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  1. As a birthday gift for a dear friend, I painted these up for use on tabletop during his D&D games, and also created a display base so they can be engaged in battle. The barbarian is painted in his favorite colors of red and black while I also used his character sheet for the hair and eyes. Without further ado, I present Verioth the Ashbringer vs Roguestar: Close-ups of Verioth: Close-ups of Roguestar: I hope you guys enjoy, c&c's are always appreciated :-D
  2. I've had a copy of the bones version of this sculpt, agreed messing around with it with green stuff, I have up and tossed it, so I feel your pain. For what is worth, you did a good job, the bones versions aren't as strong in detail as the metal counterparts.
  3. Here is the display base, with both figures and completed... The display base is a fully custom made piece using foamular, watered down spackle, and a hobby knife to carve it all with. Most of the larger stones are just repurposed foam that had been cut off as chunks in the catching process.
  4. Thanks guys...the red scales actually do have a better contrast in person, I used purples for the shadows which you see when you look at it real life, it just didn't get picked up by the camera on my phone. When I get the barbarian painted, I'll be taking pics with a professional camera and better lighting. But thanks a bunch guys...I'm glad everyone likes it :-D and to be absolutely honest, this is only the third mini I've painted to completion.
  5. I just finished painting the Red Dragon from the Pathfinder line. It's part of a larger project I'm working on. I hope you guys like it. C&c's are always welcome.
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