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  1. Office staples or carpentry staples? The time I did it, I used regular old office staples. I would think either would work though.
  2. You might already be aware of this, but incase you aren't, that kind of ladder can be done well using staples individually inserted as the rungs. just pre-drill holes and glue in place.
  3. Thanks for the continued ideas! I'm getting two sets of the Boulderkins, so should be able to do a good bit of experimenting with all these techniques.
  4. I saw a photo where somebody that had done a tower with a tube like this, and had made a rickety wooden staircase running up, and spiraling around, the outside. Made for a great playable area for precarious fights with the possibility of characters getting pushed off.
  5. Just take blister foam, stick it to a glued patch, then pull it away What an interesting idea! Have you tried this? Any pics? I assume superglue? Looking forward giving it a try.
  6. I was thinking about that, but thought it might look too coarse for moss. Maybe the really fine stuff would work. I'll have to give it a try. Oh, gosh I love the idea of that! Those that survive the landing (landing on something soft and squishy ), can simply scamper back to the catapult and have another turn!
  7. Thanks for the additional great ideas, DragonWyrm!
  8. Thank you for the ideas, Chaoswolf! I don't know why I didn't think of GW!
  9. Don't know why, but I really love these guys... I need to figure out a good way to give them all little moss hairdos. And i wish they had done crew for the siege engines. Does anybody make crew models that are sold separately?
  10. Erqhv djdlq, qrw pxfk kdv fkdqjhg vlqfh zh odvw wdonhg. shrsoh l zrun iru vhhp wr eh lqwhuhvwhg lq brx, ohw'v vhh li brx'uh zruwkb L DP ZRUWKB, PU ERQHV!
  11. 23-5-0-19-21-18-5-0-1-18-5! 3-1-18-5-0-20-15-0-20-5-12-12-0-21-19-0-13-15--18-5?
  12. Thanks Clearman. The arm seems to not want to go in all the way. I can tell that getting them to fit is a matter of getting it aligned just right, and I don't want to start messing with the overall shape of the tab to get it to fit better. But I see what you mean, if it ends up a bit loose, the glue should hold it in place. Thanks for the advice on painting as well! I find that I often need to shave a millimeter or two off the very ends of the tabs, effectively shortening their length to get them to fit real snug.
  13. Multitalented puppeteer Barnaby Dixon. (He was brought in to do the special puppet show within a puppet show on Netflix's Dark Crystal Age of Resistance) He has a whole series of funny videos featuring a drunk irreverent little bird puppet named Dabchick. https://youtu.be/aXb3_3AaCKU Historian and YouTuber Lindybeige. He gives delightful and fascinating talks on many and diverse subjects from across history. https://youtu.be/uLLv8E2pWdk If you like Historical Miniatures Wargaming, Little Wars TV has a series of great battle reports and rules reviews. https://youtu.be/mDKIHp3jhd8
  14. While I now can't unsee that, I think the intent is gold coins with ridged edges.
  15. Yikes, that Ballista is huge! Would be great with 54mm figures.
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