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  1. For the siding you can use strips of foam. If you want some ideas for how to make things modular take a look at: RP archive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0l_deKneitQOvD9dNPktMg he has great ideas for making modular terrain.
  2. Well while I can cut the legs off, the rest is very firmly glued, and fairly unusable. Yes, this is my opinion, but baba yaga's hut was a miss for me. If the model had been hard plastic and more like the mausoleum from KS3 that would have rocked. For the pirate ship I would hope Reaper communicates with the factory that the decks need to come off and it should not be glued. If it comes like the barge in pieces that would be wonderful. I am looking forward to it, I just do not want to be disappointed.
  3. I just did 120, will add more in PM as funds allow. I definitely want the ship, however I hope it doesn't end up like Baba Yaga's hut in Bones 4, where everything was glued and ended up a 2lb useless hunk of plastic. Totally un-playable, and very mediocre sculpt. If they do it right it would be a great competitor to the falling star. At the KS price it is a steal (if it is playable).
  4. The Town center and market stuff is OK. The market stalls are very flimsy. I ended up cutting off all the stands and replacing them with match sticks. The after kickstarter price is right up there with whiz kids and Reaper bones, which is better quality, IMHO. The wells were nice though.
  5. Cool Idea. Might I suggest lowering her arm so it looks more natural? You can probably swing that with boiling and ice, no greenstuff involved :) To keep the bow in place, pin it.
  6. He he, if she is out adventuring, she must have the ultra immune system, with the dead bird breeding salmonella as she goes. "What is germ", she says, "make you strong like bull" I like her expression, and I like the details like the mud at the hem of her dress.
  7. I like it. Just some notes having worked with insects and arachnids for a long time. In the wild most scorpions are pretty drab in color, except some of the large African ones which are black. the ones in the US are a drab brown. However, if you shine a black light on a scorpion at night, get out your neon colors. Scorpions fluoresce under a black light, and also if the moon light hits them just right. I would think about a night scene, and then you could go to town with the fluorescence. Of course this is fantasy, so who needs realism.
  8. So got some more work in today, managed to shirk cleaning the garage First the base, I said I was going to add roots at the waters edge using some lichens I collected. After putting some varnish on them to help preserve them I started on the other side, I also started adding the cat tails. Cat tails are made from paper, some green stuff and a pin, here is the tutorial I used, http://www.necrotales.com/necroTutorials/tut_base_plants03.php And lastly I painted them with some GW dryad brown. So back to the troll. Taking peoples suggestions I added some reddish purple
  9. Thanks for the reply's. I am trying some reddish purple glaze as suggested, and it does tone down the green a bit, I also put some red and pink around the edges of the eyes to give a grittier look. I'll post some more pics this weekend. It's game night
  10. The figure is not my favorite. I had to do tons of cleanup on it and a lot of the features got distorted by nasty mould lines. It was a bear to paint, and did not come out very crisp. In general, that is my major gripe about bones. But, eh, you can't beat the price.
  11. So I haven't posted in quite a while, which I suppose no one noticed. Better to be humble about these things. I have been working on this marsh troll for a while but I am a little frustrated because he seems too green. I can't seem to get the colors right. I am also working on the base, which will be, ....., A marsh. I am trying to get the feel of a swampy marsh, and have the troll in the water. Here is the base and the materials I am using and here is the layout I am thinking of I think it looks too bright and cheerful right now. I was going to use the lichens to m
  12. This is one my first attempts at a more elaborate base. I am proud of the ferns, which i made from scratch using pressed leaves from some garden weeds and some jewlery wire. The paint job, meh. Comments and crits welcome. This was also my first time playing with fotowall
  13. Found some a couple weeks ago on Amazon (the same sizes) for $18, got 2 packs. Just checked back and they are no longer available for this insane price. Wow, that is insane. I paid about $45, which was still half the price of anything else I could find.
  14. Heads up, I just ordered a set of 4 W&N series 7 brushes (size 0,1,2,3) from Ken Bromley Art Supplies for half the price of anywhere I could find them in the US with shipping. I was pretty floored how cheap they were.
  15. So, unlurking here as well. I thought the bugbears looked really bland from KSII, until I saw what Adrift did with his, and I was inspired. My approach is copid from Adrift, duplication being the higest for of flattery. Here is the first one of my band, will be 7 in all. After photographing I realized that i probably need even more contrast. Here te top 2/3's of this guy is painted. I think especially on the face I could go even ligher in the highlights. maybe up to light yellow in the yellows, and pink in the purples.
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