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  1. Chris Palmer

    Mossbeard Arm Reversal Conversion

    Sat down this afternoon and blended the shoulder joints with some greenstuff. Next step is to prep a CD base and glue the feet to it. Then nothing left but the painting!
  2. Chris Palmer

    Mossbeard Arm Reversal Conversion

    Last night and this morning I glued the arms to the body; first one then the other. Now I just need to blend the shoulder joints. Really happy with how it is looking so far.
  3. Chris Palmer

    Nagendra Snake Cultists Snakemen from Bones 4 (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Glad you like how they turned out.
  4. Chris Palmer

    Mossbeard Arm Reversal Conversion

    Thanks, kristof65! An interesting point! I can now say my Mossbeard contains 2% real wood! I didn't have any wire that I felt was thick and strong enough to use for pinning, so decided on using the dowels; figuring they'd be thick enough to offer good support for the arms.
  5. This past week I finished a unit of 10 of the Bones 4 Nagendra Snake Cultists snakemen along with accompanying Shaman. I converted one of the armored two-handed swordsman to have a single sword arm, and used a gnoll's arm with shield to replace the other one. I also sliced, repositioned, and reglued some of the soldiers arms to make the unit look more varied. Painting articles can be found here: Nagendra Part 1, and here: Nagendra Part 2
  6. Chris Palmer

    Mossbeard Arm Reversal Conversion

    I've been working on the arms some more the past few days. I got the hands glued to the new wrists, and when the glue was set, used green stuff to hide and blend the joints. I also used some of the extra green stuff to blend the joint between the body and head a little.
  7. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Here is the photo from from one of the Reaper updates you can see the lamp at the end of the plume. If yours doesn’t have that then yes yours is a defective sculpt.
  8. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    The lamp is not a separate piece. It is sculpted at the very end of the Djinni’s cloud of smoke that makes up her legs.
  9. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Interesting...I guess you put those on more like a boot? Though I don't think the Minotaur's wrap around the leg far enough for that to have been the intent in this case...
  10. Chris Palmer

    Shipwreck golem

    Wow! That turned out great! The Dark Maiden is perfect!
  11. Chris Palmer

    Frostgrave female soldiers with guns

    Very cool! One of of the things I love about plastic figures! The limitless conversion possibilities.
  12. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Hmmm... Yes I've been noticing a bunch of that kind of thing lately. I've seen a couple swords that are just magically affixed to legs and butts. I just assembled the Fan Favorites Genie, and her sword is just glued to her backside with no straps to hold it to her belt. And it looks in your photo like there are no straps holding the minotaurs sword to her belt. (Also why did they flip the Genie's sword around and manufacture it so its connection point is upside down and backwards from the original art. I had to slice the tab off in order to glue it on like it was originally shown) Is this straplessness a result of 3D sculpting, or just speedy sculpting...
  13. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    i do not see straps on his shoulders, so perhaps they go under his neck folds the apron goes up around his head and ties around his waist, like a cooking apron Thanks, @Sirithiliel! I'm going to have to assume then that the band around his waist, is actually the strap holding the basket pack since it has to be attached to him somehow. Then the apron must disappear under the folds of his neck, though I don't remember seeing any of it around the back of his head...
  14. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm in the middle of painting Bufo, the toad/frog character from Dreadmere, and was wondering if anyone has painted him yet. I'm having some sculpture interpretation problems. For those that have the figure, does it appear that there are supposed to be shoulder straps on his packbasket, or are they just folds of skin around his neck? If they are straps, where do they go; under his neck? They do not appear to go under his arms like one would expect... Or are there simply no shoulder straps... And following on that, does he have a full tabard that goes up to his neck, or is it just an apron that stops at his waist? If it goes up to his neck, here again, where does it connect around his neck? Any help?
  15. Chris Palmer

    Kritterpins by Bombshell Minis.

    Makes one think how easy it would be for Reaper to do a series of Bones Black flats with a space on the back where you could glue an easily-obtainable-at-your-local-craft-store's-jewelry-department pinback to.... Just an idea for the super secret unnamed project 5.