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  1. I'd already been gaming for a couple of years (and had been trying /not/ to get sucked into painting minis, because... I.. already have expensive hobbies. But I was already painting resin dolls, so.... eventually, I let a friend talk me into helping her paint some stuff and it spiraled from there. Reaper, probably, although I was using artist's acrylics to paint them at first, because that was what I had.
  2. So.. I fell over this. It's... well, go look for yourselves; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/159974695/badbandana-6-pizza-dragons ... pizza and dragons. Where have I seen this notion before..? I can't quite... >.>
  3. Cats survived. Humans survived without any lingering deafness, and all leaving-the-property type chores have been completed. Which .. is good, because it's snowing again. Eh. Whatever. ^^;
  4. Did some painting. Have a chibi werewoof who now has pants. And eyeballs. He's really nearly done, I just need to do his base.
  5. Snow ... and we have to take the cats to the vet. Most of the cats, anyway, they're due their checkup. The complaining will be epic.
  6. I have Ground is Lava and Emerald Nightmare (a metallic - a /dark metallic/ - green), and... I haven't had occasion to test them yet. The bottles are fairly specific about putting them down over black... I'll get around to testing eventually. ^^;
  7. You guys are making it very difficult to cut back on Kickstarters. I just want you to know that. I don't know what I want. Or need. Or could use. Mebbe some stuff that would be good in not-Eberron games... >.>
  8. Penzey's makes a curry blend that is /very good/ in mac and cheese. I think they call it the 'Now!' curry, or something. I'unno. Only that it is tasty. It can cause box-mac to become FOOD. Or at least, taste like food; we don't do that very often, but a hefty shot of curry blend and rather a lot of chunked up chicken thighs make a fast meal.
  9. As someone who's done precisely that, I can give you some reasons for him. One; Early Classes. Two; Carting Supplies around. Three; one of you is Done before the other, somebody has to either wait, or be Done early .. this may not be an issue if you have enough cars to take separate vehicles. I don't know if either of you are gaming, and specifically running games, but GMing games means a fairly large stack of supplies to haul around. Painting ... well, we know about painting. And if you're on Artist's Alley (are you? that would be cool!), you probably have display minis to haul around. Even if not, carting entries for the MSP Open about in a vehicle can be a stressful sort of experience (and I've seen some of those roads, and the Pits to the Ab- excuse me, pot holes). And of course, there is parking and navigating the 'lot. ... and all that is just from my experiences with, 'it's just 30 minutes! We can drive that!'.
  10. We discovered last year (and it was a blessing, lemme tell you), that Hilton is on the AAA discount list. If you can't get con rates, and you happen to have AAA membership, something to bear in mind? Mr. Thorne is probably gonna be stalking the page for a bit, for the next block to open. ^^;
  11. Y'know what, I'mma go with 'yes', because any of the threads I participate in, I enjoy. ^^;
  12. So, um. I tripped over this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS4Q-WWyl3Q Thought I'd share. >.>
  13. Welp. My box finally showed up - it's HUGE - and there is now a giant stack of game on my table. Looks like everything made it in. I need to do an in-depth search of the boxes of game that make up the stack. So far though, I'm liking what I'm seeing. ... FedEx never did update from 'Delivery Pending', though. I lack sufficient facepalm for this.
  14. OOfh. I'm going to assume you mean table, and not computer.. We just received our copy of Nemesis, and there was a theory wherein we were actually going to play it, rather than just steal the miniatures for other things. >.> We have Battletech, including the new box I got Mr. Thorne for his birthday yesterday. Attack Wing, dragon version and X-wing version (apparently, there was an upgrade to the latter, and I need to investigate that), and a pile of other games that are technically group games, like Red Dragon Inn, which gets pulled out whenever the opportunity presents. We also play Cribbage.. used to entertain the heck out of restaurant staff, playing cribbage while waiting for food. Should do that again, but most restaurants are too elfing noisy for it.
  15. Let me get some tea; I do have a turtle I'm asposta be working on..
  16. Yes. Numbered dice tend to roll special damage (energy damage, frex), while pipped dice are good for ALL THE SNEAK ATTACKS ... because the set isn't complete if I don't have a big sack of pipped d6s that match the numbered dice.
  17. Use a little MDF? Too light. Hardbacks are /heavy/, and I don't much like the idea of a thing that is only decorative. I need to bribe someone with tools and access to suitable materials, and I don't know anyone local to me. >.< So, the plan has remained in theoretical stage. To yoink this back on topic ... if you were gonna do it with the Bones version (and I can't think why not), you'd probably have the same problem with weight. On the other hand, you'd be way less afraid to ruin them, because.. .well, they're cheap, and they're easy to replace. ^^;
  18. I have that bust in resin, no plinth. Since I already got one I thought I didn't needed the Bones version, untill you mentioned the Sea Serpent option. So I f I buy one extra, you're to blame! I have two of it in resin. I have a vague plan.. it involves bookends. I haven't figured out a way to actually pull that off yet. :/
  19. I'm looking at the foot she has on the chest... how is she getting her foot into that boot? I've worn boots like that; the instep isn't usually that narrow with a heel that high, unless there's something going on with the angle that's making it look funny? Love her, though, boots and all - would /not/ want to get on the wrong side of her! And the sporran! Do like that sail; the effect is perfect. And the detail on her sleeve !
  20. No. Probably the asthma would have disqualified me even had I tried.
  21. Still working on that. .. don't have a current answer. ;p
  22. I painted a mini ... in the old year, and in the new year. A good start, I think.
  23. Multiple people, actually. I don't recall details, cause I'm crap at that, sorry... but, yes.
  24. I've been here since 2015. I think ReaperBryan is the one that told me about it, probably at a paint and take. And I've kind of lurked about in some form ever since.
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