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  1. I think the figure lends itself to lovely work. I don't recall? I mix most of my colors up from basic craft store acrylics. I think it was cobalt blue with a fair amount of "boring-grey" (i.e. just black and white), then I faded it up with more white.
  2. Definitely great backdrop for painting!! I just got into it a month ago and I'm already caught up (despite 22, 3+ hour episodes)... Would like to get close ups on the PC figures!
  3. I was going for a wry, eye-roll/look to the heavens. Getting the pupil on the right eye nearly killed me. I can't tell you how many times I had to scrape off paint and try again. So as soon as I got a recognizable speck, I stopped even though it could be a bit bigger to "sell" the expression more.
  4. Thanks! She really is a great mini. I had a blast painting her. :)
  5. Thanks! All my posts today are essentially the last month's worth of painting/basing work (Amiri and Dain were painted last winter). I just haven't had the time to take pics until today. :) I'll probably drop off the boards for another month now. ;)
  6. Similar to my Dain Deepaxe, this is an old paint job that I re-based and lined recently. My desire to clean her up more is battling with my desire to move on, but there are some pretty gaping holes and my recent lining was a bit sloppy. So, since I'll likely spend more time on her - I'll consider her a WIP. Front Back
  7. What happens when a man loves a miniature very much? I am really happy with this piece. I love all the details that Tre Manor sculpted into this guy: the folds and fraying of the robes, the leather, the expression... Also I think he's a great representation for a cleric of Cayden Cailean. :) Anyway, I think my appreciation of the figure made me step up my game. Not perfect, but I think it helped me improve as a painter. Without further ado: Front Back Detail Holy Symbol of Cayden Cailean (first free hand detail!)
  8. Done (ish). Show off thread.
  9. Zdoze

    Nualia #60012

    Hey all, original WIP thread can be found here. Could and probably will do a bit more, but probably not enough to justify more pictures and posts.... and since done is the agent of more: Front: Back:
  10. Here is the base painted!
  11. Ohhh... Swamp. I like that. Thanks!
  12. The onslaught of WIPs continues... I know that KS3 deliveries are naught but a distant dream, but I'm sitting on a good number of unpainted minis and want to clear the backlog before I am swamped forever. Story with this mini: Was going to use him as a PC in an upcoming game, decided to switch classes... motivation to finish will be hard to come by. Front: Back:
  13. Spamming more WIPs... I've been busy... I did this paint job a while back and just decided to base him. I went back in and did some lining, which helped, but now I'll need to clean up a bit.... hoping I didn't open a can of worms. front: back:
  14. So my mass upload of current projects continues. I have to admit, I don't really like this figure (for painting), but it was chosen by a player in my Pathfinder group to represent his druid. I think the hawk turned out well, but I need to detail his medallion and wand as well as clean up and highlight his under clothes. front: back:
  15. So, I'm pretty happy with the paint job so far. The darker skin needs some highlighting and the hair needs attention. However, it is the base that I'm dragging on. I've just been throwing excess greenstuff at it after I base other minis and I have no direction. Maybe a lava stream in front of him? Water? Suggestions appreciated. :) Front: Back:
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