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  1. so, just a suggestion i thought of, is there a way to link the free minis back to the store pages. some look neat but i have no idea what they are to buy them. thought i'd seen all the reaper catalog but some are new to me.
  2. Sips and crew from dingo doodles would be awesome. love some cursed alligator monkey.
  3. i'll start off by saying, i don't yet own this mini, however, judging from the pose i'd say he's probably in a few parts. at least an arm and possibly the sword on the back look typical. From the one ebay picture i found of one in a package it definitely has multiple parts. I'd suggest pinning some of them together for strength but you by no means 'have to' it just might not hold if you're less than gentle.
  4. I would love to see sips and crew from dingo doodles appear in mini form
  5. so, what is #197? is that just a placeholder? also, not seeing the r rated cabbage.
  6. i got mine today. very nice sculpts and almost no visible mold lines on the ones i looked at so far. I'll look more in the morning.
  7. slightly bummed this kickstarter that they were releasing the metal bones sculpts from bones 4 before we ever shipped. might have held back on ordering some of the stuff from bones 4 had i known i could pick and choose some of the stuff. oh well. kinda feels like this kickstarter was just some stuff they were already doing and just tossed together rather than stuff they'd wanted to do but weren't able to yet. still excited to get my shipment. always look foreward to more mins.
  8. I wish there were a pre-launch page, but i'm still watching this like a hawk. Very very excited about this one.
  9. I had forgotten about ye olde inn ! such a great place.
  10. I'm so freaking hyped by this. i so need this for my heroquest *upgrade* project. been dying to try to figure out minis that are close. Still need to figure out how and where to make the board.
  11. goblins. goblins would steal it. to various degrees of success.
  12. this is what pinterest is for. just pin the ones you want from the reaperstore and it'll take you right to the mini page when you want to buy it. i usually give them names for what i would want to use the mini for like "Male paladin" or "Female with a sword and clothes on". then just remove it if you want after you've bought it. easy to keep track of some of the stuff you want to buy at some point but not right now necessarily. the down side is eventually you have the whole store pinned and need to make a new board of stuff from your other board that you want....
  13. My thinking was like this last time, and then as the time went on my want for various things changed/grew and by the time it got here what i was super excited about i wasn't as excited about and some of the stuff i'd basically forgotten about turned out to be freaking awesome.
  14. I'm super worried/excited for the rulers of hell as well. I'm hoping we don't have a pretty/deadly situation like last time. Not that i'm disappointed w/ the pretty/deadly minis, but i was so much more excited based on the concept pictures. The poses were more dynamic, they weren't cookie cutter like a bunch of poses are. They went from like an "i need 10 of these" to an "i'm glad i have these, maybe i'll get some more if i find uses for the ones i've got right now". The elves? the elves are cool. i don't find much use for very stylized dark elves in my games, but should still be fun to paint anyway.
  15. I finally got my two sets about a week ago. They had some imperfections, but my diamond files got them smoothed out. now they've got a dull spot where they aren't shiny, but meh. I like them. They roll pretty well and seem balanced. I've already had a friend say he wish i'd pointed it out to him. (he's the dm so if i get struck by lightning next session i know why). Mostly the issue was mold lines, but i did have what looked almost like a slight drip on one. I haven't given a closer look at my wife's dice, but she doesn't want me touching up any imperfections so there isn't really any reason to.
  16. oh wow, i actually like that caster, except for the log she's carrying. jeez that thing is huge. ETA: OMG THE COCKATRICE OF THEIRS IS SOOO CUTE.
  17. So, I've been playing too much fallout 4 and i can't help but see a few mirelurks in this kickstarter.
  18. i still haven't got a notice that they're shipping yet. My kickstarter backs have consisted of reaper up until i backed this one. kind of expected more of a well oiled machine out of this since they too had a 'successful' kickstarter under their belts. you live and learn i guess.
  19. they generally seem to alternate bones then metal mini releases, so i'd expect some to be announced soonish.
  20. I'm super excited by the non-human races. need a female of any job so long as it's human elf or dwarf and you could literally drown in the options. tiefling or tabaxi and well you might have 1 to choose from, so long as you're only playing exactly the stereotypical kind. ETA. tiefling paladin has me tingly.
  21. ooh, a 'vine golem' along the lines of swamp thing, but obviously more vines and ivy coming off would be neat. lots of little snakey tendrils
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