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  1. Thanks! I haven't come across the metal one, but for $3 USD this plastic one was a bargain! It's one piece and still weighs decent for being a non-metal mini...
  2. Some underground summoning/burrowing hilarity for 'Dragon Rampant'. I love this model!
  3. We're finding it works well for any type of basing. Completely universal...we've got folks bringing their GW armies up and duking it out with armies comprised up of 70's-era Ral Partha models! I love the Single/Reduced model allowance and you can really build themed armies to fit the lore. (My wife's "Army of the Vortices" boasts only one unit of single wound models: a 6-pack of Reaper Familiars used as Forest Pixies, or Scouts.) My armies are all Reaper models (cheap & easy to paint!), and DR's really re-invigorated the Fantasy gaming scene round these parts!
  4. An amazing Fantasy Skirmish rule set! Anyone on here tried it yet?
  5. Thank you all for the kind words! Here are a few action shots of our 'Dragon Rampant' game from yesterday. Both armies (Undead and "The Army Of The Vortices" are mine and are made up entirely of Reaper Bones miniatures. 'Dragon Rampant' is a brilliant & inexpensive Fantasy skirmish ruleset from Osprey and encourages the use of ANY Fantasy miniatures that you may have. There are folks digging out D&D collections from the '70's right up to angry and dismayed former GW gamers getting in on the fun! The allowance for Single/Reduced Model Units to be equated with standard troop types makes for maximum flexibility....no model gets left out! Of course, with the awesome selection of Bones sculpts out there, this means building a force is cheap as chips and easy as pie! The Opening Scene. "Alaska The Great Northern Warg" prepares to bury a few bones! Angry giant mushrooms steamroll a Skeleton Spear unit! "Sheila Ambergaze" tangles with the Wight General. Luckily she had hit him with a few "Doombolts" before the engagement and weakened him greatly, or this would have been a VERY different outcome...
  6. Thank you! I can post one later. In the meantime, I'll post an action closeup from the game yesterday.
  7. Thank you! If I'm in town I'll let ya' know! I'm in St. Louis, Missouri.
  8. Greetings all! It's been a while since I've last posted, but I have finally finished my wife's army for the game "Dragon Rampant". All Reaper Bones minis. Enjoy!
  9. Thank you all! The Mushroom Men were a hoot to paint and I can't wait to see them on the battlefield! I went with the Autumn Bronzeleaf mini as she reminds me most of my sweetie. Her character name is "Sheila Ambergaze" (named for my wife and her beautiful amber eyes). Since she's very much into wolves, the Warg was the first model of the army selected and painted. He's Ambergaze's protector and guide.
  10. I've been busy painting a force to confront my Undead with of late. Here's the start of the DR Army I'm painting for my love. It includes the Reaper Bones Griffon, Warg, Autumn Bronzeleaf, and Mushroom Men. Enjoy!
  11. Saw this beauty on Facebook over the weekend! Outtasight job all around!
  12. Thank you all for the kind words! This was one of my favorite Bones minis to paint!
  13. Amazing work on these! I've got all 4 Reaper Bones Bugbears on deck on the painting table and was dreading painting them a bit, but these have inspired me to get crackin'!
  14. Painted for my wife's 'Dragon Rampant' army. Great Winter Wolf theme and will be the mage's protector. Enjoy!
  15. I'll try to post some pics of them to this thread when I get home from work tonight. Thanks for the kind words, folks!
  16. Heyo! Here's the last 3 Bones minis (for now) for my "Dragon Rampant" Undead army. 60 models painted so far. Bone Devil, Witch King, Barrow Wight leader, and an overview shot of the army. Enjoy!
  17. Now that my Undead are done, the missus wants her starter force for "Dragon Rampant" painted! All Reaper bones minis..."Autumn Bronzeleaf" (Leader/Mage), Warg (Lesser Warbeast & Autumn's protector), Griffon (Greater Warbeast), and a unit of Bugbears (Bellicose Foot, Reduced Model Unit)...
  18. Thank you all for the kind words! The rules come out right after Thanksgiving and I can't wait to get this army on the march!
  19. More additions to my growing 'Dragon Rampant' Undead Army. Enjoy!
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