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  1. Today we did the third of our Stargrave campaign games and did the “Data Vault” scenario from the rulebook. It was a tough scenario and I felt lucky to make it off with a single Loot Token, and no crew permanently killed. For more photos, see the Stargrave thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89407-stargrave-in-2021/&do=findComment&comment=2033807
  2. Yes, as @Rob Dean hoped, I get an overview shot. This was the 3rd game of our campaign and we had 5 players on a 6' x 3' table. This scenario proved to be very frustrating as the data pillars offered scant cover and their layout presented nice clear fire lanes. This was magnified with a multiplayer game as players had to watch for enemies both on their flanks as well as across from them. I was also hampered by having my First Mate KO'd by a Sniper in the first turn. However, in the end everyone in my crew survived unscathed, and I got one Loot off the table. So a win in my book. Frustrating
  3. Fascinating. And, as he suggests, I'd like to see him go back down the ladder, and see how spending more time with the model and establishing color schemes, would help him with the quicker speeds.
  4. Those are looking good, Rob! I like your method for tracking when to roll for them to dissipate. What are they based on; are those the large black plastic bases?
  5. Finally have a minute this morning to post some photos from last Saturday's game. Last month, my Captain died, so this time I was starting all over again from square one. My main goal was to keep my Captain alive, but I was also happy to get a single Data Loot token off the table that was worth a couple hundred Gold Coins. Overview of the table. I started in the far left corner. My crew enters using the cover of some storage tanks. Just as my Mystic Captain, Grenadier, and a Chiseler dash forward a nearby steam vent lets loose with a cloud of
  6. Yes, I'd say outside of some particular Bones figures most broken stuff is mostly useless no matter what the material. That being said, I like old lead (when it's unbroken) and I think @Rob Dean does as well. Like most everything in the box, it's all a matter of proportion of content. As long as it's not taking up a large portion of a box, I see no problem including a dozen or so lead figures.
  7. Was just looking back and saw this thread was started back in 2017 by Ladystorm. Do we know if anyone from Reaper is actually officially following it anymore?
  8. Location: Central Maryland International: Rather not Box Starter: Would love to be a box starter! Have amassed quite a pile after 40 some years.
  9. I agree with the above. I use the Folk Art brand of Color Shift. Here are a couple figures I used it on. In both cases I used it as a drybrush coat to add a bit of iridescence to the paint job. The Carnivous Pudding got a dry brushing of the black color shift which gave it a neat oil slick appearance. The Behir got blue color shift on the body scales and a light green color shift on the spine and tail.
  10. As promised, here are some raft photos. They show the harpoon/stake and the hole where it goes in the eye socket.
  11. Yes, I got two of the rafts and they both have it. I can get a photo of one of mine tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s the picture from the Kickstarter in which you can see it sticking out of his eye. ( I realized I assumed it is a harpoon, but you can’t really tell what it is since the head is buried in the shark.)
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