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  1. I am loving the new paint colors, but I'm a little confused about them. The numbering skipped from 9300 to 9401, the bottles have black lids and are labeled "High Density Pigment" but the stickers are white instead of yellow and they are listed on the Core Colors page not the HD page. I can tell the paints are HD when I paint with them, it's very obvious. Why are they in the 09xxx range and not the 29xxx range? This is driving my OCD crazy!

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  2. Has it been stated officially that the items from the expansions will not be made available individual (at higher prices)? I would love some extra bandits/gremlins along with my Stoneskull set, and so far am only interested in the cultists from Mythos. I know that eventually they will be available retail, but that's so far away!


    I'd love to see a new mimic to go along with a piece of decor. Maybe a door or trapdoor mimic. Kinda like that tricksy caryatid column we got last time. It wasn't a mimic, but it turns the lovely Bones decor against the PCs.


    I loved the caryatid column mostly because I can use the normal column here and there in my games just to worry the players. It's almost always just a piece of decor but one day... one day...  :grr:  DOOM!


    I love the idea of a trap door in the decor... doesn't have to be a mimic - though it could be >.>


    Id also like a cage - one with no base that is large enough to put over a character - you could hold NPCs in it or it could be a trap that falls down on your players.


    I actually just did a big post of the decor/npcs/animals in the Bones you would like to see thread... it seemed more appropriate place for a huge list.




    Traps = Best Idea Ever!

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  4. This was taken with my phone at ReaperCon. It does show something rodent-like, and also shows the backs of some creatures that might be lycanthropic.


    I can, of course, neither confirm nor deny anything.



    Actually, enough people probably missed the photo set that you could thrown them up again 1 a day and put this thread into a frenzy. (more of a frenzy)

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    I could use a line of Lycanthropes of both sexes in hybrid form. Werebear, werewolf, wererat, werelion, werehawk, werebadger, werestag, wereboar, werecrocodile...


    I loved the previous wereshark and werewolf in the last Bones. Was there a wererat, I can't remember?


    I remember seeing several were-creatures at ReaperCon, but I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what they were.



    Looked like a bear, wolf, and crocodile in the pictures to me.

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    As mousling menaces, they would be appropriate.


    Wonder what flavor of mouslings we'll be getting this time?


    Seriously, is there any official word on the presence/absence of mouslings in Bones 3?

    No official word has been given. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors of Bones III  having goals that include Mouslings.


    Strangely, I´ve missed this statement.


    I can neither confirm nor deny that Naponatom has missed my statements of calculated neutrality.



    There was definitely a Ninja and Geisha Mouseling in the Reapercon display case photo set alongside several of the models that are in the core set.

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  7. I'm not trying to be dismissive, by the way. I just wanted people to see that there's a lot of things to think about when we create something new.


    But I'd like to point out one other difficult thing with the clears. Detail. Man it can be hard to see the detail on the translucent models, people have a hard time with the rotting corpses in the base of the Gelatinous Cube, for example. They'll be hard to shoot, and hard at the table to see the detail.


    They'll look hella cool when you're sneaking into the keep though...


    There are rotting corpses on the Gelatinous Cube???!!?!?!?!?

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    So what is everyone doing in preparation for Bones III? I bought and built a DETOLF display cabinet from IKEA.



    I'm hoping to have my Ebonwrath painted up and displayed, and Kaladrax underway by the time Bones III hits the base funding goal (aka minutes after it starts).


    I was looking at these - I need a display area with doors to reduce dust. 

    I broke out my third plastic carrying case.  I have now painted enough Bones 2 to overrun my previous boxes. 



    I have 3 of these (currently displaying legos) and absolutely love them. They sell a light kit for the top too if that sort of thing strikes your fancy.

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  9. My wishlist:

    Air Elemental (To round out the available earth, fire, and water)

    smaller sized elementals (02538ish)

    more Townsfolk

    basic animals

    Iron Golem (and any other golems really)

    more Dungeon Decor

    more Mouselings

    more Giants

    some Warforged

    Elemental Myrmidons

    the Well of Doom (02634)

    plant/vine monsters


    and of course more preview pics.

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