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  1. And we finished. Phew. Thank you all for support etc.
  2. Preview of the dragon turtle - An above water, and water edged version will be available. The dragon turtle will be hollow shelled, and a bit modular to help with increasing or decreasing size. Please note it is a WIP digital sculpt, and details will only improve. This is NOT the final pose.
  3. It brings some incredible tabletop terrain options to life, Some day you shall Smokestack :-)
  4. From Larry Dixon's concept art - to in hand, went well I think. Everything so far printed at 20% infill, and .2mm layer height in brown Esun PLA then given a quick black wash.
  5. Last 4 days- just posted a update showing off the stern castle design.
  6. Thanks EldritchEladrin :-) I'm a fairly decent sculpter when in the mood :-) Usually prefer digital sculpting now (undo rocks- although it is a bit more tedious), but sometimes get the whim to get my hands dirty still :-)
  7. sadly didn't think to until she was done :-( got in a sculpting mood last Wednesday and knocked the sculpting out in a 8 hour run. :-/ would be happy to help someone doing a conversion though. if I end up selling her - the next one will be photo logged. Although I love this picture :-)
  8. So- finished I think. Resculpted/modded the 5 heads, and then sculpted the base out to match. Thoughts?
  9. sculpted on top of the existing heads, removing material where necessary :-)
  10. figured I'd post to see peoples thoughts on my WIP conversion of Ma'al Drakar to Tiamat. Converted the heads and added the stinger.
  11. Thanks :-) It prints in a acrylic medium- and loves paint. (I do a little bit of custom mini work and terrain work on occasion for commision using it). My hands aren't so steady at times so using the computer lets me sculpt still. The resin I'll be using for this beast is a transparent blue color- planning on painting everything but leaving the draconic runes and the symbol of bahamut unpainted slightly so that I can put lighting beneath it. The scale of it though- I'll have to print it in 2-4 pieces. Debating sculpting some dragons into the pillars and crumbled arch, and still need to add some rubble from the arch. Picturing it like a top of a temple.
  12. WIP of the model for the base. Will be printed on a resin printer. 6 inch base for him. Any ideas/thoughts/etc?
  13. Just got my haul in. Stupidly excited to get off work now...
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