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  1. StefanJ

    Grey Bones

    When I get back from vacation, I'm going to hit my weapon sprues with Testor's white primer (or maybe just flat white paint). I'll try painting a few with acrylics, a few with enamels. See how they come out.
  2. StefanJ

    Grey Bones

    Thanks for the insights. Has anyone else tried painting the gray ABS plastic weapons and have insights? The scream "PRIME ME!" but I'm new to plastic minis.
  3. StefanJ

    Grey Bones

    Related question: I'm finally getting around to sorting & cleaning my Bones III Kickstarter stuff. The packaged includes several sets of weapons molded from hard gray plastic. It seems harder than either white bones plastic or the occasional gray bones plastic. Maybe it is styrene? Any differences on how it is painted? I still have a metric poopload of Humbrol and other enamels from back when I painted metal minatures. I just washed and scrubbed the sets while still on the sprues. I'll keep them there in case they need primer so I can hit them all at once.
  4. StefanJ

    Tips and advice?

    Heh! A lesson I learned well painting model rockets. Wood filler can retain moisture / solvents for a long time.
  5. StefanJ

    Tips and advice?

    Thanks. I could test the Humbrol enamels on sprue material, of which I have a few pieces left.
  6. StefanJ

    Tips and advice?

    My sister sent me a box with about 20 little tins of Humbrol enamel. I remember using these to paint lead & pewter Starguard minis in the late 70s! A nice selection of colors. Are these of any use painting Bones that would otherwise be getting hit with acrylics?
  7. StefanJ

    Assembly instructions / diagrams?

    Thank you! That is going to be a big help. I think I'll write the model number of the various minis on the bottom of the base. Kitbashing . . . it's just not for model vehicles any more!
  8. I did something stupid. A few weeks back I got into a caffiene fueled "let's get stuff done!" mood. One thing I wanted to do was wash my Bones II miniatures and get them glued to bases: ] That's a salad spinner . . . great for knocking the water off the rinsed miniatures. Dried them in the sun, get everything that needed a base glued to plastic disks or basswood squares. But in my haste to get things done . . . I . . . yeah, emptied all the little bags into the suds, not taking into account the parts. So now I have this paper bag of heads, feet, tentacles, wings and so on. I've done my due diligence in searching, so I feel justified in asking: Is there a resource page or thread showing assembly of various multi-piece creatures?