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  1. Sounds good! Send me a message with your Discord username, and we can coordinate when we will submit our entries together this quarter.
  2. Users Jedijared, Lana, and I are doing a “Wizard’s Tower” group for Q1, if you’re interested. Jedijared is painting an Astrolabe, Lana is painting a wizard, and I’m going to do a scholar (or something; haven’t yet decided). If you (or anyone else) wants to join us, post a reply!
  3. I have a TON of Bones miniatures from past Kickstarters, and I imagine many other people do as well. Is this a good thread to see if anyone else is interested in participating in a monthly Duo or Trio to work on our backlog of minis from Bones 4? (Or Bones 3, or 2, or...) Maybe come up with a bunch of minis we'd each like to do, confirm we all have 'em, and pick one each month for the participants to paint and submit? I don't post on the forums much (and everyone's inability to find me for Forumite Bingo at ReaperCon proves my lurker status! ), so I'm not sure if this is the best place for a "looking for group" thread, or if another sub-forum would be more appropriate.
  4. Thank you! My “birthday present” arrived today. Well, I ordered it about two months ago, but it arrived today so I’ll claim it’s a gift to myself.
  5. I dunno, I guess it was a little bold...
  6. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I ended up DM'ing a one-off D&D Adventurer's League game on my birthday (local store had a an open table and a long waiting list of new players), as a last-minute favor to a local games organizer. I used pre-painted minis, but I'm starting to feel some guilt: lately I've been sorting through a mountain of unpainted plastic acquired during the Bones 1/2/3/4 Kickstarters, and I thought, "Y'know, I have the perfect mini for this monster... if only I had painted it. <sigh> Looks like I'll have to use a pre-painted mini instead." My goal for this year, before I turn 48 in 2020? PAINT MORE MINIS!
  7. For ten years, I’ve been hearing the same story about W&N Series 7 brushes: “They were good up until a couple of years ago.” Again, I’ve heard that exact line... for ten years. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But the timeline does strike me as odd...
  8. I’ve successfully removed primer from WizKids miniatureswith LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner, which you can find in your local dollar store. Let it soak for a day or three, occasionally scrubbing with an old toothbrush. I discovered LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner on a roundup of different products tested to see which was best at stripping old minis, and it came out on top: better than Simple Green, Isopropyl Alcohol, etc.
  9. My Ghoulie Bag arrived today!
  10. Booked! I'm hoping to attend Fri-Sun so I've booked a room accordingly, but I may have to change it if I can't get Friday off of work. In fact, I'm trying to finagle a work trip to Dallas which would occupy me on the early mornings of Thursday and Friday, but the real reason is that it would allow me to attend ReaperCon for the rest of the time. Wish me luck!
  11. Oh man, I had no idea there were birthday wishes here in Off-Topic Rampancy! I spend most of my time lurking in the Craft Corner area. A belated thank you, everyone! Age 46 brings about new thoughts: today I bought a large amount of hair product (B2G1 on Paul Mitchell product--woohoo!), but I thought, "I'm losing my hair, and eventually I'll just shave it all off. Will this be the last time I buy shampoo and conditioner?!"
  12. At the risk of derailing the thread, is there a CAV scene in the Twin Cities?
  13. I just remembered that I hadn't yet ordered gold coins! How can I hand out "Bold's Gold" if I have no gold? 'Course, that would be mean I wouldn't have to keep such a close eye on Derek Schubert, stealin' me gold...
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