used to for Paizocon, less comfortable with the idea last couple of years, though).
  18. I have, but not for a long time. The notion of a kiddie pool full of dice to rummage through is one I would be tempted by, though.
  19. Wlp, Mr. Thorne is starting a game using The Dark Eye ruleset. This oughta be fun; I don't know the system, I don't know the setting, and I don't know if I'll have time to read up! Whee! (This one is Portal-based; check my signature if I've managed to pique your curiousity...) In that case it owes us new pictures of Brutus. This.
  20. Mostly RPG games/individual minis. I don't play Army/warband type games, although the laarge stack of CAV and the large stack of Battletech that are incoming may change that in unforeseen ways.... My most long-running and still active group is .. still active. The other has gone on indefinite hiatus, because.. well, we're down to four, including GM, and one of those currently has massive schooling commitments that prevent them playing. :/ *censored* Eh. I live in hope that it remains 'hiatus', and not 'ended'.
  21. IMNSHO anyone who is a slave to a rulebook isn't Role Playing to their full capabilities. .. I'm building a character to modified 2e rules. Who says I can't play an orc shaman? Mwahahahahaa!
  22. ... Might do the same thing with the mamtaur as I did with whatsisnoodle the giant elephant dude. Hey, I got a grown man to scream like a little girl for sheer glee with that one; it's worth a shot. Otherwise, if it wasn't coming in an expansion I was already considering, I probably wouldn't get him. He is very cool, I just don't have a use for him. ^^;
  23. Rarely. I've been dragged in once or twice (not by anyone here). I don't usually appreciate that too much.
  24. Just be sure to carefully label them "stuff", or "misc" or some equally useless label. I'm still opening "misc" boxes trying to find things... Include which room the things came out of in the label; sometimes that helps. ... sometimes it doesn't.
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