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  1. Howdy, and welcome to the forum!!! Bones 4 was a mix of Original Bones and Bones Black. So depending on what you got, it may actually be Bones Black. Here is the official list of Bones Black figures and sets from that Kickstarter, taken from the Reaper Facebook page FAQ section: What in Bones 4 is cast Bones Black Chronoscope Expansion all models Lost Valley Expansion all models Dreadmere Expansion all models Darkreach Expansion all models Fan Favorites Expansion all models Options: Trolls Living Statues Amazons Living Statues Spartans Tree of Despair Baba Yaga’s Hut Lord of the Jungle King Cobra Frost Giant Raiders On another point, Original Bones and Bones Black require different kinds of molds, so Reaper has said that there is no plans to redo existing Bones figures in the Black material as it would require paying for whole new molds.
  2. I use something similar on my painting table, but never thought of the white paper to reflect light up. Can’t wait to try it.
  3. I was remote gaming too this past weekend, participating in another playtest of the "Wars of Ozz" rules. This time we used Zoom. Also, we recorded the session, so if you have any interest in seeing two guys play a long distance game for a couple hours, check out the video: https://youtu.be/jUIIVap_vR8 The game was a meeting engagement between Quadlings and Munchkins.
  4. I think a lot of that depends on how big that trailer ends up being. With Reaper's quirky sizing of Kickstarter minis, there's no way to tell if it will end up being like the oversized Warchief Mumlak, or the diminutive Runehorn Hut... It would be nice if we got a preview of it at some point.
  5. I would add that the large unwieldy items, like that barge, are usually released towards the end of the release schedule since they take the development of special purpose-designed packaging and can't just be popped into a standard blister.
  6. From what I understand from Facebook it will be both dog warriors and more of the rabbit figures as well.
  7. Apparently this will have not just new Rabbits, but the new Hound warriors, like are shown in the picture, as well. The ones from the first Kickstarter are for sale on their website, in case you are interested in getting them that way.
  8. I backed the first Killer Rabbit Kickstarter and really enjoyed the figures. A follow up one was just announced by Skull and Crown on Facebook:
  9. Wow, I didn't realize we were christening new hills yesterday. They looked great on the table! I'm honored to have been the first to march across the small one with the cliff face.
  10. Thank you again for the game, Rob! It was a fun encounter and I enjoyed the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the DR rules again. Having the cavalry really gave me an unfair advantage in this scenario, and combined with Rob having a couple one-and-done turns at the very start, put him at a big disadvantage early on. Once my cavalry and first wave of troops were able to snatch up 6 of the 10 tokens, it then forced Rob to come after me so I was able to assume more of a defensive posture. I was worried when early on one of my heavy foot units ran for the hills after just a couple bow hits, but things stabilized and I was slowly able to grind Rob's forces down. I think he was also hampered by the terrain, as the bulk of his army was forced to squeeze through the area between the town and woods on the middle left (seen in the photo at the top of his post) to get to me. A situation made worse by the rules requirement that all units maintain a 3" zone of social distancing. Here's my view of the battle:
  11. We did another long-distance game of "Wars of Ozz" last Saturday, this time using Discord. My friend Buck acted as gamemaster and another friend, Greg, and I were the players. This game was a Winkie-Gilliken alliance against my Quadling force. It was a tense seesaw battle with the Winkie-Gillikens coming out on top. I've posted a report on my blog for this who want to read more: "Wars of Ozz" Battle Report
  12. Agreed, AGW does give a good “big battle” feel. But the visual appeal of a big multi-player Charge! game does stir this gamers soul.
  13. Just checked my blog, and the oldest photos of the Not Quite Seven Years War project I have there are from this game we fought in 2012. For me, these huge battles with several hundred figures on the table are really special, and some of my best gaming memories. I even wore my fancy general's hat for this one! Rob ( in blue shirt, with his youngest son in green) And over the weekend I too took part in a long distance battle, FaceTiming with a friend to do another playtest of the "Wars of Ozz" rules. The table was at his house, and I ran my troops from my laptop screen. My first time playing like this, and an enjoyable experience. We hope to do it again soon.
  14. They are one of the ally forces from the upcoming "Wars of Ozz" range. They are called the "Great Pumpkin Heads". There will also be "Lesser Pumpkin Heads".
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