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  1. 03593: Akar Nakhal, Pharaoh Dragon He may need a resculpt though. Those legs might not be able to support how top heavy he is.
  2. I would like to see D&D style silver dragons and dragonmen.
  3. I ordered mine on Sunday evening and it arrived in Baltimore on Saturday.
  4. I got mine today. It was a 2 pack with a zombie and Barnabus Frost. Not too shabby!
  5. I would like to see at least one dragonman with horns pointed downward, in the style of a black dragon.
  6. Is "wall of ice" going to be released in a 3 pack like "wall of fire"?
  7. Thri-keen Mephits Modrons & Primus Translucent spell effects Troglodyte Umber hulk Small & medium elementals Dragons bigger than hatchlings, but smaller than the big dudes More demons & Devils Scuttlebones the undead crab Thanks again for an awesome kickstarter and thanks for listening to our unreasonable demands!
  8. I would like to see: The remains sculpts for orcs, goblins, & kobolds More demons & Devils More transparent spell effects More metallic dragons Hobgoblins Air elemental Magic item/treasures Slithe Phase cat Nothic Grell Xorn Wyvern Mephits Tengu Genies Umber hulk And most importantly, scuttlebones!
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