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  1. Sorry! Though I agree that it wouldn’t be too hard to create the remains of the rest of the portcullis sticking out of the top. In other news... I just saw the new pirate ship photos in tonight’s update; and wow! “I do not need a 36” pirate ship... I do not need a 36” pirate ship... I do not need a 36” inch pirate ship...” Now I just have to continually repeat that to myself through to Jan 31st!
  2. From the Encounter at Gallowgard set? No, I'm not getting that. I thought about it, but ultimately I didn't like it enough, as it struck me as more of a vignette piece of terrain rather than a naturally ruined terrain piece. The walls just don't look realistically "crumbling" enough along the edges, and the portcullis just seems to disappear at the top of the opening. I'm sure eventually I'll be sorry I didn't.
  3. I didn’t need a case, but given the price (as @Ratmaster2000 mentioned above) I didn’t mind ordering a case. I’m sure between friends, family stocking stuffers, and the BOGW (copying Ratmaster’s idea) I’ll have no problem unloading those I don’t keep for myself. In the end it cost me $33 and change including tax and shipping. But even at $1.40 per pack it’s still a pretty good deal.
  4. My character is a 5th level Kaiser with magic sesame seeds of healing.
  5. Hit my Dollar Tree this morning and, dang, they didn't seem to have them! Or else they haven't put them out on the shelf yet. (What aisle did you find them in? Toys?) Anyway, went to their website and was able to order a case of them. Problem solved. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. While I like the female adventurer figure that comes with the Ravenhome set, and will probably keep that; I'm not a fan of vampires in general, so will probably sell or trade them. $14 just seems like a great deal for the terrain alone.
  7. After convincing myself I was done, I just added the Villagers set to poach for Siege Engine crewmen. And Shadow of Ravenhome, since I have the Dragons Don't Share terrain, and this will allow me to expand my ruined tower complex. Now, I'm done. It would be interesting to know how much extra money is generated now between the Dec. 1st and Jan 31st from the folks (like me) who decide to take "just one more look" at the PM, and find one or two other things that they convince themselves that they "need'.
  8. Yes, thank you! Such a great resource. I saw the explanatory photos when you posted them on Facebook, and saved some screenshots with the caption keys for future reference.
  9. On a dark Texas highway, cool wind in my hair. Warm smell of Bones plastic, rising up through the air.
  10. Latest email Update tonight sets a new PM initial pledge closing date moved to December 5th. PM will stay open for add-ons until January 31, 2021.
  11. Thank you! They look great! I can see that dragon base is a feast of details.
  12. Has there been photos posted anywhere of the two as yet unseen 12 Days figures; the "Mistletoe Goblin" and "Christmas Hugs"? I'm curious as to what they look like since they're among the few there that I don't already have.
  13. This current one has ended. According to @Chaoswolf, who organizes these, he's looking at starting the next one early 2021, with a sign up announcement sometime mid December (so just a few weeks!). You need to just check in on this subform once or twice a week to watch for the sign-up thread. It's a ton of fun.
  14. Today I was able to add the toe ridges to the back feet, and do the final connections to connect the feet and hand to their respective limbs. I also gave the spear a bigger point, as the existing one was too small. Other than doing a final clean up of the greenstuff, I'm thinking its ready to paint.
  15. Gosh I love that! Fingers crossed he finds a home. (I'd buy an Chronoscope "Evil Mastermind's Lair Expansion" to get one of them! )
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